Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Message from the Angels: December 25, 2014

Dear loved ones: On this day of Christmas we would like to share our guidance with all our love from us to you. Know that this stage of your evolution on earth is about growth, truth, and alignment with 'Self' and therefore the'Divine'. Look upon your lessons of your past years and know that that which does not serve you must be released for your growth. Blame and victimization consciousness will keep you stuck and in lower frequencies. This will prevent growth, keep you from truth and disconnected to the 'Divine.' Progress requires to align yourselves with the source of where all your power comes from. This is also connecting to your true 'Self.' Those old wounds, blaming others, and looking for reasons why you are not happy will leave you wayward to an old world. This world will keep you stuck in a vicious karmic cycle. To break free declare your truth. Call upon your 'Source' and know that it is this 'Source' where all things possible exist. Allow your actions to be led with integrity by following from that place of 'Source.' Your thoughts, words and actions must be consistently aligned with the belief system that you are from 'Source' and all your power comes from this place, that place within, that place in your heart space. When you do this you are in your optimal place of your personal power. That place is the most powerful place. It's a place of empowerment consciousness. Call upon us always to help you choose the pathway towards empowerment consciousness. Angel Blessings to ALL

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Truth About How I am Doing

      "How are you doing?" is the most common question I get asked since dad's hospitalization. I suppose it feels almost selfish in some ways to think about me and my process in all of this considering what dad's going through. Nevertheless I realize that my friends are also concerned about my well being and expressing their concern for me as well as my dad. I finally sat with my own feelings to assess my inner state of being. I had to come to some truths, face my deepest fears and get real about how I really felt about our circumstances?

       My response has always been "I'm ok." That's the short answer. Simple. And to be honest I really am. Though I am not the one in the hospital this whole situation has impacted myself, my mother and our whole family. Overall I would say that indeed "I am ok." At least, most of the time. The truth is I go through phases. Ups and downs. My emotions are sometimes all over the place. I'm dealing with a lot of losses. Life is not what it used to be.  And at times I feel all kinds of fears. Though I appear to have my life in order  every emotion is managed on a moment to moment basis. It takes a lot of work.

     A very close friend of mine reached out to me. She asked to meet me for dinner and I agreed. My personal life has taken an obvious hit and so I thought meeting up for some social interaction would do me good. When we sat at the table she asked "Farhan I want you to tell me what's going on with you? I want you to even complain" She's a sincere and loving friend and she opened the door for me to be brutally honest. To vent out my feelings. My first reaction was to play the role of 'strong Farhan.' The Angel Therapist. The one that people turn to when there is a crisis. The intuitive who helps others through my life turning events. I didn't want to show my vulnerability. I didn't want to look weak. As we started into the conversation I became very aware of what I was doing. I knew I wasn't being completely honest and though I did continue to hold back some, I finally took a breath and let out what I have been keeping bottled up.

      Part of me doesn't want peoples sympathy. But on the other hand I am just like everyone else. And at times like this I could use the support of my friends. I am giving my self permission to lean on others for a change. To be human. To feel vulnerable and have the courage to do so. Being 'strong Farhan' all the time does not serve me. Especially at this time.

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 I sat with what I was feeling and decided to tell the truth. Everything has changed. I'm afraid of the uncertainties. I don't know what our future holds. I am afraid of becoming isolated. At times I feel lost and not sure where to turn. I keep it together sometimes but not always. There are nights where I  don't sleep very well. Every day I wake up I am not sure what I am going to face as each day is unpredictable. Sometimes I want to ask for help but I am really not sure what I need help with. At times I'm afraid. Whew.

       Despite all this I am managing well and have not let my fears take over. My fears have not won me over. I tap into my divine resources to pull me out of any and all dark places when they show up. It's like theres a dialogue going on in my head. When fear starts to speak the voice of the divine cuts in and says 'I've got this." My regular and daily rituals help keep me balanced and connected to my inner being. I asses my internal state a lot. I dialogue to God in prayer every morning and night. When my eyes first open each day I say "thank you." For whatever this day brings I know life is a gift and for that I am always grateful.

     To further stay balanced I workout at least four times per week. I've given myself a new goal to help transform my body. I have a new workout program and diet. I take all my energies from what I am experiencing and channel it to the greater good for my physical body. I have decided to be in better shape then I have ever been. This gives me a positive focus. And serves as a healthy outlet.

      I meditate twice a day. I start with a thirty minute meditation right in my bed before I begin my day. Then I do a second one before I sit at my desk to work. I also invoke my Angels and Guides which really helps me to stay connected to my divine helpers. I know that each day is filled with tremendous guidance and support. I feel protected.

    And finally no matter what I have not stopped dreaming. I work regularly with my life coach and continue to reach for my professional goals. I have this desire to continue fulfilling my life's mission. Though my time towards this is limited I try and fit it in where I can. Taking care of my family has taken precedent. And has become my primary mission and purpose.

     I have recently re-evaluated what spirituality means to me. My personal experience has broadened my perspective and definition. I used to think that spirituality is only about living a spirit centred life. That it entails following your heart. It's living an intended life where your thoughts, words and actions come from the heart. By being heart centred you are allowing the Divine to come through you and to work through you in all areas of your life. Professional and personal.  "

      "Today I understand spirituality to mean to live life knowing that the future will always be uncertain. And that uncertainty is ok.  The feeling of security about any future can only come from 'trust' and 'faith."

      How do I know? When I look back there has never been a time in my life where God let me down. There has never been a time where I wasn't helped when I needed it. Never have I ever been abandoned. So why would the future be any different?

    I prayed and asked for signs from my angels that we all be ok. All of a sudden I started seeing pictures of lighthouses everywhere. Lighthouses are used to help guide ships to shore due to poor visibility because of thick fog. I knew exactly what this meant. Symbolically, I too am being guided at this time.  Especially when I am feeling lost. We all have some sort of light house in our lives helping us to see our paths through the thickness of any fog.
This image of a light house was on the box for tea that was gifted to me.

    If anyone were to ever ask me for guidance on how to get through difficult times I would say the following

  • Never forget who you really are. That the light of God shines in you and will always guide you through any and all darkness
  • Take care of your physical body. Get exercise and eat well. A body that is nourished and healthy is better able to handle many of the stresses and strains during a crisis.
  •  Meditate daily. This will give you moments of peace. It will help stabilize fear based emotions.
  • Pray and dialogue with God and the Angels. Know that you are never alone. God didn't put you on this planet only to leave you. It's not like he said "Go to earth. Do your work and I will see you when you die."
  • Lean on your friends. It's not weakness to be vulnerable. Contrary it shows a lot of strength.
  • And finally surrender. Turn everything over to God and the Angels. Before you sleep turn over all your worries and say "God you take care of this. Thank you."

This quote by Oprah Winfrey has given me hope. "What ever you think is happening to you in life is really happening for you." No one said it was going to be easy. The faith and trust of knowing that there is a divine plan in all of this will keep you and I moving forward.

Angel Blessings to ALL

Farhan Dhalla is a Spiritual Personal Trainer helping people to "Awake, Expand and Transform" by connecting to their spirit.


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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Light Workers Are You Listening to Your Body?

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              I often get asked questions about my diet and exercise routine from friends and colleagues who are seeking to make improvements in their lives. I do really appreciate that people respect me for my knowledge as most know I am quite committed to my diet and workout programs. I always begin with saying that although I have a lot of personal experience

"I do advice you to learn to get to know your own body"

You need to pay attention to what your bodies needs are. As each of us are individuals and no two bodies are completely alike. Furthermore, my diet and exercise  programs are constantly changing according to my lifestyle and my needs. And so should yours.

     I want to start this post by emphasizing that your body is always communicating to you. it's letting you know what its needs are and it physically responds to how you treat it. That includes your diet, exercise program as well as your thoughts and feelings. Taking the time to listen and to pay attention to what its saying to you takes a bit of practice. Before I plan what I am going to eat I:

  •  Ask my body what it needs 
  •  Listen to my body's response
  •  Allow my internal GPS system to guide me to the right foods

I use this technique in the gym as well. I am then guided to what exercises I should do and also which ones I should avoid.

Pain means "Pay Attention Inward Now!"

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It's a negative physiological response that has manifested because you've ignored a negative emotional feeling that you have carried for too long. It's been buried, suppressed and ignored. I can't tell you how many times when I was a practising physiotherapist I heard the words "I thought the pain would go away but it didn't" And now they were sitting in front of me months latter having suffered through the symptoms till they could not stand it anymore. The source of all pain begins from some place where there is a lack of emotional well being. Healthy thoughts means a healthy body.
When there is pain your body is telling you to think healthier thoughts. There is a direct emotional physical feedback mechanism. Much the same way your body is constantly giving you feedback about your environment, what you eat and the types of exercise that's good for you. It's when you ignore your body you fall into trouble.

But the benefits of being in tune, listening to your body and taking appropriate action include:

  • Feeling Grounded
  • More energy
  • Greater sense of well being
  • A More positive outlook 
  • Lowered stress

And more importantly it optimizes the function of your physical vessel when you are offering yourself to be of service!

      Vibrationally light workers are now evolving at a faster rate and to higher frequencies. Consequently our sensitives to our environment, what we expose ourselves to, the things we eat and how we treat our bodies is changing. My diet and exercise routine has been modified accordingly to my vibrations. As such I have to pay more attention to my exterior and internal environments. I no longer watch the news or read the newspaper. I don't feel good when I see or hear topics that are drama or fear based. It makes me feel ill. And when I am at a lower vibration a healthy meal and workout shifts me to a higher one.

      My body does not like any refined sugar, processed foods and synthetic ingredients. If it's not real I don't want to eat it.  In fact if I do I immediately feel bloated, ill and fatigued. Contrary I get excited for kale, all things green leafy and or raw vegetables.

     Each one of us is on an individual soul path and journey. Therefore what we eat has to be customized to our own needs. "What are some of the changes you have noticed in your own body recently?" "What changes have you made because of it?" I'll say it again "Pay attention!"

      I also recommend that you do not get into regular eating patterns or 'diets' where you eat the same thing every day! The body likes variety. In fact it begins to adapt very quickly and you will start to lose the benefits of what you are eating.  Eating the same foods daily can lead to food sensitivities. If you're changing your diet regularly because your needs are changing then you won't have this problem. I want to point this out as often when I hear people describe their daily food intake it's much of the same thing every day.

      That said you're exercise routine should also change frequently. I change mine every week. I rarely do the same thing each time I am in the gym.
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I look and see how I can change a particular exercise whether it's the sets, reps or the technique. This prevents adaptation and burn out.  Furthermore it keeps you regular and committed to your workout by avoiding boredom. Change your routine by checking in to what your body needs. If that means taking a day off then by all means do so. A rest day is still honouring your body. It means you are paying attention.

      Today's Light workers have their work cut out for them.  Many of them are so busy focusing on their  life's mission and taking care of others that they often neglect their own needs. With increasing sensitives and life evolving so quickly its even more important to make your health a priority. Begin by getting in tune with your body. Treat it with kindness.  Recognize that you are evolving and your diet and exercise program should reflect this. And finally be flexible and be wiling to make any  changes accordingly.
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Angel Blessings to ALL

Farhan Dhalla is a Spiritual Personal Trainer helping people to "Awaken, Expand and Transform" by connecting to their spirit.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Messages from the Angels: There is Light at the End of the Tunnel

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones there is always light at the end of the tunnel. This is the time to explore what lies hidden in the darkness of your shadows. It's time to face your deepest and darkest fears and know that they cannot defeat you. Let them be lessons from which your soul can grow and allowing you to be a better person. By focusing on the light you will literally give 'light' to all your fears and be free to experience this life through joy, happiness and knowing that you are always divinely protected and guided. Turn your fears over to the Divine your true source of strength, wisdom and confidence. Allow yourself to be driven by your higher self never looking back on what brought you down but knowing that when you fell we came to help pick you back up on your feet again. We love you dearly. All is well always. Angel Blessings to ALL

Saturday, November 15, 2014

My Father

Dad's 83rd Birthday
August 25th, 2014
       The illness of a family member can really take it's toll especially when it becomes chronic. You're life and priority can certainly take a huge shift and it requires restructuring virtually everything. My dad's been in the hospital for over two months. This time, and when I say this time it's because we have been in and out of hospitals for various reasons over the last ten years, but this time the diagnosis is dementia. Watching his health deteriorate over the years has not been easy. My father was quite vital most of his younger years. But after his cardiac issues began it really affected his physicality. And since then he has survived some of the toughest illness issues including multiple myeloma. A supposed incurable cancer but for which he is and has been in remission for quite some time. He has proven throughout his lifetime that he can handle just about anything that comes his way.
        Despite the long list of illnesses my father has met in his life he has maintained a strong sense of resiliency. Perhaps it's stubbornness or a strong will to live. I'm not sure. Only his soul is the all knowing of his journey. Most doctors thought he wouldn't have made it up to this point in his life. But I have to wonder at what cost? His quality of life was taken away with each disease including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, cancer, minimal functioning kidneys and now dementia. His mobility and function declined as much of this has taken a huge toll on his physical body. The man who once boasted about being able to do the splits and break boards in his Tae Kwon Do practise resides in bed requiring the assistance of two people to transfer him from his bed to a chair. He's lost much of his physical independence and now his cognitive abilities too.

      This period has been most challenging for my mother. I honestly think that she is the strongest woman I have every met. She never complains about her own fatigue or pain. She is at the hospital by my father's side every day and has not missed a day. She prays, cooks, and supports his every need and at the sacrifice of every need of her own. She suffered a fall and hit her head during one of her visits at the hospital but was back there the next day without complaints. I have never seen anyone more dedicated and committed to someone like my mother. She is extraordinarily strong.
        They say that when there is a storm you should look for a rainbow. And we have been blessed as a family with so much support from friends, family, and acquaintances. We have been blessed with many rainbows. Prayers, have been pouring in for us. The phone calls come in daily for updates. All with messages of support. When you are in need of help it's like God sends you little angels from the most unexpected places and we are truly grateful for it all. We certainly don't feel alone as a family and are full of gratitude for all the help we are getting.

Mom and Dad at my nephew's wedding
June13, 2014.
       My greatest challenge has been trying to stay connected to the feeling of joy. Our future has many question marks. Staying focused on being present is hard. I think about our future. What it will be like for mom should anything happen to dad. I realize that there others who are also going through the same thing and many have as well. I know we will get through as everyone I know has too. That gives me a sense of comfort. But at the best of times I do feel like I have to make a more conscious effort to feel joy. Every moment of our lives is so precious and when we aren't feeling joy we are suffering it seems. I allow every text message of support or email to fill me up and lift my spirit. I let it carry me and hold me even if it means for a short time.
      The lesson I have learned is  the understanding that our calling in life isn't always going to be what we think it should be. We could set out in the world to achieve great things. But certain life events can route us to where we need to be. And at some point we have to look around and evaluate where we are and finally be at peace knowing there is no where else we need to be. Life has a funny way of working things out. It may seem like we've been thrown into the wind or turbulent seas. But like a GPS it's guiding us to a destiny that will ultimately lead to the growth of our soul.

        Each day, each moment and each breath is all we have. As I write this I look around me and I see that I am safe. I am in my home. I have food. I have clothes and as I look across the table where I'm writing I see my mom sitting on the couch after a long day at the hospital eating pistachios. It may all seem simple but it does put a bit of a smile on my face. In the midst of it all gratitude pulls me through from this moment to the next.

Angel Blessings to ALL.


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Messages from the Angels: Guidance for Healthy Relationships

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones. Many of you are seeking support at this time to improve your relationships. You seek healthier relationships. We ask that you take a moment of reflection and see each person in your life as an opportunity to present you with lessons to help your souls journey. Teachers come in all shapes and forms. Some come with pain, some with love and some with both. Ultimately to change any situations requires personal care and attention in your own 'Self.' To feel greater love you must love yourself more. To feel respect you must respect yourself more. To feel desirable and worthy you must claim your self worth. The frequency that you emit will determine the health of your relationships. This frequency is like a wave of energy with unlimited potential. When you are in blame you are in fear. Fear doesn't change you or your situation. It only creates more fear. Chose to let go of fear now. Seek to find love for yourself as by doing so you are also falling in love with the divine within and absolutely the divine, that is your Source. Allow yourself to receive love, support and abundance knowing that you as a child of God are deserving and worthy now and always. Angel Blessings to ALL

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Messages from the Angels: Guidance to Help with Transition

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones please be kind to yourself and surround yourself with gentle people, situations and environments. This is a period of transition in which many souls are experiencing deep and hurtful loses of all kinds. Life is cyclical and as such with endings there are also new beginnings. Being kind to yourself and allowing this time to be without resistance will transpire with complete grace and ease. Your angels are here to provide healing for you on all levels allowing you to grow with the new wisdom that all these so called loses are really here for. In fact there are no real loses as nothing is ever lost. Transition is a part of life and will be experienced by all. Choose not to suffer but get clear of your environment of all toxicity. Ask for the deeper reasoning and lessons that these circumstances are providing you with. Witness, learn and experience being the student of your lives. Life on this earth is much like a school equipped with all the resources your creator has provided for you. Seek to not to be drawn into the illusion of fear and loss but turn toward enlightenment and to learn the truth that which will only lead to elevation and ascension. May there only be light in your lives now and always. Angel Blessings to ALL

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Weight Loss and the Spiritual Connection

            As part of my personal experience with my weight loss I learned much latter on in that journey that the absolute key to my success was not what I did in the gym and unrelated to what I ate. Yes you may argue that to really get control of your weight and live a healthy life you need to eat right and exercise. But I will say this, that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. You’re spirit is a part of you from the time your born till you die. You don’t hang up your spirit in the locker before you workout. Therefore every experience in your life is a spiritual one even your workouts! What prevents us from succeeding is when in our minds we treat ourselves as separate from spirit. It is this disconnection that is often where our issues lie. By staying connected to our spirit not only will we lead more fulfilled and happy lives but also we’re better able to navigate through our challenges and that includes unwanted weight! Connecting to my spirit was the key to my true success and to achieve lasting results.

            The scale went up and down over the years and I’m sure many of you can relate to this. I was obese for my entire childhood and my weight fluctuated in my twenties. I joined the gym at the age of fifteen to take control. But it wasn’t until I had a spiritual awakening in my late twenties that I saw the deeper connection. In that process I learned that I was a spirit. That my spirit came with wisdom, knowledge and awareness of the truth of who I really am. That shifted everything. My body is basically on loan. My spirit is using this body to learn all it needs to while I’m alive in this lifetime. That said my spirit is always communicating through my body what I need to know or ignoring! It holds the story of all my emotions positive and negative. I just wasn’t paying attention.

            When I was overweight I was really unhappy. But losing weight didn’t change my overall sense of happiness. What occurred to me is that my spirit was still trying to let me know that there was an aspect of my life that needed healing. My weight was just one of the symptoms of my deeper wound. Since the wound wasn’t healed the weight would simply come back. Hence the roller coaster ride. The weight was only serving to show me that I needed to go in deep and to fix my issues meant I had to do the work on the inside. Otherwise no matter what I did in the gym I would still be overweight. So instead of looking at my diet and workout routines I had to turn to my spirit for the solutions to my weight.

            My spiritual awakening taught me that all our answers lie within. To go there you need to get still and listen. This is how you connect with your spirit. You have to get quiet, ask the questions and then listen. What I learned in that process is that the fat around my belly represented a need for protection.  An adult relative had punched me in the stomach as a child and as a result the fat formulated as a defence mechanism. It served to protect me from the fear of being punched. It meant that I lived my life feeling unsafe. That fear and all fears are really illusions. But as children we don’t have enough experience to know that just because someone hit you once doesn’t mean that you have to walk through life in fear that it could happen again. That trauma or experience created that fear. Once a trauma takes place like that at an early age it gets stored in your cellular memory. And in my case it showed up as belly fat. Periodically in my life when I feel unsafe or being emotionally or verbally attacked my belly fat comes back. By working on releasing this fear has allowed me to gain control of my weight and overall sense of wellbeing. The answers were not in the gym. That only addressed the symptoms. I had to get to the source of my issues and finally be belly fat free.
All unwanted fat is representative of fears, negative belief systems and perhaps even traumas. You’re biological body is communicating with you all the time. You just have to learn to pay attention. It’s as simple as following these easy steps:
1. Get still
Take a few minutes to sit in stillness. Begin by closing your eyes and taking five or more deep breaths. Just enough till you feel completely relaxed.
2. Go within
By this you are posing the question you need answers to. Perhaps your question is “why do I have this belly fat?” This question serves as your intention and is the key to unlock the door to reveal what the actual fear is.
3. Listen
Allow your body to speak to you and listen to whatever thoughts, images and feelings you get. In my case I was taken back in time to when the incident of when I was punched took place. Then I was shown how this incident played it out in my life and the way it had affected me. And like myself you may be surprised about what you find out.
4. Take Action
This can be the challenging but most important part in this whole process. In my case I had to first forgive my perpetrator. Then I had to visualize myself letting go of my fear of feeling unsafe. I then filled myself with so much love that I was able to finally heal.

            I believe in this process so much that I actually made a career out of it. I now go by the title of ‘Spiritual Personal Trainer.’ I spend my life helping people reconnect to their spirit to help them transform their lives from the inside out. Before you even step into the gym it’s my mission to help clear away all the blockages that are preventing real success. To really succeed you need to learn what the unwanted weight is representing in your life. There’s always a lesson attached to it that is serving a greater purpose. The fat is generally representing a fear just waiting to be freed. As an intuitive I help guide people into the deep layers where much of these fears are buried, hidden and repressed. Once cleared physical transformation is a lot easier! When we are re-connected to our spirit we naturally make healthier choices because we already feel good about ourselves and aren’t relying on what’s external to our lives to make us happier

Now if you’re one of those people that would have a hard time doing this all on your own I’ve made it simpler for you by releasing a meditation available on my website to walk you through this whole process. All you have to do is listen to the sound of my voice in an easy to follow and short meditation. I also believe that I was able to get through to achieve my results with the help of my guardian angel. My guardian angel supports me always through every moment of my life good and bad. I believe angels are here to help us with any problem small or big and weight loss is no exception. You too will be introduced in this meditation to a special helper angel called your Fitness Angel. You’re Fitness Angel will walk you along through each and every step of your weight loss journey. It’s like having your very own personal trainer, nutritionist and motivator twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Divine support our birthright and is always available to us. We just have to ask for it!

So are you ready to really make the changes you desire? Are you ready to stop the roller coaster ride and finally get to the source of all your issues as far as your weight is concerned? If you say yes then just know that by that intention alone you will be guided to make the right choices through divine support to help you finally heal on the inside so you can look and feel as great as you want to look on the outside.

Angel Blessings to ALL


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Messages from the Angels: The Way to Peace

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones you are at this time out of balance and in need of reharmonization. Just as each inhalation is followed by an exhalation it is necessary to follow the synchronization of the universe. Life cannot operate by only inhalation nor only exhalation. There is a natural order and flow that which if you follow will keep your life in stream like a river that flows undisturbed, naturally and effortlessly. Decluttering your life begins by decluttering your mind. Ask the noisy chatter to soften it's voice and be still if not for only two minutes. Look outside your windows and see the effects of the gentle breeze as it cascades in it's path so perfectly. Notice the wondrous colours and the way they change from sunrise to sunset. Listen closely to soft sounds of the animals and natures elements. All this in a short time will reconnect you to a natural harmonized state of being. This is peace. It is simple. There's no need to search far and beyond. There's no need to travel to the ends of the earth to escape from your lives. For your wellbeing is easily achieved when you set the intention for peace when you wake up each and every morning. Upon rising affirm "I AM PEACE." What you state after the words "I AM" will be. Angel Blessings to ALL

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Prayers for All Children for #SpiritDay

Dear God and the Angels,
we are asking for extra support to help all children who are living in fear and isolation because of their sexual identity. Please provide them with extra angels to carry them through any and all difficult times. Help them feel safe, protected and surrounded with love in all ways. Remind them that they are never alone and it will get better. Help also those ignorant ones who choose to live their lives from a place of fear. Shine your love on them so that they can see that we are all one. There is no separation. Light and lead everyone's path to a place where we can live in harmony without categories, labels and fear. Let us all come to a place where we can send our children to school, to play, and engage in sports and activities knowing that they are always safe and free to express themselves regardless of sex, race, religion and sexual identity. God we love all our children and we pray that with your guidance and love we will continue to live our lives knowing that the path to you is always and will be blessed.
Angel Purple Blessings to ALL
This Thanks Giving All guests wore purple to honour #SpiritDay to extend the feeling of gratitude from my friends to support all LGBT youth who are being bullied. Each Guest had a tea light which they lit, said prayers for gratitude and for youth who are being bullied. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Messages from the Angels: Help to Release Pain and Heaviness in Your Heart

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones many of you occupy heaviness of pain and suffering in your hearts at this time. Your past experiences and emotional traumas continue to be stored in your heart centre waiting to be free liberating you to experience pure and true love once more. These weary emotions keep you disconnected from your divine source. Know that there is no need to suffer. We ask that you breathe in deeply and as you exhale release all pain to us for transmutation. Breathe in again and release all heaviness to us for transmutation. With each breathe feel yourself lighter and lighter till the channels that allow love to be your experience be your reality again. Know that it is safe for you to love again and that you are always protected by us. We are sending a ray of light to open your heart centre to help it shine brightly! A clear and balanced heart will allow you to stay heart centred and that your every thought and action come from the divine. Angel Blessings to ALL

Monday, September 8, 2014

Messages from the Angels: The Gateway to ALL Knowing

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones lately many of you appear to be lost and in search for deeper meaning and reasoning of your existence on earth. We commend you all for seeking to make necessary changes in your lives. Life on earth is challenging with many obstacles along your way perfectly designed for your learning. The answers you seek are not from any external sources. Attachment to things, attachment to materialism, attachment to people through falsified relationships will lead you with further frustration. The truth of your existence is not something that is learned or discovered. It requires a inner state of awareness of your being. This part of you, the everlasting essence you are made of is the very same essence in everything God has created. To feel its presence requires time in stillness, the eyes of wonder and innocence, courage to declutter all that doesn't serve you, the motivation to search and to allow the mystery of life to lead you. Know with certainty that you are exactly where you need to be at this time. To clearly direct your search begin with the fundamental question "Who AM I?" And this will serve as the gateway to ALL knowing. All is and always will be well. Angel Blessings to ALL

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Messages from the Angels: The Planet is Need of Your Help Now

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones as the frequencies on your planet are intense at this time we remind you that we are here in support to assist on all levels. Each one of you has a responsibility to the contribution of the overall energy, and yes you are making an impact. You're every thought, action and emotion is part of the overall contribution. Begin each thought with pure intention. Begin each action with pure intention. Blame, anger, worry and guilt will only lower the frequency of the planet. As such we caution you to remain in a state of hope, optimism and most importantly love. Calling all light workers this is the time of call of duty. Please raise the vibrations by turning to prayer. For prayer alone will diffuse all lower energies. Taking responsibility for your own contributions at this and all times is vital to you, your family, loved ones and the entire planet. The fear based images in your media has the potential to create fear in your own lives as well as add to the existing fear energy on the planet. Instead turn to prayer and send your love to everyone including yourselves. God did not leave you on this earth to abandon you and to leave you all to suffer. This is an illusion. Prayer, acts and thoughts of love can shift any and all fear. It must begin with you. Each and every one of you. Now is the time. This moment. Begin with breath and then focus your attention and intention on love. All is and will be well again. Angel Blessings to ALL

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Prayers to Restore Peace For Our Planet

 Dear God and the Angels. We call on you at this time as we are all suffering from the senseless loss of lives to war and fear. This is a time when we turn to you the most and in our time of need we surrender to you. We ask that peace, harmony and love be restored and maintained. We ask that you carry, lift and support all the families that have lost loved ones. Our heart bleeds for their losses and aches with grief. Please help us all to see that war and fear does NOT make people more powerful. Nobody wins in any war. You have given us free will. We have taken our wisdom to create a knife that can be used to cut and prepare food but that can also turn into a weapon to kill. Help us to make choices that are based in intentions of love and not fear. And to know the consequences of both. Bring us closer to the truth of our being so we never forget who we really are. Let our hearts be open and willing to give and receive to love to everyone. Let our hearts be open just enough so that we are able to feel the love of your presence where it always has and will remain. And finally let all our thoughts, choices and actions be motivated by only this love. Angel Healing Blessings to ALL

Friday, July 18, 2014

Messages from the Angels: Evolution of the Planet

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones. It may seem like life is moving very quickly on your planet. Your perceptions are correct. Evolution is occurring at a faster rate then any other period of time. It is important that you recognize that all your future endeavours and plans must be clear and concise or you will feel as though life is simply moving past you. Begin with grounding yourself regularly. Take care of your physical bodies and engage in healthy activities. By keeping your vessels healthy you will be better equipped to adjust to the new energies and frequencies that are descending upon you and the planet. Wake each day with gratitude and intend to make each moment count with positive intentions. Your focus must be on your mission to be of service. Look around you. There is opportunity to help your creator. Acts of kindness, helping family members and others will keep you adjunct with the higher frequencies. Decisions that are based in love will benefit you and have a rippling effect to all those around you. Stay focused on your intentions and your future will always be filled with light. And as such, as the planet evolves quickly you will be easily able to adjust to any and all changes with grace and complete ease. We the angels as your divine support are always here by your side. Angel Blessings to ALL

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Messages from the Angels: Guidance to Help Heal You're Broken Heart

Messages from the Angels:Dear loved ones many of you at this time are experiencing high degrees of sensitivities due to the ending of various relationships. Know that despite your heart may be heavy healing on levels is possible. Call on us to help you with comfort at this time. We can assist with helping your heart heal as well as for all those concerned including if there any children involved. Trust that every situation is really an opportunity to learn grow and develop a stronger bond with the Divine. By turning to your Source you are invoking the presence of the purest light, that is the highest frequency, and with this love your deepest wound will heal with grace and ease. A renewed sense of passion and love will fill your heart again dear soul. We the angels are only a prayer away. Angel Blessings to ALL

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Messages from the Angels: Guidance to Help with Anger and Anxiety

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones at this time in particular the energies on your planet are intensifying and as such we are hear to transmit guidance and give you tools to ease your way through the turbulence. Many of you may have been feeling strong and intense emotions including anger and anxiety. Some of you may have felt this emotion surface without warning even leaving you surprisedat your own behaviour and responses to simple circumstances. The energies on the planet are acting like a high lighter illuminating all that which you must take notice as lower energy that needs to be cleared to create peace. Simply call upon us to help clear all the lower energies gracefully to prevent any unnecessary stresses in your lives. We will immediately go to work by showering you with pure light and love and help to wash away all lower energies. Be still as we work or if you prefer while you sleep. With this heaviness cleared you will be in a better place physically and emotionally. At this time we suggest that you consider a life review and prioritize to take action in moving to that which serves your over all well being. Begin with self care and all the rest will fall harmoniously in place. Angel Blessings to ALL

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Messages from the Angels:Guidance For Your Life Purpose

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones many of you at this time are looking to seek greater meaning and purpose with your lives. You worry tirelessly and in search for greater, bigger self fulling opportunities. Your creator has given you all the tools you need to seek the answers to all your burning questions. Begin by dialoguing with God to provide you with guidance on this path. This begins by asking. You must ask in order to receive and know with absolute certainty your prayers and questions are all answered. Whether it's looking to become a healer or artist, all is possible. Write your concerns in a letter with all your worries and concerns. Be clear with your questions as clear questions result in clear answers. This need not be an overwhelming task. The timing is now and all things are perfectly aligned. It all begins with you. Once your prayers and questions are written surrender them without worrying or how it will all be revealed. For God works in ways that are beyond your imagination. When you order a meal at a restaurant you don't give your chef instructions on how to cook and prepare your meal. Therefore trust with an open heart. All things are possible and in the hands of God only Miracles are possible. Angel Blessings to AL

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Messages from the Angels: Take Care of Your Heart

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones we offer a very important message today with regards to your heart. Your heart is in need of constant attention and care. A balanced heart will allow optimal connection to yourself, your feelings, thoughts and concerns. A clear heart is also a clear channel to the divine. When you are feeling lost and confused a balanced heart is the gateway to the answers to all your earthly questions. To be balanced dear loved ones know that it requires to give but also receive love. You must be willing to give love to yourself and receive love from others. Physical maintenance of your heart includes mild to gentle forms of cardiovascular exercise. Exercise will help maintain all physical functions. But take note. Your emotional health will always impact your physical health. Both physical and emotional health is vital for complete heart care. Energetically service your heart with thoughts of pure love. Give it gratitude daily for all that it does for you. Keep faith that all of your needs are always being met by the divine and just as you take care of your homes be mindful that your heart is the most important home you will ever know; that is it serves as the home of your very own soul. Angel Blessings to ALL

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How to be Spiritually Fit in A Physical World?

How to be Spiritually Fit in A Physical World?
            This phrase almost seems paradoxical. How can a part of you that you can’t see become fit? Well the answer begins in understanding that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Although we can’t see our spirit it’s definitely a part of us and without which we could not exist. Our spirit has a personality that serves to drive us and moves us forward. It is like the fuel in our car but when connected to can only lead us to all things positive. It literally moves us in any direction that is for our greater good. Like our bodies our spirit requires attention through acts of self -love and nurturing. Our spirit is connected to our heart and any act that is heart centered is an act that is in synch with our spirit.

            What disconnects us from our spirit is when we look outside of ourselves for things to make us happy. We struggle when we try to fix our external world of problems to which the solution is internal.  There is a spiritual solution to every problem. Until we are connected to our inner being or our spirit we will continue to feel lost, isolated, directionless and live a life in search of greater meaning and purpose. What separates us from the connection to our spirit is simply a lack of communication within. The noisy mind is doing all the endless chatting and distracts us from what we are feeling. In order to get connected we need to do four things: 1. Get still. 2. Go within 3. Listen. And 4. Take action.
            We currently live in a world that is full of people who are spiritually anorexic. They are literally the walking dead. They may exist but they are not living. They lack a glow in their eyes and are in constant need of fixing this or fixing that. They don’t flow with the river of life instead they try to swim against it. They search and search for solutions in all things physical for which the solutions are internal. If you spend just ten minutes watching TV today you’re impressed upon with suggestions that you are not aging well, you need to lose weight, you need to dress a certain way, you need to find a man that serves all your needs and the list goes on. These are all false promises to make you happy. There’s a western belief system of “I don’t have enough….” The result is a spirit that is literally starving to be fed.

            When your spirit is fed you are in the flow of life. You may still have challenges but you see them as opportunities to learn and grow instead of impossible obstacles. You live life with a certainty and an inner knowing that you are always being guided for your greater good. You are in a state of trust and immense gratitude. You worry less and push through your fears feeling like you can conquer anything. And more importantly you live your life from your heart and everything you do is heart cantered.

            To become spiritually fit you must first of all realize that your spirit is a part of you. It’s not something you leave at home when you go to work or even the gym. Therefore everything you do is in fact a spiritual experience just as much as it as a physical one. The two aspects of your being can never be separated. There’s a common myth that people feel they need to take time out of their day or week to dedicate to their spiritual life. A simple conversation with a friend over the phone or coffee can also be a spiritual experience. When we connect with each other we allow our selves to connect with the spirits of others.

            A common question I get asked is “Farhan how do I become more spiritual?” Taking a course, workshop or spending a month in an ashram does not make you more spiritual. You can do this if you want but it’s actually far simpler then you think. Being spiritual is knowing that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. Being spiritual is a state of mind and being. It’s how we live our lives, our thoughts, and actions. Being spiritual is also about how we love ourselves and love others including taking the time to help those that are in need. A simple way to open up to being more spiritual is by performing an act of kindness. Each one of us is capable of beautiful and wonderful things. Why not embrace this?

            In order to connect with your spirit you must put love into everything you do. That includes your job. You don’t have to be in love with your job to put love into your job. But by doing so you are shifting your vibration to open up to new possibilities. An open heart is one that is then able to give and also receive love. The love can come back in ways that are beyond your imagination.

To get connected with your spirit is quite simple. 

1. Begin each day with gratitude
Gratitude activates our heart and helps us feel full. It allows us to see our world with appreciation. It shifts our focus from lack to abundance. Begin each morning  by  writing down at least five things you are grateful for.

2. Put love into everything you do
This includes your job and exercise. When we come from a place of love the consequences are far more positive and we are better able to see the benefits of our efforts.

3. Stay heart centered
By staying heart centered we are in dialogue with our spirit. Our heart will always communicate what is best for us. A simple act of compassion towards yourself or others will activate your spirit.

4. Choose love over fear
At any given time of our lives there are only two possible emotions that we can ever feel. It’s either love or fear and there are no other options. The outcome will always be determined by where you are placing your attention.

5. Feed your spirit regularly
I know my spirit loves travel and adventure. My spirit loves to be by the water. My spirit loves to spend time with close friends. All these things feed my spirit and fill me up. What sort of things feed your spirit?

 Maintaining your spirit requires you to pay attention! Check in with yourself regularly and do a quick self-assessment on how you’re feeling. Your external world will always mirror back to you what it is that you are in fact feeling. To change your outer world you need to shift what’s happening in your inner world. To do this follow these simple steps:

1. Get Still
Just take few minutes and be still.  This doesn’t require long periods of meditation but just a few minutes to assess how your inner world is feeling.

2. Go within
Ask what is it that I’m feeling. Is it love? Or is it fear? If its fear then ask what am I afraid of? A fear is simply a thought and a thought can be easily changed.

3. Listen
Let your spirit do the talking. Words, phrases or feelings will surface to create a new belief system to replace the fear. Your spirit will motivate, inspire and drive you towards your desires.

4. Take Action
Get moving even if its one small step. Take the advice of your spirit and if needed pray for courage to make any required changes.

            The path towards spirituality is all too simple. It not need be complex as most people think. By following the steps above I hope that you or anyone can create more happiness in your lives.  By feeding your spirit on a regular basis you can be sure to see a difference in all your relationships including the relationship with yourself. Everything you really want is on the other side of fear. By connecting to your spirit you will be guided to make all the changes necessary to live a life that is truly fulfilling in all ways.

Angel Blessings to ALL