Monday, February 8, 2016

How to Stay on the Path Towards Your Transformation During Difficult times

Photograph date: February 8, 2016

       The journey of any transformation is never an easy one. No matter what life throws at me I've managed to turn it all into the fuel I need to stay on the path towards my goals physically mentally and spiritually. Every wound, hurt, success and  victory drives me. I've learned to take everything and and use it as fuel towards my workouts. The good and the bad. It feeds me to be better, strive consciously and invest it all into my well being so that I can be my best self. And what I know to be true is that when we are at our best selves all our relationships benefit and or improve.

         Mom was recently hospitalized for eight days. I spent anywhere from six to ten hours by her side. This impacted my energy stores. Hospitals can be heavy and draining. Worrying about moms health placed a toll on me. My access to healthy meals were inconsistent but I still worked out. I did what every successful transformation requires and that is to "show up." You give what you can that day that moment but you "show up." There were days when I didn't want to workout but I did anyway. And I balanced this with taking the rest that I also needed. If I needed a nap I took it without feeling guilty. As rest and sleep are just as important for physical recovery. It also meant I honoured my body. There's a fine line between how hard you can push yourself and burning out. There is a price to pay one which I also know as I've been there.

     Whilst spending many hours at the hospital I needed to manage my energy. As any empath knows hospitals can contain a lot of heavy energy that is quite draining. To stay balanced I used colouring and art therapy, journaling as well as meditation to help connect with my inner being and mind.
 I went to the gym and stayed grounded in my body. Balancing my inner wellness allowed me to have enough energy to do my workouts and all of which helped to nourish my body.
There are many mandala colouring books for a mindful mediation experience

      I know with absolute certainty today that your sense of connection with your inner being will always reflect how you look and feel on the outside. Always. This is why I created my path as a Spiritual Personal Trainer. My own journey, my testimonial, my life authentically reflects this. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and the more we align with our inner being or the more we  lead a spirit centred life the easier we are guided to make healthy positive choices for ourselves. That force within will always help guide us. We just have to tap into it. Then taking care of our physical bodies will follow from the right intentions.

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