Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Messages from the Angels

Dear loved ones we remind you today that you are most capable of being powerful when you are heart centered. Knowing the power of the divine within is knowing who you are and your purpose. We ask that you be aware that when you use your power from a place of love all Miracles are possible. Give the gift of thought, give the gift of LOVE to everyone everyday. For when you are aligned with this Divine Power you see that there is NO other form of power. Recognize that you are most worthy of receiving all the love that you are willing to give. It is your right to receive. Angel Christmas Blessings to ALL

Friday, December 14, 2012

Prayer for Healing and Peace

I want to think it's all a dream. When I wake there's no guns weapons or killings. Only peace within each of us and for each other. Calling all Angels. Please assist us to heal from all grief and wounds. Help us to see feel and send only love for ourselves and each other. Help our hearts feel light and wash away all the heaviness. Please Take the hands of all lost souls and carry them on your wings back home to their origin. Please let them rest in peace eternally. Angel Healing Blessings

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Angel Prayer: 12/12/12 for Abundance

 Dear Angels please help us release all thoughts, negative beliefs, karma and blue prints of poverty from all levels of our consciousness. Help us to regain our truth and live life knowing that we are entitled and deserving abundance in every aspect of our lives so that we may live each moment with the freedoms of our desires. Please grant us the knowledge, wisdom and guidance to live only at our fullest potential with faith and trust that we receive all that we ask for under grace and in perfect ways. Angel Abundant Blessings to ALL

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Messages from the Angels: December 5, 2012

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones many at this time are experiencing troubled times as a result of various conflicts in your lives. We ask you at this time to shift your perspective of the situation as an opportunity to learn from this situation. These are not 'blocks' but opportunities of learning. Look at each person in the situation as a teacher/messenger. Ask us to guide you through and carry you on our wings to higher vibrational thinking and provide resolution with ease. It is our opportunity to extend our relationship to you for you so that you may see that there are lighter times ahead. Angel Blessings to ALL

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Messages from the Angels: November 13, 2012

Messages from the Angels. Dear loved ones it is time to let go and forgive yourself. The negativity that you hold in the emotions of guilt are preventing you from seeking happiness. You are blaming yourself for past actions for which you only did with the best that you knew. We offer you guidance that to feel 'light' again you let go and forgive yourself. We also remind you to begin with words and actions that only come with the intention of kindness when referring to yourself. Ask in prayer for our assistance to release all toxic emotions of guilt, anger and regret towards yourself and others. Ask that we may guide you towards peace and feeling centered. Angel Blessings to ALL

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Messages from the Angels: November 6, 2012

Messages from the Angels. Dear loved ones we remind you at this time that it is in your best interest to seek a balanced lifestyle. Many are swayed toward various stress that are causing undue stress on your body and your spirit. Seek not stimulation and unhealthy habits to nourishes your stresses for this is only leading to further dismay. We ask that you seek our guidance and ask that there may
be "enough time" in your lives to find harmony. Start with foods that serves a higher purpose for your body. Drink plenty of water and feed your spirit with kindness. Surround yourself with higher vibration activities such as exercises to reduce stress and allow for more positive feelings. The first step lies only in your intention to seek balance. The second is to ask for our help. Call on Arch Angel Raphael for assistance on all levels to find balance in your lives. Angel Blessings to ALL.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Messages from the Angels: Ocober 2012

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved one many of you use the word "stuck" at this particular point in your lives. We offer that when you feel stuck you are essentially holding onto those things that no longer serve you. Too much of this stuck energy is sourced in the emotions of forgiveness. We ask you to consider "who do you need to forgive? Perhaps this person is you? Your unwillingness to let g
o is not only preventing you from moving forward but may very be well the source of the physical pains you are experiencing in your body. Be willing to forgive. We guide you to sit in a moment of silence and call upon us to assist with letting go by forgiving yourself and others. Ask for our assistance to clear your mind and body of past pain in exchange for peacefulness. Angel Blessings to ALL.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Messages from the Angels: August 28th, 2012

Messages from the Angels. Dear loved ones you struggle so much with worry. Your biggest concerns are centered around the word 'how?' How will this situation be resolved? How will I attain the outcome I desire? We ask you with great love that once you have set your intentions that the "how's" you worry so much for is really in the hands of God. Instead say "I put this situation in the hands of Infinite
 Love and wisdom" for there lies the power to which all the right outcomes are possible. Why do you choose to carry the burdens of your "how's" when there is a divine power that is so powerful and readily available to assist in all your matters? Let go your need to control the path to your outcome for there may also possibly lie a greater outcome. One that is for your highest good. 
Angel Blessings to ALL

Friday, June 29, 2012

A Prayer to Assist with Internal Struggles

 Today I was inspired to write a prayer for anyone who needs help with their inner struggles. The journey inward can be very painful yet liberating. Every aspect of our lives is determined by our inner state of well being. When life seems hard and we're struggling the place to start is not by fixing our external world but to discover where in our inner being are we out of balance. Our inner dialogue can tell us much about how we perceive who we are and who we are not. Take a moment and pay attention to that voice. What does it sound like?  When we are connected to our inner being we choose words of kindness and love. When you are lost and confused connect to your inner being where all your answers lie. The answers are not in blame. The answers are not in medicine. The answers are not in the physical world. When we look outside ourselves we are treating our symptoms. There within our hearts lies all the wisdom, and knowledge and the truth. The following is a prayer that I have set the intention to assist all those in their process whatever that may be:
 Dear God and the Angels. I  ask you today to provide me with courage, strength, knowledge and love where there is fear. I surrender all my fears to you. Please support lift and carry me when I feel isolated and alone in periods of transition and struggle with my journey inward.  Be the gatekeepers of my thoughts so that I am filled with only a steady stream of thoughts of LOVE. Enlighten me to discover  my authentic pure SELF. Please give me clarity on my path and ease all my struggles so that I am able to see the truth of who I AM and the truth of my life. Help me uncover and reveal my true identity so that I may live each day knowing that IN GOD I BE.
And so it is.
Angel Blessings to ALL 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Fat Loss: A physical process or really a healing journey?

When approaching a weight loss program most of us would consider the notion and application that a healthy diet and exercise are the key elements to losing weight. I can't argue with that after all, I have applied these principles on my own body. However, my journey has thought me one key factor that has allowed me to succeed at keeping the weight off. Fat represents an aspect of our lives that needs healing and without this healing there can be no weight loss. Not permanent weight loss.

The fat on your body has a purpose. I never thought I'd say this considering my background in the fitness industry. After teaching fitness classes, presenting at fitness conferences all over the world, appearing on a successful workout show and reading and writing a multitude of articles I have finally learned the following:

1. Why I had fat on my body?
2. What purpose it served?
3. How to finally lose it. Permanently.

Now you may be thinking that all those years I was leading you astray. But I can only offer you what I know with where I am with the knowledge I have at that time. And in  the last few years I have taken the time to go within my body and see what inner work was required for me to finally heal, yes 'heal' myself. The fat loss is only the by product from this healing.

To understand why you have fat on your body you need to know that your physical make up is the consequence of your emotional biology. That is your thoughts and emotions. Emotions that come from trauma have a negative consequence on our bodies when they are not managed properly. The problem is that some of these traumas can occur when we are at a very young age. Our consciousness at that age is not developed enough to have the awareness that we have suffered a trauma and that it requires our attention.
Lets add to the equation that when we are young we start to develop our belief systems about ourselves, the world, our relationships and even about fat. If when we are young we see someone close to us make an impression on us about fat then we are likely to be programed to believe a particular belief system about fat.  Lets say one day dad points to his big fat belly and says "son the key to a happy man is to make sure he's well fed." Wham! Right away we are programed to think that having a fat belly is a sign of happiness. However, as we get older and  see the covers of Men's Health we start to desire a models body. But the earlier programming which took place at the early age is already wired into our subconscious and so deep that we don't even know that it exists. Now let's combine this with a trauma that took place around the time that we we're being programed. Most often times this is an emotional trauma. The result my friends is body that is in conflict with what one desires and deep rooted program along with trauma that prevents us from getting there.

This may all sound very complex but believe me when I say that the journey in this process is all about the benefits of healing. The healing is the key to finally liberating ourselves of unwanted fears, illusions and false beliefs. I'm very lucky that I was able to find someone who took me through a regression back to my childhood where all the memories of traumas and unwanted programming took place. What I learned completely floored me. I didn't even know that I could recall these events. The results were profound. The most important aspect was that I was able come to a place where I found healing. Healing that I didn't even know I needed.

If you're having trouble losing weight. If you find that you have tried many diets or exercise programs without success then my best advice to you is to shift your focus on your approach. You must ask your body and yourself what is it that you need healing from? Insightful meditation or perhaps a good regression therapist will be the key to unlock and heal the traumas that are keeping you from flat stomach and the body of your dreams!

Every day is a Miracle
Angel Blessings to ALL

Sunday, June 3, 2012

What I Learned from Eating Desserts in Mexico!

Recently after a stretch of a period of long working hours and  a year and a half of no holidays I finally decided I needed a break. I took a vacation in every sense of the word including my job, routine, working out five to six times per week and from my stringent six meals a day diet. It was long over due! During my week off in Cancun I  let myself indulge and ate foods I wouldn't normally eat. Yes, I went for desserts, breads and the sinful carbs! At least they were sinful for me. I made sure that I ate well balanced meals but at a buffet spread I wouldn't stop myself from the desserts! I thought I was making the most of my holiday but what I didn't count on was learning about a major relationship I have with food and how it was affecting me in a negative way.

Three days into the trip I woke up with severe neck pain. I could hardly move my neck. I wasn't going to let it stop me from enjoying my time at Mexico but the discomfort got the best of me. I tried rest, massage and pain killers but this pain was relentless and I figured that there was something deeper in it's existence.  I decided to take a walk along the beach and I called on to my guides and Angels for insight as to why I was getting this pain during my well deserved holiday. As I walked with intention and allowed the waves in the back to drown all the action of the beach I opened myself up and turned in to what thoughts and feelings I was getting from them. It's actually so much easier to tune into divine guidance when your surrounded by natures beauty. It relaxes you, takes the stress away and makes you more receptive to their messages. What I heard next really surprised me. I heard the word 'guilt.' I thought at first that there was a mistake so I asked them my impeding question again. They said what I heard the first time and that was 'guilt.' I asked them for further explanation. What the Angels said to me was that the pain in my neck was the result of the feelings of guilt I felt for enjoying food that I was indulging in. Now this took me by surprise but when I thought about it they were absolutely right. I recalled feeling satisfied in indulgence but then the guilt would set in after every meal. I immediately thanked them for the divine insight and continued my walk as now I had plenty to think about.

For the next few days the pain in my neck started to resolve as I began to heal my relationship with food. It brought to light yet again how our bodies are always the biology of our psychology. Every thought leaves an imprint in us and when our thoughts are harmful they quite literally cause physical issues in our body.  The pain is the signal that our thoughts and emotions are out of balance and so healing must begin, at least I think, by correcting what we are thinking. As the emotions created by our thoughts, in other words how we feel, can have a direct response in our bodies. I was reminded of how guilt is a negative emotion and it does not serve us positively. So that was the first step.

The next was learning about my relationship with food. I was so strict with my diet and hard on myself that I decided that eating desserts was something to feel guilty about. If we buy into that consciousness we'll never enjoy food because we're always punishing ourselves for eating what we are so called not supposed to. The truth is our feelings about what we eat really determines the outcome on our bodies. I'm not saying to clean out the buffet table of the dessert selection! But life is about creating moments that are in alignment with feeling good about ourselves for the choices we make. If 90% percent of the time we are living a life making healthy nutritional choices then some indulgence definitely won't harm us. I was clearly being too hard on myself. I learned that I needed to be kinder to myself. If I'm going to have a dessert then I had to learn to enjoy  everything about it. That includes both during and after I eat it!

This journey is always a learning experience. I feel that our relationship with food can teach us a lot about how treat ourselves. I didn't realize just how badly I was punishing myself and as such disconnecting myself from some of the joys of life. I also learned that exercising and dieting are important but our perceptions of how it makes us feel is more important. I've now started to pay more attention as to how my choices in food are making me feel. My intention I've set forth is to always treat myself with kindness.

Angel Blessings to ALL

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Unconventional Love

They say I’m not supposed to love you
We're not like Romeo and Juliet
They say it’s unnatural
But my heart’s given me permission
I know, it’s ok
In my mind I struggle
And I pray for an answer

There’s something about knowing you
Deep inside I feel it’s truth
So no matter what they say
I don’t care. I’ll take my chance
Doesn't everything in life
including you come with a price?
This unconventional love is worth the fight

I wish everyone could approve and love us
And pray for our happiness
Their blessings would mean so much
Sometimes life is unfair
I may have lost everyone but you 
This unconventional love is worth the fight

Dear God, tell me what to do?
Dear God please I’m begging you
How can  love cause so much hate?
In your eyes am I still saved?
Just give me a sign
I hope this unconventional love is worth the fight
I believe love comes to us all
And I deserve it too
With God in my heart
I’ll walk with you by my side
No matter what the road…I’ll at least try
Because this unconventional love is worth any price

Thursday, May 10, 2012

This is the Universe calling! Do you get the Message?

I have had over 15 years of experience as a physiotherapist and it is ever more clear to me that every injury and accident that we experience in our lives is not a coincidence. These what appear to be as unfortunate orchestrations by the universe are opportunities for us to learn a deeper meaning about our selves as well as to re route our lives for the better. I believe the greatest lessons have to come with pain. It is with the emotion of pain that we really remember the experience. Think of the last time your hurt yourself and it really hurt? Do you immediately get memories of everything that happened and how horrible it was? Do you also realize that in that process lies the gifts and treasures to help you live a better life? There is always a correlation to what is happening in your physical body with what is happening in your life. Make no mistake. The word pain stands for "Pay Attention Inward Now" according Iyanla Vanzant and as a physiotherapist I know this both professionally and personally from my own experience!

I was 15 years old and just starting my first year in high school when I had a very bad fall from the top of a ladder. I landed on the outside of my right ankle resulting in tears of all the ligaments and a foot that looked as big as a foot ball. The result was  weeks on crutches, time away from school and extensive physiotherapy. At the time I really didn't know what a physiotherapist was. Looking back I realize that I had huge fears of starting high school. I had so many uncertainties and was already feeling the pressure of my future. The foot injury was really about 'not knowing' what directions I wanted to take with my life. This whole experience ignited my interest and hence pursuit to become a physiotherapist. This was the gift that came from what seemed like a terrible start to high school. I suddenly had a vision of what I wanted and it gave me a focus. I have to admit I didn't have a really good therapist. In fact my ankle healed a bit on an angle. Having realized this it didn't turn me off from the profession or physiotherapists. In fact I decided I not only wanted to become a therapist but I was going to try to be one of the best!  I took this situation and saw the gifts. little did I know at the time the universe was plotting for me to discover my life path. Looking back I may not have realized all the signs. Now I know better!

Over the years I've seen many clients with a wide assortment of injuries. I try my best in my own subtle way to help everyone see what the gift and or lesson lies within their pain and experience. In general, my patients who have been in a car accident require some major life decisions. Car accidents happen when the fear is so great that people are afraid to make their desired changes. Or their really not sure of what 'direction' to go towards. Most often times they are unhappy with their job,  marriage or any significant aspect of their lives.. Their too afraid or unsure as to what changes they should make and so the collision gives them the opportunity to really stop and take the time for reflection. Chances are if they still don't see the signs they'll get into another car accident. I'm sure you can think of at least one person who keeps getting rear ended? These are the people who play up to the role of being a victim and they get stuck in thinking like the victim. Their lesson here is really about conscious living and knowing that they are in control of their steering wheel meaning their life! My client Jim is a perfect example. Jim was rear ended and came to therapy because of neck and back injuries he sustained in his accident. About the second week of therapy as I was getting to know him it became clear that he was unhappy at work. Really unhappy. Jim complained all the time. I could always tell he was stressed as soon as I'd put my hands on his neck muscles. "Another bad day at the office?" I'd ask.
"Yes." "Can You tell?" he'd say. Well this went on for weeks. Till one day recently Jim's neck suddenly felt a lot better. His symptoms were almost gone and there was little or no tension in his muscles. I told him my findings and this obviously pleased him. A few days latter Jim returned for his second visit of the week. He decided to mention to me that he quit his job and was starting a new one in a few weeks. Something I had already suspected. Jim is an example of someone who realized that a catastrophe like a car accident is really a sign from the universe that we need to make changes in our lives. It literally takes a collision for us sometimes to take notice. Jim responded to therapy positively as he chose to make positive changes in his life. He's back in the game and feeling much healthier!

However, some of my clients just don't get it. There's George for example. He had a nasty fall on his knee while playing ice hockey. This wasn't his first fall and he was no stranger to the clinic. After spending sufficient time with George you knew this guy had a Type A personality and sustained a very busy work schedule. I knew the message for George was that he needed to slow down. "Yeah right." he'd say as though that was just impossible. Shortly thereafter George fell again making his symptoms worse. I warned him once again that he needed to take a holiday or at least some time off from work. George nodded in agreement but chose not to take my advice. George fell yet again. This made for a painful rehab process for the both us. You can imagine his frustrations as well as mine. Not everyone is prepared to make necessary changes. I just have to do my best and support them through their healing process.

Now it may be hard to think that there's a really good reason as to why you have an injury like a broken leg. It may be hard to imagine that there is good in every situation especially when it is new and your in pain.  If you're really not sure of what the gift is I suggest you stay optimistic and keep an expectant mind set. Expect the good. Expect that God will provide the solution. Expect that there is a positive outcome. Say to yourself  "I can't wait to see what good comes out of all this!"

What I've shared with you are some of the examples I've seen over the years. I'm sure there are those that aren't as severe. Yet I am sure there are those that are far worse like getting a major illness such as cancer. However, what I really want my readers to understand is that in every one of these circumstances lies a gift or treasure that the universe is offering to help you live a better life. When you are in pain remember that it stands for "Pay Attention Inward Now." The time you spend in contemplation will be time well worth spent. These so called tragedies are God's way of re routing your life. The life you truly desire. The life your so called afraid to live. You have a choice. You could choose to play the victim. That only means you're not living in a state of conscious awareness. I believe that life does not happen 'to' you but 'for' you. It's only when you shift your perception are you able to free yourself to the life you desire.

Angel Blessings to ALL.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What does it mean to be Spiritual?

I recently attended two taping s of Oprah's Life Class in Toronto and it inspired me to address the topic of spirituality. Oprah has never been afraid to express that she's a spiritual person and although she's been criticized for it she continues to practice what she preaches knowing that its all connected with her divine purpose. I know that when people think of me they often make references that I'm a very spiritual person too. And I've never really directly expressed what spirituality means to me personally. Much of my posts I have written here all pertain to some spiritual experience I have had in my life and so I thought I'd take the time to really express in words what I feel spirituality is for me. I've also been asked many times over the years how one can become more spiritual? If you're looking how to embrace spirituality into your life and in need of guidance on how to become spiritual please read on.
The first step in understanding spirituality is recognizing that we are a spiritual being that is having a human experience.

"There is no life without a spiritual life because we are Spiritual beings having a human experience". Oprah Winfrey

We can use the term soul and spirit interchangeably to a certain extent. I believe the soul is that part of us that is ever knowing and is that part of us that connects us to each other and everything. That is every living thing. And the soul is part of a larger being that you can call God or the Universe. The spirit is a characteristic of the soul that is the fuel that moves us towards our divine purpose, our path on earth and ultimately back to our origin. The human body  allows us to witness and observe our journey. It's just the vehicle that our soul is using on earth as a means to have all our experiences.

There are no rules and or guidelines on how to become spiritual. If there were we'd call it another religion. And that's not what spirituality is. The world of spirit is not governed by rites and rituals but there are some universal laws that assist us in understanding how this way of life is led by simple energetic principles. I use the term energy here as it is the understanding how this energy works which  fundamentally teaches us how the universe works.There's a law that states what you put out is exactly what you get back. This is your actions, your deeds and most definitely all your thoughts. This is called Karma. Your lessons in Karma are designed to make you the best person you possibly can be as when we perform acts of love we are representing God. As all thoughts and actions that come from love allow us to connect more deeply to the biggest source of love. It remind us of who we really are, what we are made of, where we come from and what is our divine purpose. Our ultimate purpose is to learn to love our selves that is our God selves without judgement and without condition. Think of the feeling you get when you see and hold a baby that's come into the world for the first time. It is pure joy and perfection. All we feel is nothing but love for this new born. It hasn't made any mistakes. It hasn't said anything nasty to us. It hasn't rejected us. It hasn't told his how hurtful we are etc. We were all that baby when we first came into this world. It's our purpose to ultimately feel the same way about our selves and others. Being spiritual means having an open heart and seeing everyone and everything just like this new born baby. Perfect love.

Being spiritual is knowing that you are not your thoughts. You are simply the observer of your thoughts. When you speak and think from a place of love you are connecting to your spirit. When you say harmful or judgmental things you are disconnecting from your spirit. The universe is always speaking to us. Through our thoughts, feelings and from everything around us. When are we disconnected with our spirit we are disconnecting ourselves from everything and lose our ability to hear the messages of the universe. Being in the flow of spirit is knowing that  we expect and are able to receive the messages that are meant for us from the universe. When we are disconnected we often feel lost and confused. Unsure of ourselves and our circumstance. We aren't able to make sound decisions and resort to unhealthy choices. Since we are a spiritual being having a human experience than know with certainty that every problem in our lives has a spiritual solution. And to be able to be guided to the solution we must be connected with our spirit.

Being spiritual is knowing that you are not your thoughts. You are simply the observer of your thoughts.Thoughts also have powerful energy. They can bring us up. They can bring us down. They have the kinetic energy that is always creating your future.  Deepak Chopra says "Use memories, do not allow memories to use you." In other words you can use your thoughts to make your self be the ever continued victim or you can use them to create the future your heart truly desires. The optimist is right. The pessimist is also right. He suggests that when you have a negative thought think of the word S.T.O.P. which is an acronym for "S" Stop. "T" Take three deep breathes. "O" Observe. "P" Precede with kindness.

You still might be asking where do I start with all this spiritual stuff? To really be spiritual there is no trying. There is just being as we are all human"beings." You don't need a great big awakening or near death experience to start the process. It is a self inner discovery process that is ever evolving. It helps us to better understand ours relationship with ourselves, others and God. But you can start with questions that you can consider thinking about.
1. Who am I?
Now really think about this. The answer shouldn't come to you right away. And it has nothing to do with your occupation or any role you play. In other words it's not the fact that you are a wife, husband, son, brother etc.
2. What are my talents and gifts?
Make a list of all your strengths. Don't ask for help with this. You must come up with this list on your own.
3. What is my purpose?
Once you've done your true soul searching you'll realize that the real answers will all lead to your ability to connect with the frequency of love. That frequency will lead you to the bigger love, that is God's love and finally your true purpose will arise when you discover that it brings you passion. And often times it will pertain in some way to the contribution towards others, animals the planet etc through acts of love.
It will feed your spirit. The fuel or energy that will lead us back to where it all started. These three questions have answers to which will always evolve as you evolve. Like all the energy in the universe it flows. As you stay in this flow so much will unfold in front of you. Don't expect to have all the answers right away. The universe likes to do things the best way and not your way. Besides the mysteries and all it's discoveries makes life all too exciting. I believe that God has and knows the bigger picture. I believe God has a bigger plan for us then we could ever imagine. When we see and witness the world and our lives with unlimited potential we embrace all kinds of possibilities. We just have to let go and let God.

Angel Spiritual Blessings to ALL