Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Message from the Angels: December 25, 2014

Dear loved ones: On this day of Christmas we would like to share our guidance with all our love from us to you. Know that this stage of your evolution on earth is about growth, truth, and alignment with 'Self' and therefore the'Divine'. Look upon your lessons of your past years and know that that which does not serve you must be released for your growth. Blame and victimization consciousness will keep you stuck and in lower frequencies. This will prevent growth, keep you from truth and disconnected to the 'Divine.' Progress requires to align yourselves with the source of where all your power comes from. This is also connecting to your true 'Self.' Those old wounds, blaming others, and looking for reasons why you are not happy will leave you wayward to an old world. This world will keep you stuck in a vicious karmic cycle. To break free declare your truth. Call upon your 'Source' and know that it is this 'Source' where all things possible exist. Allow your actions to be led with integrity by following from that place of 'Source.' Your thoughts, words and actions must be consistently aligned with the belief system that you are from 'Source' and all your power comes from this place, that place within, that place in your heart space. When you do this you are in your optimal place of your personal power. That place is the most powerful place. It's a place of empowerment consciousness. Call upon us always to help you choose the pathway towards empowerment consciousness. Angel Blessings to ALL

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Truth About How I am Doing

      "How are you doing?" is the most common question I get asked since dad's hospitalization. I suppose it feels almost selfish in some ways to think about me and my process in all of this considering what dad's going through. Nevertheless I realize that my friends are also concerned about my well being and expressing their concern for me as well as my dad. I finally sat with my own feelings to assess my inner state of being. I had to come to some truths, face my deepest fears and get real about how I really felt about our circumstances?

       My response has always been "I'm ok." That's the short answer. Simple. And to be honest I really am. Though I am not the one in the hospital this whole situation has impacted myself, my mother and our whole family. Overall I would say that indeed "I am ok." At least, most of the time. The truth is I go through phases. Ups and downs. My emotions are sometimes all over the place. I'm dealing with a lot of losses. Life is not what it used to be.  And at times I feel all kinds of fears. Though I appear to have my life in order  every emotion is managed on a moment to moment basis. It takes a lot of work.

     A very close friend of mine reached out to me. She asked to meet me for dinner and I agreed. My personal life has taken an obvious hit and so I thought meeting up for some social interaction would do me good. When we sat at the table she asked "Farhan I want you to tell me what's going on with you? I want you to even complain" She's a sincere and loving friend and she opened the door for me to be brutally honest. To vent out my feelings. My first reaction was to play the role of 'strong Farhan.' The Angel Therapist. The one that people turn to when there is a crisis. The intuitive who helps others through my life turning events. I didn't want to show my vulnerability. I didn't want to look weak. As we started into the conversation I became very aware of what I was doing. I knew I wasn't being completely honest and though I did continue to hold back some, I finally took a breath and let out what I have been keeping bottled up.

      Part of me doesn't want peoples sympathy. But on the other hand I am just like everyone else. And at times like this I could use the support of my friends. I am giving my self permission to lean on others for a change. To be human. To feel vulnerable and have the courage to do so. Being 'strong Farhan' all the time does not serve me. Especially at this time.

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 I sat with what I was feeling and decided to tell the truth. Everything has changed. I'm afraid of the uncertainties. I don't know what our future holds. I am afraid of becoming isolated. At times I feel lost and not sure where to turn. I keep it together sometimes but not always. There are nights where I  don't sleep very well. Every day I wake up I am not sure what I am going to face as each day is unpredictable. Sometimes I want to ask for help but I am really not sure what I need help with. At times I'm afraid. Whew.

       Despite all this I am managing well and have not let my fears take over. My fears have not won me over. I tap into my divine resources to pull me out of any and all dark places when they show up. It's like theres a dialogue going on in my head. When fear starts to speak the voice of the divine cuts in and says 'I've got this." My regular and daily rituals help keep me balanced and connected to my inner being. I asses my internal state a lot. I dialogue to God in prayer every morning and night. When my eyes first open each day I say "thank you." For whatever this day brings I know life is a gift and for that I am always grateful.

     To further stay balanced I workout at least four times per week. I've given myself a new goal to help transform my body. I have a new workout program and diet. I take all my energies from what I am experiencing and channel it to the greater good for my physical body. I have decided to be in better shape then I have ever been. This gives me a positive focus. And serves as a healthy outlet.

      I meditate twice a day. I start with a thirty minute meditation right in my bed before I begin my day. Then I do a second one before I sit at my desk to work. I also invoke my Angels and Guides which really helps me to stay connected to my divine helpers. I know that each day is filled with tremendous guidance and support. I feel protected.

    And finally no matter what I have not stopped dreaming. I work regularly with my life coach and continue to reach for my professional goals. I have this desire to continue fulfilling my life's mission. Though my time towards this is limited I try and fit it in where I can. Taking care of my family has taken precedent. And has become my primary mission and purpose.

     I have recently re-evaluated what spirituality means to me. My personal experience has broadened my perspective and definition. I used to think that spirituality is only about living a spirit centred life. That it entails following your heart. It's living an intended life where your thoughts, words and actions come from the heart. By being heart centred you are allowing the Divine to come through you and to work through you in all areas of your life. Professional and personal.  "

      "Today I understand spirituality to mean to live life knowing that the future will always be uncertain. And that uncertainty is ok.  The feeling of security about any future can only come from 'trust' and 'faith."

      How do I know? When I look back there has never been a time in my life where God let me down. There has never been a time where I wasn't helped when I needed it. Never have I ever been abandoned. So why would the future be any different?

    I prayed and asked for signs from my angels that we all be ok. All of a sudden I started seeing pictures of lighthouses everywhere. Lighthouses are used to help guide ships to shore due to poor visibility because of thick fog. I knew exactly what this meant. Symbolically, I too am being guided at this time.  Especially when I am feeling lost. We all have some sort of light house in our lives helping us to see our paths through the thickness of any fog.
This image of a light house was on the box for tea that was gifted to me.

    If anyone were to ever ask me for guidance on how to get through difficult times I would say the following

  • Never forget who you really are. That the light of God shines in you and will always guide you through any and all darkness
  • Take care of your physical body. Get exercise and eat well. A body that is nourished and healthy is better able to handle many of the stresses and strains during a crisis.
  •  Meditate daily. This will give you moments of peace. It will help stabilize fear based emotions.
  • Pray and dialogue with God and the Angels. Know that you are never alone. God didn't put you on this planet only to leave you. It's not like he said "Go to earth. Do your work and I will see you when you die."
  • Lean on your friends. It's not weakness to be vulnerable. Contrary it shows a lot of strength.
  • And finally surrender. Turn everything over to God and the Angels. Before you sleep turn over all your worries and say "God you take care of this. Thank you."

This quote by Oprah Winfrey has given me hope. "What ever you think is happening to you in life is really happening for you." No one said it was going to be easy. The faith and trust of knowing that there is a divine plan in all of this will keep you and I moving forward.

Angel Blessings to ALL

Farhan Dhalla is a Spiritual Personal Trainer helping people to "Awake, Expand and Transform" by connecting to their spirit.


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