Friday, June 29, 2012

A Prayer to Assist with Internal Struggles

 Today I was inspired to write a prayer for anyone who needs help with their inner struggles. The journey inward can be very painful yet liberating. Every aspect of our lives is determined by our inner state of well being. When life seems hard and we're struggling the place to start is not by fixing our external world but to discover where in our inner being are we out of balance. Our inner dialogue can tell us much about how we perceive who we are and who we are not. Take a moment and pay attention to that voice. What does it sound like?  When we are connected to our inner being we choose words of kindness and love. When you are lost and confused connect to your inner being where all your answers lie. The answers are not in blame. The answers are not in medicine. The answers are not in the physical world. When we look outside ourselves we are treating our symptoms. There within our hearts lies all the wisdom, and knowledge and the truth. The following is a prayer that I have set the intention to assist all those in their process whatever that may be:
 Dear God and the Angels. I  ask you today to provide me with courage, strength, knowledge and love where there is fear. I surrender all my fears to you. Please support lift and carry me when I feel isolated and alone in periods of transition and struggle with my journey inward.  Be the gatekeepers of my thoughts so that I am filled with only a steady stream of thoughts of LOVE. Enlighten me to discover  my authentic pure SELF. Please give me clarity on my path and ease all my struggles so that I am able to see the truth of who I AM and the truth of my life. Help me uncover and reveal my true identity so that I may live each day knowing that IN GOD I BE.
And so it is.
Angel Blessings to ALL 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Fat Loss: A physical process or really a healing journey?

When approaching a weight loss program most of us would consider the notion and application that a healthy diet and exercise are the key elements to losing weight. I can't argue with that after all, I have applied these principles on my own body. However, my journey has thought me one key factor that has allowed me to succeed at keeping the weight off. Fat represents an aspect of our lives that needs healing and without this healing there can be no weight loss. Not permanent weight loss.

The fat on your body has a purpose. I never thought I'd say this considering my background in the fitness industry. After teaching fitness classes, presenting at fitness conferences all over the world, appearing on a successful workout show and reading and writing a multitude of articles I have finally learned the following:

1. Why I had fat on my body?
2. What purpose it served?
3. How to finally lose it. Permanently.

Now you may be thinking that all those years I was leading you astray. But I can only offer you what I know with where I am with the knowledge I have at that time. And in  the last few years I have taken the time to go within my body and see what inner work was required for me to finally heal, yes 'heal' myself. The fat loss is only the by product from this healing.

To understand why you have fat on your body you need to know that your physical make up is the consequence of your emotional biology. That is your thoughts and emotions. Emotions that come from trauma have a negative consequence on our bodies when they are not managed properly. The problem is that some of these traumas can occur when we are at a very young age. Our consciousness at that age is not developed enough to have the awareness that we have suffered a trauma and that it requires our attention.
Lets add to the equation that when we are young we start to develop our belief systems about ourselves, the world, our relationships and even about fat. If when we are young we see someone close to us make an impression on us about fat then we are likely to be programed to believe a particular belief system about fat.  Lets say one day dad points to his big fat belly and says "son the key to a happy man is to make sure he's well fed." Wham! Right away we are programed to think that having a fat belly is a sign of happiness. However, as we get older and  see the covers of Men's Health we start to desire a models body. But the earlier programming which took place at the early age is already wired into our subconscious and so deep that we don't even know that it exists. Now let's combine this with a trauma that took place around the time that we we're being programed. Most often times this is an emotional trauma. The result my friends is body that is in conflict with what one desires and deep rooted program along with trauma that prevents us from getting there.

This may all sound very complex but believe me when I say that the journey in this process is all about the benefits of healing. The healing is the key to finally liberating ourselves of unwanted fears, illusions and false beliefs. I'm very lucky that I was able to find someone who took me through a regression back to my childhood where all the memories of traumas and unwanted programming took place. What I learned completely floored me. I didn't even know that I could recall these events. The results were profound. The most important aspect was that I was able come to a place where I found healing. Healing that I didn't even know I needed.

If you're having trouble losing weight. If you find that you have tried many diets or exercise programs without success then my best advice to you is to shift your focus on your approach. You must ask your body and yourself what is it that you need healing from? Insightful meditation or perhaps a good regression therapist will be the key to unlock and heal the traumas that are keeping you from flat stomach and the body of your dreams!

Every day is a Miracle
Angel Blessings to ALL

Sunday, June 3, 2012

What I Learned from Eating Desserts in Mexico!

Recently after a stretch of a period of long working hours and  a year and a half of no holidays I finally decided I needed a break. I took a vacation in every sense of the word including my job, routine, working out five to six times per week and from my stringent six meals a day diet. It was long over due! During my week off in Cancun I  let myself indulge and ate foods I wouldn't normally eat. Yes, I went for desserts, breads and the sinful carbs! At least they were sinful for me. I made sure that I ate well balanced meals but at a buffet spread I wouldn't stop myself from the desserts! I thought I was making the most of my holiday but what I didn't count on was learning about a major relationship I have with food and how it was affecting me in a negative way.

Three days into the trip I woke up with severe neck pain. I could hardly move my neck. I wasn't going to let it stop me from enjoying my time at Mexico but the discomfort got the best of me. I tried rest, massage and pain killers but this pain was relentless and I figured that there was something deeper in it's existence.  I decided to take a walk along the beach and I called on to my guides and Angels for insight as to why I was getting this pain during my well deserved holiday. As I walked with intention and allowed the waves in the back to drown all the action of the beach I opened myself up and turned in to what thoughts and feelings I was getting from them. It's actually so much easier to tune into divine guidance when your surrounded by natures beauty. It relaxes you, takes the stress away and makes you more receptive to their messages. What I heard next really surprised me. I heard the word 'guilt.' I thought at first that there was a mistake so I asked them my impeding question again. They said what I heard the first time and that was 'guilt.' I asked them for further explanation. What the Angels said to me was that the pain in my neck was the result of the feelings of guilt I felt for enjoying food that I was indulging in. Now this took me by surprise but when I thought about it they were absolutely right. I recalled feeling satisfied in indulgence but then the guilt would set in after every meal. I immediately thanked them for the divine insight and continued my walk as now I had plenty to think about.

For the next few days the pain in my neck started to resolve as I began to heal my relationship with food. It brought to light yet again how our bodies are always the biology of our psychology. Every thought leaves an imprint in us and when our thoughts are harmful they quite literally cause physical issues in our body.  The pain is the signal that our thoughts and emotions are out of balance and so healing must begin, at least I think, by correcting what we are thinking. As the emotions created by our thoughts, in other words how we feel, can have a direct response in our bodies. I was reminded of how guilt is a negative emotion and it does not serve us positively. So that was the first step.

The next was learning about my relationship with food. I was so strict with my diet and hard on myself that I decided that eating desserts was something to feel guilty about. If we buy into that consciousness we'll never enjoy food because we're always punishing ourselves for eating what we are so called not supposed to. The truth is our feelings about what we eat really determines the outcome on our bodies. I'm not saying to clean out the buffet table of the dessert selection! But life is about creating moments that are in alignment with feeling good about ourselves for the choices we make. If 90% percent of the time we are living a life making healthy nutritional choices then some indulgence definitely won't harm us. I was clearly being too hard on myself. I learned that I needed to be kinder to myself. If I'm going to have a dessert then I had to learn to enjoy  everything about it. That includes both during and after I eat it!

This journey is always a learning experience. I feel that our relationship with food can teach us a lot about how treat ourselves. I didn't realize just how badly I was punishing myself and as such disconnecting myself from some of the joys of life. I also learned that exercising and dieting are important but our perceptions of how it makes us feel is more important. I've now started to pay more attention as to how my choices in food are making me feel. My intention I've set forth is to always treat myself with kindness.

Angel Blessings to ALL