Friday, April 25, 2014

Messages from the Angels: Love and Respect Your Self

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones the only way to improve your relationships is to honour yourself. Love and respect yourself. This is the key to freeing yourself from those toxic relationships that weigh you so heavily. You are worthy and deserving of the love and respect you desire from others. Changing your vibration will change all existing relationships. Your frustration lies in your hands. Your freedom to a better path lies in your own hands. Seek the guidance of your divine support. Open your hearts to receive this guidance as you are most worthy of all that you ask for. By choosing to stay in dysfunctional relationships you are adversely affecting your own self esteem. By choosing to love and respect yourself you are declaring your worthiness for better and harmonious relationships. Ask for our assistance for courage to speak your truth and stand up for yourself. The time is now to use your personal power. A power that is based solely in love. That is love for yourself. And that we remind you that this love is far from selfish. Happiness, health and abundance is here for you now. Angel Blessings to ALL

Monday, April 21, 2014

Messages from the Angels: How to Clear Karma

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones many of you continue to struggle with karma that recycles your lessons. Most of these lessons have endured you so much pain and suffering. The end is here and now to clear away all the the existing karma that weighs you so heavily. The toxic relationships between yourself and others can no longer serve you if you are on the path towards light. This is a period of transition and this life is meant to teach you to let go, let go and forgive. For without forgiveness karma cannot be cleared. It does not serve you to hold grudges. It does not serve you to hold anger. It does not serve you to seek revenge. Blame did not solve any of your problems. That old way of thinking will not have any room in our new world. The generation of children to come are here to help. They are your teachers. Look at them in their prefect state. There are no fears just pure love. This love is the remedy to heal all karma. Allow this love to diffuse your lives so that your every thought, action and deed is from a place of pure love. Let go and forgive. By doing so you are serving yourself and the state of the future world. Angel Blessings to ALL