Saturday, May 31, 2014

Messages from the Angels:Guidance For Your Life Purpose

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones many of you at this time are looking to seek greater meaning and purpose with your lives. You worry tirelessly and in search for greater, bigger self fulling opportunities. Your creator has given you all the tools you need to seek the answers to all your burning questions. Begin by dialoguing with God to provide you with guidance on this path. This begins by asking. You must ask in order to receive and know with absolute certainty your prayers and questions are all answered. Whether it's looking to become a healer or artist, all is possible. Write your concerns in a letter with all your worries and concerns. Be clear with your questions as clear questions result in clear answers. This need not be an overwhelming task. The timing is now and all things are perfectly aligned. It all begins with you. Once your prayers and questions are written surrender them without worrying or how it will all be revealed. For God works in ways that are beyond your imagination. When you order a meal at a restaurant you don't give your chef instructions on how to cook and prepare your meal. Therefore trust with an open heart. All things are possible and in the hands of God only Miracles are possible. Angel Blessings to AL

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Messages from the Angels: Take Care of Your Heart

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones we offer a very important message today with regards to your heart. Your heart is in need of constant attention and care. A balanced heart will allow optimal connection to yourself, your feelings, thoughts and concerns. A clear heart is also a clear channel to the divine. When you are feeling lost and confused a balanced heart is the gateway to the answers to all your earthly questions. To be balanced dear loved ones know that it requires to give but also receive love. You must be willing to give love to yourself and receive love from others. Physical maintenance of your heart includes mild to gentle forms of cardiovascular exercise. Exercise will help maintain all physical functions. But take note. Your emotional health will always impact your physical health. Both physical and emotional health is vital for complete heart care. Energetically service your heart with thoughts of pure love. Give it gratitude daily for all that it does for you. Keep faith that all of your needs are always being met by the divine and just as you take care of your homes be mindful that your heart is the most important home you will ever know; that is it serves as the home of your very own soul. Angel Blessings to ALL

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How to be Spiritually Fit in A Physical World?

How to be Spiritually Fit in A Physical World?
            This phrase almost seems paradoxical. How can a part of you that you can’t see become fit? Well the answer begins in understanding that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Although we can’t see our spirit it’s definitely a part of us and without which we could not exist. Our spirit has a personality that serves to drive us and moves us forward. It is like the fuel in our car but when connected to can only lead us to all things positive. It literally moves us in any direction that is for our greater good. Like our bodies our spirit requires attention through acts of self -love and nurturing. Our spirit is connected to our heart and any act that is heart centered is an act that is in synch with our spirit.

            What disconnects us from our spirit is when we look outside of ourselves for things to make us happy. We struggle when we try to fix our external world of problems to which the solution is internal.  There is a spiritual solution to every problem. Until we are connected to our inner being or our spirit we will continue to feel lost, isolated, directionless and live a life in search of greater meaning and purpose. What separates us from the connection to our spirit is simply a lack of communication within. The noisy mind is doing all the endless chatting and distracts us from what we are feeling. In order to get connected we need to do four things: 1. Get still. 2. Go within 3. Listen. And 4. Take action.
            We currently live in a world that is full of people who are spiritually anorexic. They are literally the walking dead. They may exist but they are not living. They lack a glow in their eyes and are in constant need of fixing this or fixing that. They don’t flow with the river of life instead they try to swim against it. They search and search for solutions in all things physical for which the solutions are internal. If you spend just ten minutes watching TV today you’re impressed upon with suggestions that you are not aging well, you need to lose weight, you need to dress a certain way, you need to find a man that serves all your needs and the list goes on. These are all false promises to make you happy. There’s a western belief system of “I don’t have enough….” The result is a spirit that is literally starving to be fed.

            When your spirit is fed you are in the flow of life. You may still have challenges but you see them as opportunities to learn and grow instead of impossible obstacles. You live life with a certainty and an inner knowing that you are always being guided for your greater good. You are in a state of trust and immense gratitude. You worry less and push through your fears feeling like you can conquer anything. And more importantly you live your life from your heart and everything you do is heart cantered.

            To become spiritually fit you must first of all realize that your spirit is a part of you. It’s not something you leave at home when you go to work or even the gym. Therefore everything you do is in fact a spiritual experience just as much as it as a physical one. The two aspects of your being can never be separated. There’s a common myth that people feel they need to take time out of their day or week to dedicate to their spiritual life. A simple conversation with a friend over the phone or coffee can also be a spiritual experience. When we connect with each other we allow our selves to connect with the spirits of others.

            A common question I get asked is “Farhan how do I become more spiritual?” Taking a course, workshop or spending a month in an ashram does not make you more spiritual. You can do this if you want but it’s actually far simpler then you think. Being spiritual is knowing that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. Being spiritual is a state of mind and being. It’s how we live our lives, our thoughts, and actions. Being spiritual is also about how we love ourselves and love others including taking the time to help those that are in need. A simple way to open up to being more spiritual is by performing an act of kindness. Each one of us is capable of beautiful and wonderful things. Why not embrace this?

            In order to connect with your spirit you must put love into everything you do. That includes your job. You don’t have to be in love with your job to put love into your job. But by doing so you are shifting your vibration to open up to new possibilities. An open heart is one that is then able to give and also receive love. The love can come back in ways that are beyond your imagination.

To get connected with your spirit is quite simple. 

1. Begin each day with gratitude
Gratitude activates our heart and helps us feel full. It allows us to see our world with appreciation. It shifts our focus from lack to abundance. Begin each morning  by  writing down at least five things you are grateful for.

2. Put love into everything you do
This includes your job and exercise. When we come from a place of love the consequences are far more positive and we are better able to see the benefits of our efforts.

3. Stay heart centered
By staying heart centered we are in dialogue with our spirit. Our heart will always communicate what is best for us. A simple act of compassion towards yourself or others will activate your spirit.

4. Choose love over fear
At any given time of our lives there are only two possible emotions that we can ever feel. It’s either love or fear and there are no other options. The outcome will always be determined by where you are placing your attention.

5. Feed your spirit regularly
I know my spirit loves travel and adventure. My spirit loves to be by the water. My spirit loves to spend time with close friends. All these things feed my spirit and fill me up. What sort of things feed your spirit?

 Maintaining your spirit requires you to pay attention! Check in with yourself regularly and do a quick self-assessment on how you’re feeling. Your external world will always mirror back to you what it is that you are in fact feeling. To change your outer world you need to shift what’s happening in your inner world. To do this follow these simple steps:

1. Get Still
Just take few minutes and be still.  This doesn’t require long periods of meditation but just a few minutes to assess how your inner world is feeling.

2. Go within
Ask what is it that I’m feeling. Is it love? Or is it fear? If its fear then ask what am I afraid of? A fear is simply a thought and a thought can be easily changed.

3. Listen
Let your spirit do the talking. Words, phrases or feelings will surface to create a new belief system to replace the fear. Your spirit will motivate, inspire and drive you towards your desires.

4. Take Action
Get moving even if its one small step. Take the advice of your spirit and if needed pray for courage to make any required changes.

            The path towards spirituality is all too simple. It not need be complex as most people think. By following the steps above I hope that you or anyone can create more happiness in your lives.  By feeding your spirit on a regular basis you can be sure to see a difference in all your relationships including the relationship with yourself. Everything you really want is on the other side of fear. By connecting to your spirit you will be guided to make all the changes necessary to live a life that is truly fulfilling in all ways.

Angel Blessings to ALL

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Messages from the Angels: The Key to Healthier Existence

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved one. Any form is disease originates from inflammation. Inflammatory thoughts, feelings and actions are rooted in anger, jealousy, fear, hatred, and all other forms of lower vibrational emotions. To be inflamed is a choice. Thoughts of love, actions that are motivated in love and feeling love for oneself is the simple key to a healthier existence for your self as well as for others. They way you use your energy and the intention behind it can only result in love or inflammation. Be careful and responsible for the energy you are projecting into your world. For you are impacting your neighbours world wide. Mother earth is the keeper and supporter to all your needs and your contribution is effecting her in every way. Be mindful each day, each moment as you as individuals are having an impact on everything and everyone. Especially yourselves. Be kind, hold thoughts of love, perform acts of love and all will and always will be well. Angel Blessings to ALL