Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Messages from the Angels: We Hear Your Prayers

 We are listening to your prayers and we are continuously offering our guidance to you. We offer you this guidance to assist you at this time. Please take heed that your lifestyle choices including your activities and diet play an integral role in our ability to communicate to you. A healthy vessel is one that is more receptive to our guidance and one that is most responsive. We see that you're in need of clearing toxins in the form of food and thoughts from your body. Please choose healthier foods and kinder thoughts to your selves and others. This will enable us to better advise you and allow you to make the right choices when you come to your 'confusing' cross roads. We remind you to ask our assistance in all matters. Pay attention to your repetitive thoughts. They represent our guidance. We are here for you always and with love. Angel Blessings to ALL

Monday, January 28, 2013

Messages from the Angels: Guidance for your Life Purpose

 Dear loved ones. Many are waiting for changes to occur to better their professional and or personal lives. Many of you are weighing on your career to bring happiness and satisfaction in your lives. For change to take place we ask that you consider study. That is talking courses or self study at this time. Consider your study to come from a place that brings out your passions. From your passions will arise the process of change for the better. It is through feeling passion your life purpose will enfold with much ease. Ask for our assistance to help with all aspects of your transition. Angel Blessings to ALL

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Messages from the Angels: Seek Forgiveness Feel Peace

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved one we are in support of you at this time of intensity. We understand that there are situations that are based in confrontation. We wish to shift your perception to see the truth and that is that it is time to seek forgiveness. There is no peace because there is a need for forgiveness. Please ask us and God in prayer to forgive everyone that has hurt you. Forgiveness will reveal the peace, the peace that you authentically are. Angel Blessings to ALL

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Messages from the Angels: Your ideas of inspiration

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones many of you are sitting on your ideas waiting for the right opportunity to give them birth. We ask you to consider asking us to create the right circumstances to assist you in allowing your thoughts of inspiration to come into fruition. Those thoughts to move forward are coming from us. Pay attention to repetitive thoughts and feelings in your gut to act. Your ideas are of much benefit. Please allow us to assist by trusting in us that we are in fact guiding you through this process. 
Angel Blessings to ALL.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Messages from the Angels: The Power to Change the Present Circumstances

Messages from the Angels. Dear loved ones. The power to change your circumstances exists now. We wish to remind you that you can change and end the consequences of all old negative patterns, beliefs and thinking. Simply say "Angels please cancel, clear and delete my all my negative thoughts" Then call on us to beautify all your present thoughts. Look upon yourselves to declare an active conscious way of thinking. Be aware of your thoughts. Be mindful always. As we know that in your human behavior you sometimes forget and use negative words or thoughts. All that may be erased by reciting the words "Cancel, Clear and Delete." Then choose higher vibrational words. This will only create a positive and desirable outcome. Angel Blessings to ALL

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I Approve of Myself

I have to say I wish more and more people would stop trying to seek validation. I believe that if you are being authentic you don't need to try to validate who you are. We really are all the same and no one is 'special' yet we are ALL "SPECIAL!" The ego is so subtle in the way it emerges through us when we want the approval of others. I"m learning to be aware of this in myself as a spiritual teacher. I know this is my lesson too.
I approve of myself

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Messages from the Angels: A New Beginning January 10, 2013

. Dear loved ones we recognize that some of you feel a sense of sadness as there is an ending occurring to a major phase or relationship in your life. Know that this is all part of your learning and growth and happier times are just around the corner. It's important to grief your losses and to tie up any loose ends. Look to your future with optimism and know that with certainty we are guiding you through this period of transition. We ask that you avoid thoughts of fear and uncertainty. Your future is positive and we are not abandoning you. For we are only here to carry you forward and onward. Angel Blessings to ALL