Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Messages from the Angels: Guidance to Help with Transition

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones please be kind to yourself and surround yourself with gentle people, situations and environments. This is a period of transition in which many souls are experiencing deep and hurtful loses of all kinds. Life is cyclical and as such with endings there are also new beginnings. Being kind to yourself and allowing this time to be without resistance will transpire with complete grace and ease. Your angels are here to provide healing for you on all levels allowing you to grow with the new wisdom that all these so called loses are really here for. In fact there are no real loses as nothing is ever lost. Transition is a part of life and will be experienced by all. Choose not to suffer but get clear of your environment of all toxicity. Ask for the deeper reasoning and lessons that these circumstances are providing you with. Witness, learn and experience being the student of your lives. Life on this earth is much like a school equipped with all the resources your creator has provided for you. Seek to not to be drawn into the illusion of fear and loss but turn toward enlightenment and to learn the truth that which will only lead to elevation and ascension. May there only be light in your lives now and always. Angel Blessings to ALL

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Weight Loss and the Spiritual Connection

            As part of my personal experience with my weight loss I learned much latter on in that journey that the absolute key to my success was not what I did in the gym and unrelated to what I ate. Yes you may argue that to really get control of your weight and live a healthy life you need to eat right and exercise. But I will say this, that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. You’re spirit is a part of you from the time your born till you die. You don’t hang up your spirit in the locker before you workout. Therefore every experience in your life is a spiritual one even your workouts! What prevents us from succeeding is when in our minds we treat ourselves as separate from spirit. It is this disconnection that is often where our issues lie. By staying connected to our spirit not only will we lead more fulfilled and happy lives but also we’re better able to navigate through our challenges and that includes unwanted weight! Connecting to my spirit was the key to my true success and to achieve lasting results.

            The scale went up and down over the years and I’m sure many of you can relate to this. I was obese for my entire childhood and my weight fluctuated in my twenties. I joined the gym at the age of fifteen to take control. But it wasn’t until I had a spiritual awakening in my late twenties that I saw the deeper connection. In that process I learned that I was a spirit. That my spirit came with wisdom, knowledge and awareness of the truth of who I really am. That shifted everything. My body is basically on loan. My spirit is using this body to learn all it needs to while I’m alive in this lifetime. That said my spirit is always communicating through my body what I need to know or ignoring! It holds the story of all my emotions positive and negative. I just wasn’t paying attention.

            When I was overweight I was really unhappy. But losing weight didn’t change my overall sense of happiness. What occurred to me is that my spirit was still trying to let me know that there was an aspect of my life that needed healing. My weight was just one of the symptoms of my deeper wound. Since the wound wasn’t healed the weight would simply come back. Hence the roller coaster ride. The weight was only serving to show me that I needed to go in deep and to fix my issues meant I had to do the work on the inside. Otherwise no matter what I did in the gym I would still be overweight. So instead of looking at my diet and workout routines I had to turn to my spirit for the solutions to my weight.

            My spiritual awakening taught me that all our answers lie within. To go there you need to get still and listen. This is how you connect with your spirit. You have to get quiet, ask the questions and then listen. What I learned in that process is that the fat around my belly represented a need for protection.  An adult relative had punched me in the stomach as a child and as a result the fat formulated as a defence mechanism. It served to protect me from the fear of being punched. It meant that I lived my life feeling unsafe. That fear and all fears are really illusions. But as children we don’t have enough experience to know that just because someone hit you once doesn’t mean that you have to walk through life in fear that it could happen again. That trauma or experience created that fear. Once a trauma takes place like that at an early age it gets stored in your cellular memory. And in my case it showed up as belly fat. Periodically in my life when I feel unsafe or being emotionally or verbally attacked my belly fat comes back. By working on releasing this fear has allowed me to gain control of my weight and overall sense of wellbeing. The answers were not in the gym. That only addressed the symptoms. I had to get to the source of my issues and finally be belly fat free.
All unwanted fat is representative of fears, negative belief systems and perhaps even traumas. You’re biological body is communicating with you all the time. You just have to learn to pay attention. It’s as simple as following these easy steps:
1. Get still
Take a few minutes to sit in stillness. Begin by closing your eyes and taking five or more deep breaths. Just enough till you feel completely relaxed.
2. Go within
By this you are posing the question you need answers to. Perhaps your question is “why do I have this belly fat?” This question serves as your intention and is the key to unlock the door to reveal what the actual fear is.
3. Listen
Allow your body to speak to you and listen to whatever thoughts, images and feelings you get. In my case I was taken back in time to when the incident of when I was punched took place. Then I was shown how this incident played it out in my life and the way it had affected me. And like myself you may be surprised about what you find out.
4. Take Action
This can be the challenging but most important part in this whole process. In my case I had to first forgive my perpetrator. Then I had to visualize myself letting go of my fear of feeling unsafe. I then filled myself with so much love that I was able to finally heal.

            I believe in this process so much that I actually made a career out of it. I now go by the title of ‘Spiritual Personal Trainer.’ I spend my life helping people reconnect to their spirit to help them transform their lives from the inside out. Before you even step into the gym it’s my mission to help clear away all the blockages that are preventing real success. To really succeed you need to learn what the unwanted weight is representing in your life. There’s always a lesson attached to it that is serving a greater purpose. The fat is generally representing a fear just waiting to be freed. As an intuitive I help guide people into the deep layers where much of these fears are buried, hidden and repressed. Once cleared physical transformation is a lot easier! When we are re-connected to our spirit we naturally make healthier choices because we already feel good about ourselves and aren’t relying on what’s external to our lives to make us happier

Now if you’re one of those people that would have a hard time doing this all on your own I’ve made it simpler for you by releasing a meditation available on my website to walk you through this whole process. All you have to do is listen to the sound of my voice in an easy to follow and short meditation. I also believe that I was able to get through to achieve my results with the help of my guardian angel. My guardian angel supports me always through every moment of my life good and bad. I believe angels are here to help us with any problem small or big and weight loss is no exception. You too will be introduced in this meditation to a special helper angel called your Fitness Angel. You’re Fitness Angel will walk you along through each and every step of your weight loss journey. It’s like having your very own personal trainer, nutritionist and motivator twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Divine support our birthright and is always available to us. We just have to ask for it!

So are you ready to really make the changes you desire? Are you ready to stop the roller coaster ride and finally get to the source of all your issues as far as your weight is concerned? If you say yes then just know that by that intention alone you will be guided to make the right choices through divine support to help you finally heal on the inside so you can look and feel as great as you want to look on the outside.

Angel Blessings to ALL


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Messages from the Angels: The Way to Peace

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones you are at this time out of balance and in need of reharmonization. Just as each inhalation is followed by an exhalation it is necessary to follow the synchronization of the universe. Life cannot operate by only inhalation nor only exhalation. There is a natural order and flow that which if you follow will keep your life in stream like a river that flows undisturbed, naturally and effortlessly. Decluttering your life begins by decluttering your mind. Ask the noisy chatter to soften it's voice and be still if not for only two minutes. Look outside your windows and see the effects of the gentle breeze as it cascades in it's path so perfectly. Notice the wondrous colours and the way they change from sunrise to sunset. Listen closely to soft sounds of the animals and natures elements. All this in a short time will reconnect you to a natural harmonized state of being. This is peace. It is simple. There's no need to search far and beyond. There's no need to travel to the ends of the earth to escape from your lives. For your wellbeing is easily achieved when you set the intention for peace when you wake up each and every morning. Upon rising affirm "I AM PEACE." What you state after the words "I AM" will be. Angel Blessings to ALL

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Prayers for All Children for #SpiritDay

Dear God and the Angels,
we are asking for extra support to help all children who are living in fear and isolation because of their sexual identity. Please provide them with extra angels to carry them through any and all difficult times. Help them feel safe, protected and surrounded with love in all ways. Remind them that they are never alone and it will get better. Help also those ignorant ones who choose to live their lives from a place of fear. Shine your love on them so that they can see that we are all one. There is no separation. Light and lead everyone's path to a place where we can live in harmony without categories, labels and fear. Let us all come to a place where we can send our children to school, to play, and engage in sports and activities knowing that they are always safe and free to express themselves regardless of sex, race, religion and sexual identity. God we love all our children and we pray that with your guidance and love we will continue to live our lives knowing that the path to you is always and will be blessed.
Angel Purple Blessings to ALL
This Thanks Giving All guests wore purple to honour #SpiritDay to extend the feeling of gratitude from my friends to support all LGBT youth who are being bullied. Each Guest had a tea light which they lit, said prayers for gratitude and for youth who are being bullied.