Sunday, July 27, 2014

Messages from the Angels: The Planet is Need of Your Help Now

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones as the frequencies on your planet are intense at this time we remind you that we are here in support to assist on all levels. Each one of you has a responsibility to the contribution of the overall energy, and yes you are making an impact. You're every thought, action and emotion is part of the overall contribution. Begin each thought with pure intention. Begin each action with pure intention. Blame, anger, worry and guilt will only lower the frequency of the planet. As such we caution you to remain in a state of hope, optimism and most importantly love. Calling all light workers this is the time of call of duty. Please raise the vibrations by turning to prayer. For prayer alone will diffuse all lower energies. Taking responsibility for your own contributions at this and all times is vital to you, your family, loved ones and the entire planet. The fear based images in your media has the potential to create fear in your own lives as well as add to the existing fear energy on the planet. Instead turn to prayer and send your love to everyone including yourselves. God did not leave you on this earth to abandon you and to leave you all to suffer. This is an illusion. Prayer, acts and thoughts of love can shift any and all fear. It must begin with you. Each and every one of you. Now is the time. This moment. Begin with breath and then focus your attention and intention on love. All is and will be well again. Angel Blessings to ALL

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Prayers to Restore Peace For Our Planet

 Dear God and the Angels. We call on you at this time as we are all suffering from the senseless loss of lives to war and fear. This is a time when we turn to you the most and in our time of need we surrender to you. We ask that peace, harmony and love be restored and maintained. We ask that you carry, lift and support all the families that have lost loved ones. Our heart bleeds for their losses and aches with grief. Please help us all to see that war and fear does NOT make people more powerful. Nobody wins in any war. You have given us free will. We have taken our wisdom to create a knife that can be used to cut and prepare food but that can also turn into a weapon to kill. Help us to make choices that are based in intentions of love and not fear. And to know the consequences of both. Bring us closer to the truth of our being so we never forget who we really are. Let our hearts be open and willing to give and receive to love to everyone. Let our hearts be open just enough so that we are able to feel the love of your presence where it always has and will remain. And finally let all our thoughts, choices and actions be motivated by only this love. Angel Healing Blessings to ALL

Friday, July 18, 2014

Messages from the Angels: Evolution of the Planet

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones. It may seem like life is moving very quickly on your planet. Your perceptions are correct. Evolution is occurring at a faster rate then any other period of time. It is important that you recognize that all your future endeavours and plans must be clear and concise or you will feel as though life is simply moving past you. Begin with grounding yourself regularly. Take care of your physical bodies and engage in healthy activities. By keeping your vessels healthy you will be better equipped to adjust to the new energies and frequencies that are descending upon you and the planet. Wake each day with gratitude and intend to make each moment count with positive intentions. Your focus must be on your mission to be of service. Look around you. There is opportunity to help your creator. Acts of kindness, helping family members and others will keep you adjunct with the higher frequencies. Decisions that are based in love will benefit you and have a rippling effect to all those around you. Stay focused on your intentions and your future will always be filled with light. And as such, as the planet evolves quickly you will be easily able to adjust to any and all changes with grace and complete ease. We the angels as your divine support are always here by your side. Angel Blessings to ALL

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Messages from the Angels: Guidance to Help Heal You're Broken Heart

Messages from the Angels:Dear loved ones many of you at this time are experiencing high degrees of sensitivities due to the ending of various relationships. Know that despite your heart may be heavy healing on levels is possible. Call on us to help you with comfort at this time. We can assist with helping your heart heal as well as for all those concerned including if there any children involved. Trust that every situation is really an opportunity to learn grow and develop a stronger bond with the Divine. By turning to your Source you are invoking the presence of the purest light, that is the highest frequency, and with this love your deepest wound will heal with grace and ease. A renewed sense of passion and love will fill your heart again dear soul. We the angels are only a prayer away. Angel Blessings to ALL