Monday, March 31, 2014

Messages from the Angels: Time to Speak the Truth

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones we are here at this time with guidance on telling the truth. Holding your words to yourself will only lead you to suffer in silence at this time. Old patterns would have allowed you to ignore your feelings and all the inner suffering to  continue. This is the time to reveal your greatest truth. This is the time to speak. Know that when you speak from your heart and a place of love all situations and circumstances will heal. Holding the truth creates fearful energy and therefore ultimately negative and unwanted consequences. Dear loved ones telling the truth is your divine right. It is your responsibility. When you pull from forces of God to be your strength, courage immediately will ensue. There is only optimism to be felt. There is only truth to be spoken. All is and will be well again. Angel Blessings to ALL

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Messages from the Angels: The Solution is all Clear

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones, we hear your prayers of all your struggles. This is indeed a time of relationship struggles and the primary struggles are the ones that lie within. We understand there are important decisions to be made and when your emotions are high our guidance will not be heard. To get clear guidance you must be in a clear state of mind. The simple things will help remove thoughts of fear which are at present time are your biggest blocks to the solution of all your problems. We advice you spend time in nature. It's ok to play. It's ok to take time out and connect with God's natural creations. These are all made available to you so you can harmonize your bodies and your mind. Your soul is speaking to you always. It's voice is quiet, subtle and speaks kindly. To hear your soul means you must be in a receptive state. While all is quiet in nature you will hear the sounds of God. You will hear the voice of your soul and further our loving guidance. You will feel a tremendous sense of renewed energy that is full of trust worthy passionate ideas regarding your circumstance. Breathe and receive. All is well in your world again. Angel Blessings to ALL

Friday, March 14, 2014


       This week was a time for reflection, rest and rejuvenation. It's my first week off since leaving my full time job as a physiotherapist. An occupation I've known for almost twenty years. I never realized just how tired I was physically. As an empath I had to work regularly at clearing any heavy energy I absorbed from others while working in a hands on profession. As my sensitivities grew it was more apparent to me that I had to take more time out for myself which like so many of us I sometimes failed to do. Once the fast pace of a full practice came to a stop I became aware of some aches and pains that I thought were more from intense workouts at the gym. Now that I had time to think about it I realize this wasn't just muscle soreness. My body was burnt out and was letting me know. Only I had missed many of the signs. I took the time to get a lot of sleep, spend some quality time out doors and rest. This is not a pace I'm used to so I have to admit slowing down was challenging. My mind wanted to race off and my body was in memory of trying to keep up! I had to consciously have conversations with myself that it was important for me to take this time and rest.

       What really surprised me was this immense feeling of a void. I anticipated there would be some feelings of sudden emptiness but this got intense as the week progressed. I sat with this and leaned into what I was feeling and I realized that what I was dealing with was an identity crisis. For twenty years I was so engrossed in my work as a therapist that I allowed much of that to become my identity. Even my family always introduced me as "Farhan the physiotherapist"  as though that had become part of my title and my name. Now that the "physiotherapist" part has been stripped away it became so clear to me how much my job had become my identity. And today I woke up and all I felt was shattered. So during this phase, as I'm no longer working as a therapist it will be a period dedicated towards feeling whole. It will be a time to reclaim all the shattered pieces of what makes up "Farhan" without any titles or identity.  I've always thought I knew that identity was feeding the egos false self. But it wasn't until that label was gone that I realized just how much I had allowed it be who I am. Seems like such a false sense of existence. So today and in the coming weeks my meditations will be intended on going into just stillness. I hope to focus on being with my soul. I guess my first client as a Spiritual Personal Trainer is really me!

Angel Blessings to ALL

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Why I am Leaving my Job as a Physiotherapist and My Future Plans

 As I write this I'm filled with all kinds of emotions especially after spending the day treating clients for which will be my last time. I was overwhelmed today with all those that expressed just how much they appreciated my help. I never realized the impact I was making on peoples lives. It was only made clearer today ironically as I started to say my good byes. I really put my heart and love into every person. And today it was affirmed to me with comments like "you have the gift of God's hands and you really care for your clients."  You can have a job but when you put your heart and love into what your doing it can have incredible benefits especially for people who are in need of healing. It's affirming to know that my clients felt my love and that I cared. I can't even put into words how rewarding my job has been. I also learned  that the one thing people wanted the most was someone who just listened to them. They needed someone who heard them. And I gave them that. I listened with attention and intention.

So why am I leaving? For many years I've felt like I've been living separate lives. Physiotherapy as a profession is one that is very much needed and one that I truly believe in. But limitations in the word physical left me often feeling frustrated. As my awareness of my own spirituality grew I realized more and more that healing cannot be just a physical process. If we are a spiritual being having a human experience then there can never be a separation between ones spiritual and material life. In fact our spirit is that all knowing aspect of who we are and it connects us to our deepest truth. It connects us to the source of all. Having said that I've learned now that by tapping into this source is the ultimate journey and directs us to complete healing. Healing that serves us fully and all levels. Mind, body and spirit. For this reason alone I could not continue to be of service in a modality alone that serves the body only. It doesn't make sense to me. I'm not discrediting physiotherapy. But I do see where it has its limitations.

This has left me to diverge into creating a new practise. The practise of Spiritual Personal Training. As this is a career path that I am creating it is also one that will always evolve as I evolve. What I know for sure at this time is that it offers the potential to be of service to people to help them connect to their spirit and ultimately the divine. It offers people to heal by going to where the source of an issue lies. It opens up people to the unlimited potential of connecting to the Divine as well as the Angelic Realm. The Angels are here as direct messengers of God and to assist us in every aspect of our lives. This is our divine right. By using all the tools I have acquired I can now fully service people in a way that is in alignment with all my beliefs. This feels more right. This will allow me to fulfil my purpose. I realize that this is the next phase in my life and my assignment on earth. And every experience, opportunity and all my education has come together to step into the shoes to serve God as a Spiritual Personal Trainer. And I have never been more happier.

Everyone that knows me is well aware that exercise and physical activity is a huge part of my life. It has had tremendous impacts on my life and allowed me to share the benefits with people all over the world. As a Reebok Master Trainer, International fitness presenter and part of a workout show "In Shape With Sharon Mann" I've been able to reach masses of people all over the world. My fitness career at one time served again as another career that had a separate life. It only makes sense now that at this point all my passions and modalities come together to be of service with a higher purpose demonstrating my highest vision for myself and others. As such my new career will also include fitness as a key facet to the products and services I am offering.

What does my new career look like? Every aspect of our life is just as much spiritual as it is physical. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience and as such our physical process in our lives is always connected with our spirit. There is no separation. Our spirit is all knowing.  It’s at the core of our being and has the inner wisdom, knowledge and answers to all our questions, life issues and challenges. That is because our spirit is connected to the greater, all knowing and Source of everything. Our bodies are always providing us with information about where our lives require our attention. Disease, unwanted body fat and various life issues that represent roadblocks in our life are simply reminders that we have become disconnected with our spirit. And weight loss is no exception.  Unwanted fat or excess weight is an opportunity to deepen our relationship with ourselves and more importantly with the divine. As a Spiritual Personal Trainer I use the Angelic Realm to guide you into the conscious awareness of where love has been replaced with fear in order to reconnect the channels between body and spirit and ultimately the divine. Once this channel has been awakened the deeper lessons of what the fat is representing in one’s life is learned and then can be successfully transformed so that each cell in the body is made healthy. The result is a body that was perhaps a dream is now a reality as a result of a healing response and conscious attention to allow true love into their life.
Currently I have several programs I'm developing that blend spirituality with fitness. These programs will all be revealed in due time. I'm excited and anxious to share all this with the world. I've never been more excited about any other fitness program.

What does the future hold? This answer lies in the hands of God. I firmly believe that as I surrender into this process with complete faith it will be revealed. As I look into the past it is clear to me that there is a golden thread that has linked and pulled me forward to where I am today. I had no idea that when I got my first job at the YMCA as a switch board operator  it would lead to a career in fitness that landed a contract with Reebok. I never imagined I'd be travelling all over the world speaking at some of the world's largest fitness conventions. I never imagined I'd end up on a successful television show "In Shape with Sharon Mann." Who would've thought that when I won a public speaking contest in grade six that I'd someday take that experience with me when speaking at all those conventions. I never knew that when I started working at the Fitness Institute as a physiotherapist that I would be working with Olympians and world class athletes. All this and more has led me to where I am today. And this same golden thread continues to lead me forward. This golden thread can only be the Divine at work in my life.
I've taken many risks in my life. But this seems like the largest. But it has to be big. It has to be scary. It has to make me nervous. Isn't that how big dreams come true?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Messages from the Angels: Miraculous Healing is Possible

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones all forms of miraculous healing is possible and in every aspect of your lives. Physical illness is the onset of your need of attention where you have replaced love with fear. It is merely an aspect of your life where a shadow is in need of light. Despite all emotions surrounding any illness remember always that everything is in Divine Order. Choose to see past the chaos and illusions. Focus your attention on underlying order and that everything is exactly how it is supposed to be right now. When you surrender to God and the Angels and allow us into your heart we will assist with the resolution of any disease. Dear loved ones when you impart to take care of your bodies you are claiming your divine responsibility. Every aspect of your life including the body that holds your soul is a gift from God. Treat it with love, respect and all things holly. Choose foods that supply it with life force especially those foods that your earth has supplied you. Bless each day, each moment and every breath with love. Your every thought has the potential to add or take away your life. It is your free will. We ask that you think and choose your thoughts wisely. We offer our love in all ways and every day here on earth. Angel Blessings to All