Monday, November 28, 2011

The Mind Body Spirit Approach to Weight Loss

The success rate from dieting is quite low. In fact most people will gain back all of the weight they lose within 3 to 5 years. Many will attempt again and end up back on the roller coaster. A ride I know too well. What I believe has been the key to helping me keep the weight off and being healthy overall has been a mind, body and spirit approach to weight loss. It all starts with developing a positive mind set about yourself. In other words you have to start by doing the inner work first. Then the outer self will be a reflection of the changes that have taken place from the inside. Well you may be wondering where to start?

First let's look at what is mind, body and spirit? I like to use the analogy of a car. The operation of a vehicle needs the body of the car which is analogous to our own physical body, the parts that make it work or the mind and the fuel, or our spirit. The spirit is not to be confused with the soul. I like to think of the soul as the steering wheel of the car. It's responsible for helping to guide us. Whereas the spirit is that part of us that drives us forward. When we are fed with feelings that are positive we are moved more easily toward our goals. Negative thoughts, emotions and fears are detrimental to our spirit and keep us stuck, lost and directionless. This is the most critical aspect of any weight loss program. Like anything in life, if we embody negative thoughts it will keep us from not only feeling good about ourselves but also from achieving our goals. Therefore I believe its so important to feed your spirit along with working on your body and mind to succeed at weight loss. Just like a perfectly working car with all it's parts. By now you may be asking the question: How do I feed my spirit?

Next I'd like you to determine if you hold predominantly a negative or positive view of your physical self. This is what I call the mirror test. Look in the mirror and check if the first thing you see is something negative about your body that you don't like? For example, when you look in the mirror do you sigh and point out the wrinkles, the fat on your arms etc? Or is the first thing you see some feature of your body you like? Most people will likely point out a feature they don't like. Right away that tells me that there's a problem with self image. Especially if this happens every time you look in a mirror. And this is where the programming needs to change. If you walk onto that gym floor after looking in the mirror at all the parts of your body you don't like your setting yourself up for failure. None of the exercises or programs will work and if they do they will likely not have permanent effects. If your car is going to operate properly you make sure all the parts are working and it has fuel. Just the same, you need to ensure your mind, body and spirit are all in tow. In other words if you don't fuel your spirit your body isn't going to respond positively either. Do you see how all three are integrated? When your spirit isn't being fed you start reaching for all that comfort food. And then the vicious cycle continues all over again.

This brings me back once again to the question I posed earlier and that is how do you feed your spirit? Your spirit is something you want to feed every day even when your not in the gym. It requires you to make positive affirmations about yourself. Here's a sample list of statements:

1. My body is good to me and I am good to my body.
2. I am grateful to my body for all that it does for me.
3. My body is the housekeeper of all good things.

You can start with these or make up your own. Its important that you keep your focus and attention on the positive aspects of your body. By doing so you will fuel your spirit. And just like any car, without fuel it's going no where.
When you stop and look into a mirror try looking into your eyes and say statements like:

1. I am in the process of becoming healthier
2. I am a perfect human being in the eyes of God
3. I approve of myself

When you go the gym you take your gym bag with you filled with your workout clothes, water bottle etc. I also want you to take with you all the tools you need to feed your spirit. Keep a spirit journal and jot down a few positive statements like the ones above before you begin your workout. Also, before bedtime right out your statements 20 times for 2 weeks. This will help keep your frame of mind positively on track! You'll also shift your self perception from a negative to a positive one and that is key to succeeding at any of your life's goals.

On a day to day basis feeding our spirit is about doing things and making choices that make us happy. It's thinking positive thoughts about ourselves, our work environment and our relationships. Its all about the simple things we can do for ourselves that don't have to cost any money. What ways can you feed your spirit?

The mind, body and spirit approach is all intertwined and one aspect will inevitably affect the other. If we don't address all three we will stay stuck or fail. This can lead to all sorts of imbalances that will affect the relationship we have with ourselves, relationships with others as well as our overall health.

Successful weight loss begins with a positive mind set and a shift in our perceptions of our physical body. The shift starts when we reprogram our thoughts to create positive feelings about ourselves. By doing so we can achieve our weight loss and other life related goals.

Every day is a Miracle

Angel Fitness Blessings To ALL

Friday, October 14, 2011

How We Can Learn and Heal From Our Past Lives

I always new that this is not my first life on this planet. I have this memory and wisdom that I recall or surface at times and I don't really know where it comes from. It's more then an inner knowing and it can't be that I picked up this information from somewhere or someone. These are in fact personal memories of moments that occurred when I was in a different body, a different person and sharing my life in that moment with a completely different set of family and friends. These entailed detailed accounts of events that took place. Once I became familiar with the idea of having past lives I decided to do regressions or meditations which allowed me to go into a certain life to see how it had an effect on my current one. It helped me with several current life issues.
Past lives can enlighten us of fears, blocks and relationship issues. They can tell us what old patterns we continue and how to break them. They can also explain our purpose, soul lessons and our karma.

Whenever I've had a deep connection with someone it was like remembering a love that was always there. It felt more like a reunion then getting to know a person for the first time. I've done this exercise before where I've sat in front of someone and we would look into each others eyes and start to recall our memories from our past lives that we shared. This can be really powerful and also intimidating. I don't suggest you try it unless you have two willing partners. But what I've learned from all this is that the story of our lives has continued from many life times ago. And all the memories of every life has come with us into this one. Can you imagine the memory bank we have? And imagine that each and every one of the cells in our bodies is the library of all this information. Consider how this is helpful to heal a painful memory or fear that we had from a previous life.

Doing a past life regression is like doing surgery. You never know what your going to discover until you look inside. And nothing could've prepared me for what happened with my client Rebeca. Rebeca came to me one summer day for a Spiritual Personal Training session. We started off with me doing an Angel Reading for her. However, we then switched streams and from that moment on I don't think I could've ever imagined as to what was going to happen next. Rebeca was in her early twenties with so many ideas about her future and not certain which direction to take. The reading was like most but then she had asked for help in a particular area of her life. The Angels guided me to do a past life regression on her. Since then I asked her to write about the experience she had and in her own words. The following is an account of the regression.

I’m not entirely sure as to how it started or how it happened.

The main purpose for my regression was to figure out why I had such a severe fear of my elbow pits as well as the back of my knees. I could not touch them, look at them, or even anyone else’s elbow pits or the back of their knees as well (silly I know).

But the regression started off with me in a field and I was on a vengeful hunt. I was some sort of Japanese warrior, but I only fought solo. It felt as though my purpose was to take down the Japanese empire, to seek revenge, but also it felt like I was trying to protect the country possibly. It felt as though that I had no one, no family, no friends and I was in constant hiding from the Japanese emperor and his army at the time. I think possibly that the Japanese emperor had killed my family and that was my purpose for revenge.

I was a male and I was roughly of the age of 21 years old, but I was planning my revenge for over 7-8 years. I would strike in between those years of planning to get to the emperor but they were subtle strikes – such as attacking certain members of his army to send a sign I was still alive and coming to attack. I was a very skilled warrior, and the emperor and his army were always on guard for when I would strike. It felt like I was almost the Osama BinLaden of the time because they could never find me, but I would still strike here and there out of nowhere.

The regression started with me being in disguise and I had made it to this large open field that would have led up to the emperor’s palace. But his army members surrounded the area so I had to be very careful. I would sneak around here and there and kill the army members calmly, swiftly, but efficiently within a matter of seconds.

As I got closer and closer to the emperor’s palace, my attacks became harder as word got out that I was on the emperor’s land. I was fighting more and more, and I was taking on many men at once. Soon I started seeing fire spread throughout the land and there were men coming from everywhere. But they weren’t too sure which one I was as I had disguised myself as one of them.

It felt like I was almost fighting for hours and I was getting closer and closer to the palace. I was so close to receiving my vengeance it felt like. A whole battle was started solely on me. It wasn’t until two soldiers figured out which one I was and they snuck up on me and I believe they stabbed me at my legs. I don’t’ think it was the back of my knees though, I can’t remember entirely. But just as quick as they did that, they slit me at my elbow pits almost instantaneously and I remember falling to the ground immediately and I was lying on a hill as they watched me suffer and bleed.

They then removed my helmet to confirm that it was me. I couldn’t see my face, I just knew I was Japanese, and I could see them standing over me watching me bleed from my elbows. Soon enough I saw more men gather over me and just watch me bleed out and in disbelief that it was all finally over.

I never saw myself die during that session. However, later that evening my boyfriend's aunt put me in a meditative state. I don’t believe I was talking out loud (I am not too sure), but I started reliving those events from the moment I fell to the ground. I still was not able to see my face, but I remember seeing myself rise out of my body. It was so surreal because as I was rising, I was standing over my body and watching myself with the rest of the soldiers. Only they did not know I was there as I was dead.

Shortly after my death, I remember I found myself in front of a a giant old library that looked like a cathedral. I was greeted at the entrance by a wise looking old man with a very long beard. From there I went inside and it was like I knew where I was going. I went to a room with many, many ancient looking books all over the place. I remember picking out one book in particular. It felt like that was my book; one of many books I owned I think. I remember all the pages were blank as I sat to read through it at this beautiful wooden desk. But at the same time, I knew exactly what one particular page said, and it was a message/lesson from that life:

‘Do not let your pride get in the way of your end goal’

I really think my fear of my elbow pits is a reminder for me in this life. I work hard and at times, I do let my ego and my pride get in the way of my work, and it may impact my work , my co-workers or possibly my work environment in general. This reminder, especially after having this regression has allowed me to be more aware of my setting, and my reactions in my setting as well.

Since that regression I have been able to release some of my fear. I have been able to touch my elbow pits now on my own, and even the back of my knees. However I still can’t stare at it, or have anyone else touch it. As well, I cannot look at anyone else’s elbow pits. It’s a work in progress but I’m sure I will get there one day.


The gateway to our past lives is accessible. It can provide us with information, guidance and healing. And like in Rebeca's case this one regression began to give her insights regarding her fears. There are perhaps many layers to uncover and a certain regression will give us an opportunity to began that process. In Rebeca's case her healing has began. And when she's ready in her own time she'll then go in further too see what other previous life experiences she'll learn about to continue the healing process.

Every day is a Miracle.

Angel Blessings to ALL

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Review of the Luis Miguel Concert Toronto

The best way I can describe Luis Miguel? He is what you get when you combine Frank Sinatra, Julio Iglesias and Elvis. He's sultry, charismatic, exudes class and more importantly the voice of romance. Luis Miguel is in the most simplest form that he can offer himself to his fans. There are no theatrics, fancy costume changes or re-engineered sounds to entertain us. His presence and voice along with the most classic sounds are all that he brings with him. This is the way he has always presented himself since the day his Latin sounds created waves of romantic tunes over two decades ago.

Luis Miguel walks on the stage with a smile on his face and all his fans welcome him with complete eagerness as they are fully aware of what they came to experience. Luis Miguel delivers as he classically does and not one fan is left disappointed. He's not an artist that has evolved into various genres to reach out to different audiences nor has he tried to re-invent himself over the years with a career that spans decades. He's stayed true to his classical Latin based romantic ballads and songs. His music has lived eternally one generation to the next and has remained completely timeless. One way could say that Luis Miguel has never gone out of style.

Luis Miguel has the power to open your heart and to feel the vibration of romance and love. It didn't matter if you spoke or understood Spanish or if you were single. You could feel this frequency and on this particular night in Toronto we we're all blessed to experience it together. Connecting to the frequency of romance is such revitalizing feeling. It heightens all your sense and allows the heart chakra to expand. If you are single and looking to attract romance consider opening these channels by listening to the music of Luis Miguel. Connecting to this frequency and creating the feeling of romance can help align you with attracting romance in your life.

At one moment during the concert I felt like all time had stood still. I was drawn into the music as though I was in complete concentrated meditation. I realized in this powerful moment that I wasn't in the future and I wasn't in the past. In fact I found myself in the very presence of the moment. And for the first time in a long time I was in my body and fully experiencing all that there was to experience. My heat started to expand and allowed myself to connect energetically with everyone in the auditorium. As Luis Miguel lead us with his lyrics I found myself in increased expansion. Trying to explain a feeling in words can sometimes be lost in translation. However, I realized once again how powerful music has on our spirit and that Luis Miguel has the incredible gift to bring us all together this way.

Every moment we have is an opportunity to experience all the beauty that exists in our lives. It's only when we can bring ourselves to a state of complete presence can we really appreciate every moment and take notice of everything around us. Otherwise when were caught in our mindful chatter we can miss out on the very simple things that remind us of the beauty in life. I love going to concerts because they allow me to experience life in the presence and in this way I somehow feel like it allows me to just feel at a greater depth. I'm great full to Luis Miguel for helping me find moments like this through his music. His classical, simple and timeless music showed me how it easy it is to make time stand still and in that moment to just be present.

Every day is a Miracle

Angel Blessings to ALL

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Review of the Ricky Martin Concert "MAS" Tour"

The first images are of a Ricky Martin bound with chains as though he's completely imprisoned. As I sat and watched I was caught in the awe of anticipation and symbolism of what I was seeing. There was a Ricky Martin just wanting so badly to break free. Perhaps the chains represented his internal struggles and a man wanting to unleash himself to show the world who he really is. The chains finally broke free and Ricky Martin was free to be himself and for us this night in Toronto he was ours!

Ricky Martin steps on the stage and for the next two hours he opened the door and let you in to his world. He invited you in with welcome arms and allowed us to become a part of it. He gathered us all and like a wonderful host he entertained us with music, dancing and inspiration. He revealed to us that he's not just an entertainer. He is a humanitarian who's here to use his music to move our spirits and to remind the world that we are all part of this experience together. "You and I are one." Ricky took the stage and created a platform for a powerful movement designed to change the world through simple yet profound messages.

I have to admit I have felt the anticipation for this concert for a long time. I've attended many concerts with Ricky Martin and I've experienced incredible vibrations at his shows before. However, I wasn't expecting to be taken to such another level. Ricky proved to us all that he could do it better then ever. He took us to a place that was beyond my imagination. I'll try my best to put in words. Like the other times, I wish I could keep the vibration alive. And as always I felt as though I didn't get enough. This is the power of Ricky Martin. What was different about this concert? Ricky gave us more of himself then he ever has before. And he did this without fear.

The first message of the night Ricky shares with us is " I am Love, Truth, Light, and Music. " And he stayed true to these words throughout the entire night. His authenticity was real and felt by all. He captivated us with his pureness and genuineness. It didn't matter what your background or age was. Ricky has the power to take a song and make it reach a multitude of generations, cultures and sexes. And his audience last night was reflective of this. Not many artists can create a fan base this vast. Ricky Martin gave us more performance and less special effects then he has in the past. The dancers and the singing took the stage and chose to engage us with their talents and their hearts. The audience felt their commitment to us. I was lucky enough to meet them after the show. Their commitment extended past the stage as they eagerly met all the fans taking pictures and videos of us showing their appreciation.

Ricky as always takes you on a journey in his show. Whats consistent, and all Ricky Martin fans will agree, his pure heart and humble soul over take and transcends you beyond his hip shaking seductive moves. You can't help but feel as though your soul has been touched. He somehow manages to make your spirit get up and dance. Your body is doing the dancing but its your spirit leading every move. And that is a very powerful feeling. The vibration in that room was so high that no one could explain what had happened. Somethings you just can't put into words. All I know as that when I looked around Ricky had us right where he wanted us. And who wouldn't trust him to let him have his way with us? After all his only method of seduction was his pure authenticity. And that was clearly evident. I wouldn't say Ricky Martin where's his heart on his sleeve. I'd say it's everything he is.

The Ricky Martin tour is titled "Musica+ Alma+ Sexo" which translates to Music+ Soul+Sex. However the title was far from what you walked away with. This concert delivered a lot more then it promised. And in typical Ricky Martin fashion, no one was let down. We walked away wanting more. It's clear that Ricky Martin has evolved in his journey. Hes discovered more of who he is and that is having a positive effect on his career as an artist. His music is a far more symbolic expression of his growth. What's wonderful to see is that he's not afraid to reveal this side of himself. In fact his fearless about expressing himself and I find that confidence very sexy.

Ricky Martin has always been about uniting the world with his music. And he proved that again in this show. But now his purpose has moved to a deeper level. His passions originate for music, dance and art. However, it's evolved to his passion for equality. It's not just about using music to unite people. Ricky IS a voice for equality. And this is a purpose that suits him well. Ricky's message was quite clear and he was there to take s stand about his feelings. Music is the right platform for him and he delivers the message well.

Ricky Martin's message of sexuality is another aspect to his personal growth that he shared with us and again with no fear. Here's where I see his confidence in himself really surface. He's on a sofa with his dancers simulating sexual acts with various forms of partnering. Guys with guys, girls with girls and guys with girls. I remember in that famous interview with Barbara Walters in 2000 where Martin said "sexuality should not be an issue for anyone." And he proves that he meant those words. Martin does walk his talk and he does it well. I see this part of the show as not necessarily a reflection of his bedroom but certainly of his belief system in how he views the world. He exemplified that everyone should feel free to love who they want.

And then came the most important message of all. As one of his dancers artistically told the tale of a young man who wanted to be himself but felt the pressure of pleasing his parents. He told the story of a young child who didn't want to be a failure to his parents because he was gay. His journey was about the discovery of his authentic self. Even though his parents didn't approve of him that it was the love of self that is the love that set him free. Free to be himself. Free to be me. The message Ricky sends is love your self. There's no failure in that. Only freedom.

Ricky Martin has a beautiful way of using his music to bring people together and to share universal messages of love. His CD and tour may be called "Musica +Alma+ Sexo" but what it all boils down to is that final message "YOU = ME" "Tu=Yo"I saw written on his shirt as he sang "The Best Thing About Me Is You". And with that Ricky ended his show by saying "you and me we are all the same" as he walked off the stage to the sounds of screaming fans.

Ricky Martin has integrated his personal growth with music beautifully. Without sounding political he has proven that his mission in life is beyond his music. His success is not about selling out to sold out concert theaters but to raise the vibration of the planet by unifying people from all over. I believe Martin is continuing to evoke an incredible soul journey and life purpose. One that I feel he's just discovering. I am certain that the Ricky I saw last night was completely free of the chains that once imprisoned him.

How did his concert impact me? I see him as such an inspiration. Not just that he' s accomplished artist but he has used his platform to be a voice for humanity. That inspires me to do great things with my life too. I only hope that someday I'm able to have the type of impact that he has on so many people. I hope to do great things too. On my wall in my room are the words "God please use me as a vehicle to serve you in the grandest way that is higher then my purpose"

Angel Healing Miracles to ALL

Photograph by: Nalina Sacoor

Sunday, March 20, 2011

How to Connect with Your Departed Loved Ones

Have you ever wondered if your departed loved ones are OK on the other side? Do you ever wish to ask them questions that you never had the chance to do so? Or perhaps had some things that were left unsaid while they were living? Well it's not too late.
Connecting with our departed loved ones is easier than you think. Whenever I do mediumship readings for people I try to teach my clients that it's not a special skill to be able to communicate with the departed. All you have to do is open up to the possibility. And like working out at the gym, I look at it like training a muscle. If you exercise regularly the muscle will grow.
Many mourn for their loved ones and are sometimes left with the feeling of loss. Although the departed have left physically, our relationship with them is eternal and can continue. I've decided to write this blog to help all those who are interested in learning how to connect with their loved ones and allow their relationship to extend beyond the physical plane. And I assure you that everyone can do this.
You have to remember that the departed want to communicate with you just as much as you want to communicate with them. And sometimes they'll take measures before you do.
A few years back I decided to get a suit made for my brothers wedding. I remember feeling overwhelmed with the long list of things I was assigned to do to assist with the preparations. One night in my dream my departed grandmother appeared to me. She said to me that I should not worry and that she was going to help me with the shopping. I woke up and in a daze and was trying to figure out if what I dreamed was real. Looking around my room I didn't see my grandmother. But I remember every detail of the dream including how she looked and what she wore. I knew this was a visitation from her as I have had previous ones. Shortly thereafter I went to look for fabric for my suit. According to the designer I would need 5 3/4 yards of material and I decided I wanted the suit in chocolate brown. I headed off to a fabric store that was recommended by a close friend. Only when I got there the store was closed. Walking aimlessly on Toronto's Queen street I felt unsure as to where to go next. Then something interesting happened. As I walked past a particular store I heard my grandmother's voice say turn left nudging me to enter. And so I did. Her voice was so subtle and yet I was absolutely certain that she was guiding me into the store. It was like a force pushed me in but gently. There I was greeted by the owner. I showed him the pattern of the suit and told him my specifications including the colour. He looked at me like he was about to disappoint me. He said he didn't think he had the colour I wanted and to look at other possibilities while he checked the back where he kept some left overs.
To his and my surprise out he came with the fabric and in the colour I was looking for. Only he didn't think he had enough material to make the full suit. He took the roll to the cutting table and started to measure out what was left of the spool. He started to unravel the fabric off the spool and measured out exactly 5 3/4 yards! I stood there completely stunned and got goose bumps all over. The store owner himself looked puzzled. He then offered me a discount which pleased me even more.
And from there on my grandmother continued to shop with me. Guiding me to right places to find all the items I was looking for. She became my personal shopping assistant and to this day I'll seek out her help whilst shopping.
Our loved ones can help us in many ways. For instance I have a brother, Zul who passed before I was born. Zul would've been a year older then me. However, he is very much like an older brother in every way. He watches over me and protects me from negative situations and people. He even helps me pick out clothes to wear when I go out. Zul has a strong personality and is often quite humorous. And like brothers often do we'll have our disagreements. I especially turn to him for advice when it comes to dealing with my parents.
If you are interested in learning how to connect with your loved ones you can begin first by writing a letter to them expressing all that you want to say and asking them for a sign. Whether you choose to write or express your thoughts in your head it doesn't matter. Either way they hear everything you have to say or are thinking about. Then spend a few minutes each day in silence and just listen. Pay attention to thoughts and feelings as well as any images that come to you. Writing the letter is the easy part but learning to quiet your mind is essential as it allows you to hear or feel the messages. Then finally watch for the signs. You many suddenly find pennies on the ground. Or you may smell their favourite cologne or perfume even though no one is around at that time. And they may even appear to you in a dream. The best advice I can give you is to not put any pressure on yourself or have any expectations. Your loved ones will connect with you the way they feel is best and it may not happen the way you'd like. Trust them to deliver their messages and they will. And finally always offer a prayer for their soul and that they may be at complete peace.
Angel Healing Miracles and Love to ALL