Sunday, March 20, 2011

How to Connect with Your Departed Loved Ones

Have you ever wondered if your departed loved ones are OK on the other side? Do you ever wish to ask them questions that you never had the chance to do so? Or perhaps had some things that were left unsaid while they were living? Well it's not too late.
Connecting with our departed loved ones is easier than you think. Whenever I do mediumship readings for people I try to teach my clients that it's not a special skill to be able to communicate with the departed. All you have to do is open up to the possibility. And like working out at the gym, I look at it like training a muscle. If you exercise regularly the muscle will grow.
Many mourn for their loved ones and are sometimes left with the feeling of loss. Although the departed have left physically, our relationship with them is eternal and can continue. I've decided to write this blog to help all those who are interested in learning how to connect with their loved ones and allow their relationship to extend beyond the physical plane. And I assure you that everyone can do this.
You have to remember that the departed want to communicate with you just as much as you want to communicate with them. And sometimes they'll take measures before you do.
A few years back I decided to get a suit made for my brothers wedding. I remember feeling overwhelmed with the long list of things I was assigned to do to assist with the preparations. One night in my dream my departed grandmother appeared to me. She said to me that I should not worry and that she was going to help me with the shopping. I woke up and in a daze and was trying to figure out if what I dreamed was real. Looking around my room I didn't see my grandmother. But I remember every detail of the dream including how she looked and what she wore. I knew this was a visitation from her as I have had previous ones. Shortly thereafter I went to look for fabric for my suit. According to the designer I would need 5 3/4 yards of material and I decided I wanted the suit in chocolate brown. I headed off to a fabric store that was recommended by a close friend. Only when I got there the store was closed. Walking aimlessly on Toronto's Queen street I felt unsure as to where to go next. Then something interesting happened. As I walked past a particular store I heard my grandmother's voice say turn left nudging me to enter. And so I did. Her voice was so subtle and yet I was absolutely certain that she was guiding me into the store. It was like a force pushed me in but gently. There I was greeted by the owner. I showed him the pattern of the suit and told him my specifications including the colour. He looked at me like he was about to disappoint me. He said he didn't think he had the colour I wanted and to look at other possibilities while he checked the back where he kept some left overs.
To his and my surprise out he came with the fabric and in the colour I was looking for. Only he didn't think he had enough material to make the full suit. He took the roll to the cutting table and started to measure out what was left of the spool. He started to unravel the fabric off the spool and measured out exactly 5 3/4 yards! I stood there completely stunned and got goose bumps all over. The store owner himself looked puzzled. He then offered me a discount which pleased me even more.
And from there on my grandmother continued to shop with me. Guiding me to right places to find all the items I was looking for. She became my personal shopping assistant and to this day I'll seek out her help whilst shopping.
Our loved ones can help us in many ways. For instance I have a brother, Zul who passed before I was born. Zul would've been a year older then me. However, he is very much like an older brother in every way. He watches over me and protects me from negative situations and people. He even helps me pick out clothes to wear when I go out. Zul has a strong personality and is often quite humorous. And like brothers often do we'll have our disagreements. I especially turn to him for advice when it comes to dealing with my parents.
If you are interested in learning how to connect with your loved ones you can begin first by writing a letter to them expressing all that you want to say and asking them for a sign. Whether you choose to write or express your thoughts in your head it doesn't matter. Either way they hear everything you have to say or are thinking about. Then spend a few minutes each day in silence and just listen. Pay attention to thoughts and feelings as well as any images that come to you. Writing the letter is the easy part but learning to quiet your mind is essential as it allows you to hear or feel the messages. Then finally watch for the signs. You many suddenly find pennies on the ground. Or you may smell their favourite cologne or perfume even though no one is around at that time. And they may even appear to you in a dream. The best advice I can give you is to not put any pressure on yourself or have any expectations. Your loved ones will connect with you the way they feel is best and it may not happen the way you'd like. Trust them to deliver their messages and they will. And finally always offer a prayer for their soul and that they may be at complete peace.
Angel Healing Miracles and Love to ALL