Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ricky Martin #OneWorldTour "My Experience!"

As I walked into Toronto's Air Canada's centre the anticipation of seeing Ricky Martin's show was heightening for me. This would be my sixth time seeing him perform live and my excitement was greater then ever. This concert was more special to me because I got to meet him prior to the show! A dream come true! Our exchange was beyond my imagination. It was magical and miraculous. An angel orb appeared in the photograph of us hugging. It couldn't have been more perfect. Ricky was kind, welcoming and really genuine. As always he had this incredible presence and a vibration of love and gratitude. He is on stage as he is off. My premium pass included attending the sound check and I got to stand in the pit directly centre stage during the show. How does it get better then this?

Ricky Martin is a powerful light worker. He has the capacity to facilitate the energy of an entire auditorium in an organic and symbiotic way. He channels and cultivates the energy of his fans so that it  feeds him. He then turns around and builds this incredible energy field with infinite potential that radiates across the arena reaching everyone. It's a palpable energy that raises consciousness and creates tremendous shifts. It's a powerful experience to witness. And as with every Ricky Martin concert it left you wanting more.
An Angel Orb Appeared in this Photo When We Hugged

Ricky's One World Tour is a simpler stage set up then his previous concerts. There is also less theatrics and very little time between sets with quick outfit changes. Ricky made sure to give the audience what they came to see the most and that was him perform. Each of his concerts have left a different impression on me. I liked this particular tour because it gave us more of him. Ricky often teased us asking "Una mas? " to which the crowd responded with a roar each time. Even his opening message to us was simple:

"I want you to have fun. Forget about your problems. Forget all your issues at home, at work and your life. I want you to be free. I want you to be happy. Remember these words"

 Ricky Martin also had important messages for his fans. He has used his platform as an artist to create awareness of issues that need our attention.  His true mission is far greater then creating hit songs.  His music continues to allow him to be of service to humanity including the formation of the Ricky Martin Foundation. A charity that helps rescue children from slavery and human trafficking.  An interlude of visual images were displayed during the show of children that his foundation is helping. Today there are 27 million children world wide who are victims of exploitation. This crisis of the human spirit has created his greatest calling in addition to fatherhood. This was the most important message of the night. Ricky is asking each of us to help. Music has the power to create movement for the better. It can heal many things and even save lives. Knowing this he has authentically aligned artistry and humanitarianism.

The final image is of a little girl not more then three or four years old. The jumbo screen emphasized these beautiful piercing eyes. As I looked into them I couldn't help but wonder what was her story? What has she been through at such a young age? What does it mean for her to be free from exploitation and possibly slavery? I only hope that her future is now promising that no matter what she would live to know that there is a chance for a beautiful life filled with potential for her. This is my prayer for every child who has been exploited.

"Where words fail music speaks."

These are the words posted on Ricky's Twitter page. His mission is also to use music to unite people from all over the world. Ricky pointed out that there was representation from so many countries in all his shows. "This is beautiful to see" he said. He looked across from the stage to the many flags of the different countries people were representing. Music is a way that transcends all borders that separate us geographically. And in that moment we all experienced oneness consciousness. So often it takes a tragedy to unite us but at any time in our lives music can bring people together. Ricky is a true human being for bringing people from all over the world together to celebrate our oneness through the experience of pure joy.

The only part I didn't enjoy about this show was the fact that it had to end!  So as he sang his finale "Cup of Life" I pulled out my gratitude crystal I had in my pocket. I held it in my hand and thought of everything I was grateful for on this night as a symbol and a reminder to keep the feelings and emotions I experienced with me forever. I'm so grateful to Ricky for creating a night that will always be special to me. The joy that I experienced was also felt by everyone I've talked to about his concert. When I posted  my pictures on social media I was overwhelmed with an outpour of love and messages. My joy became everyone else's. You have to admit the smile on my face most certainly says it all!

The Ricky Martin Foundation "We advocate for the well being of children around the world in such areas as education, health and social justice by condemning human trafficking and creating awareness" To make a donation visit:

Angel Blessings to ALL