Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Unconventional Love

They say I’m not supposed to love you
We're not like Romeo and Juliet
They say it’s unnatural
But my heart’s given me permission
I know, it’s ok
In my mind I struggle
And I pray for an answer

There’s something about knowing you
Deep inside I feel it’s truth
So no matter what they say
I don’t care. I’ll take my chance
Doesn't everything in life
including you come with a price?
This unconventional love is worth the fight

I wish everyone could approve and love us
And pray for our happiness
Their blessings would mean so much
Sometimes life is unfair
I may have lost everyone but you 
This unconventional love is worth the fight

Dear God, tell me what to do?
Dear God please I’m begging you
How can  love cause so much hate?
In your eyes am I still saved?
Just give me a sign
I hope this unconventional love is worth the fight
I believe love comes to us all
And I deserve it too
With God in my heart
I’ll walk with you by my side
No matter what the road…I’ll at least try
Because this unconventional love is worth any price

Thursday, May 10, 2012

This is the Universe calling! Do you get the Message?

I have had over 15 years of experience as a physiotherapist and it is ever more clear to me that every injury and accident that we experience in our lives is not a coincidence. These what appear to be as unfortunate orchestrations by the universe are opportunities for us to learn a deeper meaning about our selves as well as to re route our lives for the better. I believe the greatest lessons have to come with pain. It is with the emotion of pain that we really remember the experience. Think of the last time your hurt yourself and it really hurt? Do you immediately get memories of everything that happened and how horrible it was? Do you also realize that in that process lies the gifts and treasures to help you live a better life? There is always a correlation to what is happening in your physical body with what is happening in your life. Make no mistake. The word pain stands for "Pay Attention Inward Now" according Iyanla Vanzant and as a physiotherapist I know this both professionally and personally from my own experience!

I was 15 years old and just starting my first year in high school when I had a very bad fall from the top of a ladder. I landed on the outside of my right ankle resulting in tears of all the ligaments and a foot that looked as big as a foot ball. The result was  weeks on crutches, time away from school and extensive physiotherapy. At the time I really didn't know what a physiotherapist was. Looking back I realize that I had huge fears of starting high school. I had so many uncertainties and was already feeling the pressure of my future. The foot injury was really about 'not knowing' what directions I wanted to take with my life. This whole experience ignited my interest and hence pursuit to become a physiotherapist. This was the gift that came from what seemed like a terrible start to high school. I suddenly had a vision of what I wanted and it gave me a focus. I have to admit I didn't have a really good therapist. In fact my ankle healed a bit on an angle. Having realized this it didn't turn me off from the profession or physiotherapists. In fact I decided I not only wanted to become a therapist but I was going to try to be one of the best!  I took this situation and saw the gifts. little did I know at the time the universe was plotting for me to discover my life path. Looking back I may not have realized all the signs. Now I know better!

Over the years I've seen many clients with a wide assortment of injuries. I try my best in my own subtle way to help everyone see what the gift and or lesson lies within their pain and experience. In general, my patients who have been in a car accident require some major life decisions. Car accidents happen when the fear is so great that people are afraid to make their desired changes. Or their really not sure of what 'direction' to go towards. Most often times they are unhappy with their job,  marriage or any significant aspect of their lives.. Their too afraid or unsure as to what changes they should make and so the collision gives them the opportunity to really stop and take the time for reflection. Chances are if they still don't see the signs they'll get into another car accident. I'm sure you can think of at least one person who keeps getting rear ended? These are the people who play up to the role of being a victim and they get stuck in thinking like the victim. Their lesson here is really about conscious living and knowing that they are in control of their steering wheel meaning their life! My client Jim is a perfect example. Jim was rear ended and came to therapy because of neck and back injuries he sustained in his accident. About the second week of therapy as I was getting to know him it became clear that he was unhappy at work. Really unhappy. Jim complained all the time. I could always tell he was stressed as soon as I'd put my hands on his neck muscles. "Another bad day at the office?" I'd ask.
"Yes." "Can You tell?" he'd say. Well this went on for weeks. Till one day recently Jim's neck suddenly felt a lot better. His symptoms were almost gone and there was little or no tension in his muscles. I told him my findings and this obviously pleased him. A few days latter Jim returned for his second visit of the week. He decided to mention to me that he quit his job and was starting a new one in a few weeks. Something I had already suspected. Jim is an example of someone who realized that a catastrophe like a car accident is really a sign from the universe that we need to make changes in our lives. It literally takes a collision for us sometimes to take notice. Jim responded to therapy positively as he chose to make positive changes in his life. He's back in the game and feeling much healthier!

However, some of my clients just don't get it. There's George for example. He had a nasty fall on his knee while playing ice hockey. This wasn't his first fall and he was no stranger to the clinic. After spending sufficient time with George you knew this guy had a Type A personality and sustained a very busy work schedule. I knew the message for George was that he needed to slow down. "Yeah right." he'd say as though that was just impossible. Shortly thereafter George fell again making his symptoms worse. I warned him once again that he needed to take a holiday or at least some time off from work. George nodded in agreement but chose not to take my advice. George fell yet again. This made for a painful rehab process for the both us. You can imagine his frustrations as well as mine. Not everyone is prepared to make necessary changes. I just have to do my best and support them through their healing process.

Now it may be hard to think that there's a really good reason as to why you have an injury like a broken leg. It may be hard to imagine that there is good in every situation especially when it is new and your in pain.  If you're really not sure of what the gift is I suggest you stay optimistic and keep an expectant mind set. Expect the good. Expect that God will provide the solution. Expect that there is a positive outcome. Say to yourself  "I can't wait to see what good comes out of all this!"

What I've shared with you are some of the examples I've seen over the years. I'm sure there are those that aren't as severe. Yet I am sure there are those that are far worse like getting a major illness such as cancer. However, what I really want my readers to understand is that in every one of these circumstances lies a gift or treasure that the universe is offering to help you live a better life. When you are in pain remember that it stands for "Pay Attention Inward Now." The time you spend in contemplation will be time well worth spent. These so called tragedies are God's way of re routing your life. The life you truly desire. The life your so called afraid to live. You have a choice. You could choose to play the victim. That only means you're not living in a state of conscious awareness. I believe that life does not happen 'to' you but 'for' you. It's only when you shift your perception are you able to free yourself to the life you desire.

Angel Blessings to ALL.