Monday, August 31, 2015

Don't Let Fear Interfere With Your Dreams

On the Set of "In Shape With Sharon Mann"
Every dream I ever reached for scared me! What if I failed? What if I succeeded? What if I wasn't good enough? What if What if what if....."   I've learned to accept that fear is apart of the achievement process. No goals or dreams were ever achieved without the accompaniment of fear. Fear is a funny emotion. It's one that can paralyze you. It can stop you dead in your tracks. But if you chose it can also propel you forward. You can use it like fuel and let it drive you towards your dreams. In every one of my achievements fear didn't win. I simply have learned how to manage it. In fact I've now come to believe that if something doesn't scare me I probably don't want it that badly.

Do you remember the last time you did something that really scared you? How the fear was so unbearable? You
Reebok Resolution Conference Toronto, Canada
became stressed and couldn't sleep. How your heart raced and the adrenaline was so high you could barely think straight? Fear makes us, uncomfortable ,drains us, causes fatigue, has a negative impact on our bodies, relationship with ourselves and friends and loved ones. It is constricting and suffocating. Most of our fears are really about a future event that hasn't happened yet. Fears represent a mere  few negative possibilities of the future. But there are also an infinite assortment of positive possibilities. You could succeed. And perhaps that that success will open up doors in ways you couldn't have even imagined. You may never be able to rid yourself of fear. So why not use it to move you toward your goals and dreams? It can only  defeat you if you decide to do nothing about it.
Toronto, Canada

Fear can be managed or controlled like the volume button of your IPOD. Maybe all you need to do is simply turn down the volume button of fear like the sound on your IPOD'. Let it play softly in the backgrounds as you strive forward for your dreams. Treat fear like a passenger in the seat of your car and not the driver. Let it come along for the ride and never let it take control of the steering wheel.

Fear is like validation that you are doing what you need to do for your personal growth. There is a great sense of accomplishment when you achieve a goal despite how much it scared you.  So make fear your friend. Have a better relationship with it as it's going to accompany you many times in your life.
Regina, Canada
 My first public speaking experience was for a class assignment in front of my Grade six class in

Toronto, Canada
elementary school.  This is the first memory I have ever being scared to get up in front of a group of people. But I did it. In fact I went on to win the public speaking contest in my whole school. At eighteen I was  asked to teach a low impact aerobics class at the North York YMCA as part of my summer job. I had to speak and lead the group at the same time! But I did it. While a student at McMaster University I had to make many presentations as part of my physiotherapy training in front of my peers and professors. The pressure was great but I did it! My first job after graduation was in Pakistan and I led workshops in fitness at a local community centre. This time the group I stood in front of didn't speak English. A new challenge with a twist. But I did it.  Shortly after I presented at Canada's largest fitness conference "CanFitPro." Now I was speaking amongst the best fitness professionals in the world. But I did it. From there I went on too speak at conferences all over the world. If I let fear in my grade six class or at any point defeat me it would have shut the door to all the incredible opportunities that came thereafter. This pathway that started at the age of twelve awakened many of my dreams including becoming a Canadian Reebok Master Trainer as well a spot on the hit show "In Shape With Sharon Mann."

Melbourne, Australia
Each stage I stood on created a doorway to greater opportunities. This contributed to my growth because I had to step out of my comfort zone.  I never would've imagined that that winning a public speaking contest at a very early age would've led me to where I am today. Was I scared? Absolutely? But when I look back if it wasn't for the fear I wouldn't have made it to where I am today. Getting up on that first stage was the universes's way of opening up that first door. And because I chose to walk through, it it led to all the other doors that were waiting for me on the other side! My dream was born and it took on a life that I never would've imagined. Though fear came along for the ride at every step I was able to manage it in  a way that kept me moving forward and not stuck.

What are you dreaming of in this moment? What is it that you really and truly desire? Does the idea of going for your dream(s) scare you? If your answer is yes then GO FOR IT! See the possibility that your dream has the potential to be something greater then you could ever imagine. Be willing to take that first step. It may seem like it's huge at first but the infinite positive possibilities are just on the other side of the first door you have to walk through.

Johannesburg South Africa

 I have many more dreams to reach for. Am I scared? The answer yes! But will it be worth it? Absolutely!

Angel Dreams To ALL

Monday, August 3, 2015

Messages from the Angels: You Are Most Powerful

Dear Loved ones. We remind you today that indeed you are most powerful. You have been given the direct light and power of God that lies within you to take every thought and intention and turn them into tangible manifestations. Begin by choosing your thoughts and intentions well. Each is a form of prayer and every prayer is heard by your creator. This time on earth where time and evolution are speeding at faster rates then before. The speed at which the power to manifest proves more powerful when you are fully aligned with your desires and synching into the light with complete trust, faith and belief. Pay very close attention as we guide you with repetitive thoughts and feelings that are inspiring, uplifting and loving. Our words will always only be as such. Trust that this guidance is divine in origin. We are working closely with you always. Your guardian angels are well by your side supporting your every journey. We ask that you make your lives lighter by taking time to enjoy, play and nurture your inner child. Your journey towards your manifested desires need not be so stressful. Your life on earth need not be taken so seriously. Your creator is most joyous to see you in play and fun. These emotions are then aligned with high vibrations that will liberate you of all worry making your guidance more easily received. So dear ones have some fun! Take time for you as self love is the gateway to all love and those with an open and receptive heart will be easiest to receive their manifested desires. We love you always. All is well and always will be well. Angel Blessings