Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Saying Good Bye to Pedro

Recently I had to say good bye to a friend named Pedro. Pedro's life in this world came to an end and sadly to many his loss is being felt. Pedro was quite young and so losing him felt like being robbed of many years that could have been shared with him. I thought of the word loss and what it used to mean to me. Feeling like you've lost someone can come with feelings of sadness and grief. Knowing that you'll never see or be with someone can be quite devastating. However, recently I experienced a miracle that made me re-think if we ever lose anything or anyone.

Last March I was with a group of friends playing board games. We were sitting around a coffee table and at some point a crystal that I had been carrying in my pocket must have fallen out. When I got home I realized it was gone. This particular crystal was a smokey quartz crystal and I carried it with me whenever I traveled for work or vacation. I'm not sure why I had it with me on this particular night but I felt I needed it and following my intuition I placed it in my pocket. Smoky quartz is protective and grounding and it aids in the reduction of the effects of stress and can transmute fear, anger and other negative emotions into positive energies. It also has healing properties. Sadly it was gone and no where to be found.

Then last October I was traveling to Finland on business. I finished my packing three days before my trip and had my suitcase in the hallway all ready to go. On the day I was departing I came home from work to collect my bag. I threw in some last minute things for my trip and headed to shower. When it was time to leave for the airport I went to close my suitcase and to my total surprise there lay my smokey quartz crystal on top of my packed clothes as though it was perfectly placed! I stood stunned for some time. It certainly wasn't there up until I went to close my suit case. I could not believe my eyes. How did it get there? I didn't have much time to think as I had to catch a plane. I put the crystal in my pocket and told my parents on the way to the airport what had happened.

What I learned from this miracle is that nothing is ever lost. Everything is always a part of us even if it may not be physically with us. And if there is a purpose it will return. There was a reason for my crystal to leave me which I may never know. But when the timing was right it returned to me.

Like my crystal the people we've lost are also still a part of us and perhaps one day we will be reunited with them. All we need to do is continue to believe that they are and always will be with us. Nothing or no one is ever lost from our lives.

Every day is a miracle.

Angel Blessings to all.

In Memory Of Pedro