Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Divine Synchronicities in Chicago-Oprah Will Have to Wait

Chicago October 29, 2009.

I waited over two hours in line at Harpo Studios and everyone in front of me got in to a tapping of Oprah but me. I have to admit I was disappointed and with a big sigh off I went into the city of Chicago with no plans or ideas as to how I was going to spend my day. I started walking directionless thinking about the possibilities as I only had the one day to explore. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. As I was walking down Grand Ave. I coincidentally ran into my friend Terry from Toronto who happened to be in Chicago on holidays. He was out sight seeing so we quickly caught up and I asked him for some suggestions on how to spend my afternoon. Terry said to check out the water front, and also mentioned a couple of city parks and then he said a must see was the cities architectural tour which was on a boat. I thanked Terry for his suggestions and now with some ideas on what to do off I went.

Since I was closest to the water front I figured I'd go there first. But after I when I got there something didn't feel right so I decided to head down Michigan Ave. After a stop at Starbucks I continued my walk and happened to arrive at the point where the boat tour started for the architectural tour. It was 5:10pm and the next boat was leaving in five minutes. Perfect timing I thought and spontaneously jumped on the boat. The sun was setting around that time and getting a feel for the city by boat made for a perfect evening but I soon learned why this was called the windy city. I sat on the boat with my hands in my pocket trying to keep them warm while the wind blew heavily on my face. Shortly there after I began to feel a different kind of chill. The boat tour guide pointed to the spot where in 1871 a great fire began which was responsible for the destruction of Chicago. It seems that year was quite dry and according to legends told the Great Chicago Fire was started by a cow that belonged to an Irishwoman named Catherine O’Leary. She ran a neighborhood milk business from the barn behind her home and carelessly leaving a kerosene lantern in the barn after her evening milking, a cow kicked it over and ignited the hay on the floor. Cosequently, the city of Chicago was up in flames. As the tour guide was telling the story I started to feel even colder. I thought for a moment that the winds had perhaps picked up and the temperature was dropping. But then I realized what I was feeling were the presence of many spirits who had lost their lives in that fire.

That evening I started processing everything that had happened and as I tuned in I realized that my purpose for being there was to help these lost souls. It turns out there were 333 of them. As per the guidance of the Angels I called Arch Angel Azriel to help cross these souls into the light. All of them crossed over effortlessly. Then with the help of Arch Angel Michael I cleared the land from the energy of the trauma that had taken place. Whenever there is a fire, accident, murder etc. the energy from that incident still remains and so clearing that space of the negativity helps to lift the vibrations and the Angels do this by replacing that negativity with unconditional love.
Suddenly I wasn't so disappointed about missing Oprah. I realized the universe had orchestrated something bigger for me. Running into Terry was no coincidence. Everything was divinely synchronized for me to be there at that place and that time.
My Angels use the numbers 11 or 111 or even 1111 to let me know they are around. Now if you look at the date October 29, 2009, the 2 and the 9 in 29 add up to 11 and so this day was 11 11. Furthermore the boat I was on departed at 5:15pm and if you add up these numbers they add up to 11. Also my room number at my hotel that weekend added up to 11, my flight from Chicago arrived in Toronto at 5:15pm which adds up to 11 and even when I went to workout at the gym in my hotel I was given a key by the attendant for locker number 11. With all these signs it was quite clear to me that the Angels were with me all along the way.

My dear friends sometimes when we don't get what we want its because the universe has better plans for us. If we allow ourselves to be in the 'flow' with trust instead of feeling our disappointments we will always be guided to our higher purpose.

Everyday is a Miracle

Angel Healing Miracles and Love to ALL