Saturday, May 9, 2009

Look at the Moon

A full moon usually means sleepless nights for me. I can always tell there's one coming up. Like clockwork, two days before every full moon I'm charged with restless energy and unable to sleep. There's a magnitude of energy and mystery when it comes to the moon. It gives me this power and yet I have no idea what it's for. I suspect the lunar cycle and all it's properties will have a multitude of meaning in my life. Part of my lunar journey has shown me how our thoughts, like energy, are able to be sent and received. This was one of life's greatest lessons and miracles and it took a trip to Arkansas, USA to learn all about it.

I was on business in Fayetteville, Arkansas a few years back teaching workshops. After completing my first day of work I found myself alone in my hotel room and hungry. Not wanting to eat alone I did something I've never done before. I found someone online and invited him to join me. I figured the city was new to discover for me so I'd find someone who lived there who could show me around. Clay was the first person I met on a local chat line and within minutes of meeting him our comfort level grew.We weren't strangers after all, we chatted for five minutes before our meeting! Truthfully, we both have strong intuitive skills about people and I could see why there were no issues about us getting together. What was interesting was that Clay had never chatted with someone online either. This was new to both of us. I never felt there were any risks with meeting him. In contrary I felt comfort and looked forward to the adventure ahead of me.

Clay was in the rodeo at 16 and a special man in many ways. He was homeless and hungry on the streets, a victim of child abuse and left to fend for himself for much of his childhood. He ended up in foster homes were he was abused even more and then finally adopted by a well to do family. They had 3 girls and the father wanted a son. Only his adopted mother hated him and treated him as such. She felt like she failed by not giving her husband a son so she resented Clay. In his latter teens he started suffering from post traumatic stress from his childhood and his parents feared that his history was surfacing so they sent him to an orphanage to be left alone. He then made his way to the army and eventually married a girl who was pregnant with another man's baby. But he loved her and wanted to give the child a home. He provided her with a car and a house. She had a miscarriage but they latter had a son of their own. His name is Beau. Today Clay is a well known hair stylist and works on Rodeo drive in Los Angeles. He has clients that have him flown in from Arkansas that include celebrities. Back in Arkansas, Clay also works and volunteers with disabled children. He teaches sign language to deaf children. He's committed himself to helping children hoping never to see them abused or go hungry. He described what life was like being a dirty and hungry kid. It made my heart ache.

The only way to describe our time together was inspirational.He showed me how blissful a rainfall could be and would describe how it made him feel as it fell on his body. He would look at the simplest forms of nature, the sun, the clouds, the rainbows and describe the beauty in a such a way that I felt like I had let a life time of rainfalls slip me by. I feel like I've missed so much. I thanked him for making me feel and experience the beauty around me and for introducing me to it's existence. It was like learning to use my senses at a greater capacity. Clay pointed to a rainbow with excitement. Like a child seeing it for the first time, his eyes lit up. He would point to creeks and ponds and describe what type of animals lived there. He pointed to a lake and said watching the dew rise off the lake in the morning was a beautiful scene. I realized that while Clay was homeless these were the things that kept him going. He found life and beauty around him. It was his way of surviving and bringing meaning to his life. It wasn't about his home or car as he had no material possessions. And he's never forgotten any of it. He pointed out old barns with admiration. Things that were old held a lot of sentimental value for him. Even if he wasn't a part of it's history he would appreciate it as though it was a part of him. Looking at something old was like reading a story. It had a beginning and was full of life's experiences.

We had only a few short hours together and yet in that little time I brought home so much with me. I had to work the next morning and from there I was off to catch a plane back home. We said our goodbyes over the phone and from then onwards I couldn't stop thinking and processing all that I learned in that short period of priceless time.

A few days latter with more open and awareness I saw a beautiful full moon. I had discovered what it was like to have those child like eyes Clay had. For the first time I really noticed the moon's radiance. I had new eyes for sure. I decided to write Clay a text saying "Look at the Moon." I was about to hit send but realized that due to the time difference it was still day light in Arkansas and like everything Clay had shown me I wanted to share the same moon with him. So I saved the message in my drafts folder thinking I'd send it latter. A few hours had passed and I was having dinner with a friend. We were busy catching up as it had been some time that we had seen each other and not wanting to be rude I didn't want to pick up my phone to send Clay my text. During dinner my message indicator went off. To my surprise there was a message from Clay. There was a sense of urgency of wanting to read his message so I excused myself and read what he sent me. My eyes nearly popped out of my head and I stood up in utter amazement. Speechless and stunned I read it over and over again. There on my cell phone was a message from Clay and it read "Look at the Moon."

I realized that we don't have to know people for a life time to know who they are. I realized that time is no measure of a connection between people. I realized that our thoughts are always received by the people we are sending them to. I realized that if we only take the time to listen we can be fully aware of who is thinking about us and what it is they want us to know. I realized that when we are in spirit we are able to give and receive in so many ways, both to ourselves and to others. I realized that the moon is full of potential and mysterious energy.

I realized that every day is a miracle.

Angel Blessings to All.