Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Messages from the Angels: We Are Here to Help You Feel Safe

Dear loved ones. We do feel your concerns about your health and well being on your planet. There are concerns on many levels and the primary of which is a sense of insecurity in your lives. You're angels assure you that this is part of your experience on earth for growth. Much growth can only occur when you leave your comfort zones. Moving into unknown territory is your souls desire for expansion. Yet your EGO keeps you gripping to all that is familiar. We Angels are here to support you in all forms of growth and transitions. Know that your fear, though a normal experience may be all handled by us. We do realize you need to feel safe but there is no place to be safer then in the hands of your trusted Angels. God has given you many resources to turn to during all your difficult times. Earth is like a school and as you succeed it is similar to the passing of your grading system. Remember your sense of nervousness on your first day of school of each new grade. It came with excited nervousness but as you entered your classroom there stood your teacher to welcome you. Your guardian angel is much like that very teacher. We offer you comfort. We offer you ease. We offer you complete safety. So go now and take that step you've so been longing for. This period of energy is highly supportive. Pay attention to your thoughts, feelings and emotions as we use these aspects of all your senses in the form of trustworthy guidance. Propelling forward is as much as having trust and faith in your divine helpers. Know that all is well and always will be well.
Angel Blessings to ALL.