Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Messages from the Angels: This is a Time of Transition

Dear loved ones many of you are in transition at this time or wanting to create new movement in your life. Whether it's your career or relationships this period is a time for personal growth and development. Yes the  changes you are feeling are real. There is a planetary shift that you are all experiencing. Thus this change is not just at a personal level but effecting the planet globally. Transitions and or the desire for transition means that there are aspects of your lives in which doors must close. Space must be created for the new. Know that all is well at this time. It is part of the process and we understand the discomfort. Rest assured that by entrusting in us your fears about change will result in smoother change. Let passion be your guide. Allow passion to move you towards your desires. Allow trust and faith to be the wings that carry you and passion be the driving force to move you forward. If you are feeling passion then know with certainty that it is the voice of your soul speaking to you to follow through with your desires. On the planetary level these shifts are being orchestrated to maintain balance and to create a new equilibrium as new energies and vibrations are being sent for your homes evolution. As the planet starts to shift into higher vibrations you too must synchronize your energies. Know that with certainty all is occurring for the greater good of all. You're only work is to listen to the voice of your soul. Pay attention to its nudges and urges. Take action upon inspiration. Notice the signs from us, your Angels. We are supporting you now and always. Angel Blessings for All