Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Review of the Luis Miguel Concert Toronto

The best way I can describe Luis Miguel? He is what you get when you combine Frank Sinatra, Julio Iglesias and Elvis. He's sultry, charismatic, exudes class and more importantly the voice of romance. Luis Miguel is in the most simplest form that he can offer himself to his fans. There are no theatrics, fancy costume changes or re-engineered sounds to entertain us. His presence and voice along with the most classic sounds are all that he brings with him. This is the way he has always presented himself since the day his Latin sounds created waves of romantic tunes over two decades ago.

Luis Miguel walks on the stage with a smile on his face and all his fans welcome him with complete eagerness as they are fully aware of what they came to experience. Luis Miguel delivers as he classically does and not one fan is left disappointed. He's not an artist that has evolved into various genres to reach out to different audiences nor has he tried to re-invent himself over the years with a career that spans decades. He's stayed true to his classical Latin based romantic ballads and songs. His music has lived eternally one generation to the next and has remained completely timeless. One way could say that Luis Miguel has never gone out of style.

Luis Miguel has the power to open your heart and to feel the vibration of romance and love. It didn't matter if you spoke or understood Spanish or if you were single. You could feel this frequency and on this particular night in Toronto we we're all blessed to experience it together. Connecting to the frequency of romance is such revitalizing feeling. It heightens all your sense and allows the heart chakra to expand. If you are single and looking to attract romance consider opening these channels by listening to the music of Luis Miguel. Connecting to this frequency and creating the feeling of romance can help align you with attracting romance in your life.

At one moment during the concert I felt like all time had stood still. I was drawn into the music as though I was in complete concentrated meditation. I realized in this powerful moment that I wasn't in the future and I wasn't in the past. In fact I found myself in the very presence of the moment. And for the first time in a long time I was in my body and fully experiencing all that there was to experience. My heat started to expand and allowed myself to connect energetically with everyone in the auditorium. As Luis Miguel lead us with his lyrics I found myself in increased expansion. Trying to explain a feeling in words can sometimes be lost in translation. However, I realized once again how powerful music has on our spirit and that Luis Miguel has the incredible gift to bring us all together this way.

Every moment we have is an opportunity to experience all the beauty that exists in our lives. It's only when we can bring ourselves to a state of complete presence can we really appreciate every moment and take notice of everything around us. Otherwise when were caught in our mindful chatter we can miss out on the very simple things that remind us of the beauty in life. I love going to concerts because they allow me to experience life in the presence and in this way I somehow feel like it allows me to just feel at a greater depth. I'm great full to Luis Miguel for helping me find moments like this through his music. His classical, simple and timeless music showed me how it easy it is to make time stand still and in that moment to just be present.

Every day is a Miracle

Angel Blessings to ALL