Sunday, January 18, 2015

Messages from the Angels: Learn to Receive Before You Learn to Ask

Dear loved ones: Open up your arms and heart and be fully receptive to all the gifts God and the angels have to offer you. It is imperative that you learn to receive before you can learn to ask. All your prayers are heard and being answered but will fall to the way side if you yourself are not open and receptive to all that you are asking for. Your frustrations continue when you chose to declare yourself unworthy, undeserving and a low priority to God. Your troubles can be easily put behind you. Declare your self worth. As you do this you declare that you are just as important as any and all of God's children. That is not selfish. That is an act of self love. All love is yours when you demonstrate self love. Pay close attention to your thoughts, feelings and the subtle voice in your head. These are how our messages are passed on to you. They will always feel uplifting, positive and supportive. Guidance does not come with any type of fear. Guidance will easily come to those who believe and expect it. Angel Blessings to ALL.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Has God Abandoned My Father?

     My family and I had to move My Father into a nursing home. This was his biggest fear as well ours. It was the last thing we wanted to do but we had no choice. Given his physical and mental decline in health we were faced with no alternative. Of course we all want what's best for him but then we were also feeling some sort of guilt as we knew this was not what any of us wanted. As we walked through the hallways I saw the residents with various forms physical and mental morbidities I was feeling waves of a variety of emotions. It wasn't my first time in a nursing home. My grand mother was in one for years. However, this time I felt a deep sense of heaviness. I kept my thoughts focused on the fact that we were doing what was best for dad. But I couldn't help but wonder for a moment if God had abandoned dad as well as all these people?

      I went into my usual introspective self to evaluate how I was feeling. I hoped to shine light on my dark thoughts to get a better perspective on what was really happening. This was a moment where I had to examine and choose the belief systems that keep me connected to my inner being and the path to God. I reminded myself of the quote from Oprah Winfrey which I mentioned in my previous post titled  The Truth About How I Am Doing"What you think in life is happening to you is really happening for you." And as I contemplate this quote a lot  deeper for me it breaks it down like this, we have one of two choices in which path to live our lives. We can either decide to be a victim and choose the path of 'victimization consciousness.' Or we can choose God, the path of 'personal empowerment.'

What's the difference?

The Victim

  • Choses to see the world as a place where there are negative events happening TO them
  • Blame others for what's wrong in their own lives
  • Often seek revenge on others
  • Stay stuck in their 'story' and wants everyone to hear their 'story'
  • Draining to be around
  • Feels stuck in their lives and unable to move forward
  • Often feels and complains of being abandoned
  • Feel helpless and sorry for themselves. "Why me?"
  • Thinks that personal power is something that you give or take away to get what you want
  • Chooses Fear

The Empowered

  • Choses to see the world as a place where everything is happening FOR them
  • Aligns themselves with the power of God and knows that that is their true source of power
  • Take responsibility for their actions and lives
  • Look for the meaning and what they can learn from every situation and person
  • Uplifting to be around
  • Knows that God has given them tools to overcome every challenge and obstacle
  • Never feels alone and believes in the presence of the existence of the divine within
  • Never complains
  • Utilizes their personal power with love always
  • Chooses love

        The path of personal empowerment is the path of love. It is the path to God. Its living life knowing that everything is happening for a reason and is perfectly in divine order. Its knowing that there is always a lesson attached to each situation for our soul. And that every person and the circumstance are all perfectly created for our souls growth. Our job is not to judge. Not to blame. Not to make excuses but to learn our lessons. By seeking to learn we are operating from a higher level of consciousness. Those that chose to look to blame will only cause self inflicted suffering. This lower level of consciousness will keep a person trapped in a viscous karmic cycle where lessons are repeated painfully over and over again. Evolution and growth for the victim is not possible until they choose the path of empowerment. How you respond to every situation is a choice and the outcome will be depended on whether you choose love or fear.

        If you are buying into abandonment consciousness then you believe that God put us on this planet and left us alone till we die. It doesn't make sense to me that God would leave his own children without tools, resources, teachers and his own supervision till their death. The victim chooses to see that there is separation between them and God and between them and everyone else. The empowered believes in unity consciousness. That we are all one and the divinity of God is within everything and everyone.

The victim asks the question "why me?" The empowered says "Thank you." The victim says "I got screwed over again." The empowered says "What do I need to learn from this situation? And no matter what happens I know I will be a better person because of it."


Is God trying to teach me something?
When  I sat down to internalize what was happening to my dad and all those people in the nursing home I realized that every soul is getting exactly what they need. By choosing to see them as suffering then I am only bringing fear energy to them and myself. We all have our journey to live and with that comes our own contracts and lessons to learn. To align myself with the true source of my power I can only surrender all and leave it in the hands of our master. I can also choose to pray to lessen their burdens and ask for grace for every person.

         The only way to truly shift from the 'victim' to the 'empowered' is to surrender. I remember one time I lost my driver's license. I looked and looked everywhere for it. I of course knew that everything happens for a reason and so when I sat with it and prayed the message I received from my angels was "to stop trying to do everything on my own and let God and the Angels take over" I had all this divine help except I thought I had to do it alone. I went and got a new license as the old one no longer served me. By losing that license I also let go of an old belief system that "I was alone." From then on I chose to surrender and recognize I am always supported. My new license reflected my new identity.

        When we pray and ask for help it's up to us to then open our arms and hearts and be willing to receive Gods help. Victimized pray and then block themselves from receiving help. They don't think their prayers are being heard. They think God is too busy helping others or that they aren't worthy of his help. Those that are in alignment with Gods grace and power pray and are willing to receive the help they are asking for knowing that their prayers are always answered. They don't worry about the 'how's.' Its like when you place an order in a restaurant you don't go into the kitchen and show the chef how to make your dish. Once your order is placed you leave in the trusting hand of the waiter and chef to bring your food to you. Prayers work to same way. Once we ask we surrender and leave the task in God's hands.

        And finally there is a gift, treasure or lesson in every situation. But if we are not looking for it chances are we will miss it. The gifts and treasures will always liberate you. It will leave you feeling expanded, light and transformed. I believe that there are many gifts in this whole situation with moving dad into a nursing home. For one thing, it has brought me closer to many people. It has helped me appreciate my parents a lot more. In fact I feel each day with a greater sense of gratitude. I'm more grateful for my own health. I've also realized how important it is for me to feel and experience connection with others. And I am sure that many more gifts will be revealed in time. 

        What I've learned is I cannot chose how to feel for my dad or the residents in the nursing home but I can decide how to feel for myself as we all have free will. In fact in every moment and in every situation we will always be faced with a choice. It is always up to us to decide whether we will choose the path of the victim or the path of the empowered. There are no other options. It's one or the other. 

        If you think victimized thoughts you will experience it's consequences. If you think empowering thoughts you will experience it's consequences.  If you're not sure where to start on creating an empowered life start with empowering thoughts. Here are some affirmations you can use to stay empowered and release all the negativity associated with victimization consciousness.

  • My power is  Mine and I use it in  loving ways 

  • I align myself with the power of God because that is the only true source of my power

  • All praise is due to Allah

        How we chose to view our lives and the vibration we hold is always impacting us and all those around us. In that moment when I was walking down the corridor of my dads nursing home I was faced with a choice. That choice would impact me, my dad, my family and everyone in the nursing home. Our choices can create positive or negative emotions, experiences and relationships. By embracing the presence of the divine and affirming our personal power can only lead to complete evolution and transformation. The impact of that is limitless. And the power to chose lies within our selves. Always.

Angel Blessings to ALL

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Today for my Birthday I Chose Not Make Wishes. I Will Only Say "Thank You!"

       I woke up this morning a 44 year old man and contemplated while laying in bed how I wanted to spend my day. As part of my ritual each morning I start with a prayer for gratitude and this particular day as I went on to list all the things I was grateful for it struck me. Why not dedicate my whole day to feeling gratitude? I decided to do all the things that I love but also the things that I was grateful for. I would focus on creating day all around feeling gratitude.  I would make no wishes this year. I would only say "Thank You." Excited and eager I jumped out of my bed and began my day.

My First Birthday

     I am grateful for many things. I am grateful for God and the Angels, for their unconditional love, guidance and support, for breathe, for life, for each day, for the love that surrounds and fills me, for my health and body, for my parents and all they have done for me, for my friends,  and for so much more. But I thought I would highlight some of the events of today and how they enriched the feeling of gratitude.

    I am grateful for having food and how it nourishes my body with nutrients. I made a chocolate protein omelet, sliced red peppers and steel cut oatmeal for a power house breakfast to fill me and give me energy for the day ahead.

      Next stop Starbucks! I am grateful for Starbucks for giving me my free birthday drink! A ginger bread latte! Definitely a treat for special occasions like my birthday! 

         I am grateful for my body and for all the wonderful things it does for me and allows me to do! So my next stop was the gym. Working out for me is about self care. My motivation is self love as opposed to guild and punishment. By doing so I am showing my body that I care about myself. Today I choose to celebrate the 44 years I have had this body. I will continue to treat it with respect, kindness and appreciation by exercising regularly.

      I am grateful for my mom for the special woman that she is. Today we went for a birthday lunch just the two of us. I"m grateful I got to spend time with her and share a moment I'll always remember. I decided to interview her and ask her questions about me. Here's what she had to say!

Here are some special moments of our time together!

         I am grateful for my dad. And although he's in a nursing home at this time I got to interview him as well. I also asked him questions about me and here's what dad had to say!

       I am grateful for friends and the opportunity to experience connection. Spontaneously I met up with my friend Ambreen today who's in town visiting. We've been friends since we were kids and though we live in different countries we were blessed with a moment today to come together and connect. Friends are important and nothing beats quality time in which you can share your lives with each other. Ambreen surprised me by getting the whole coffee shop to sing happy birthday to me! Another moment and another gift I'll always treasure that made my 44th birthday extra special. Gratitude created more moments of gratitude!

Reunited and it feels so good!

          So today instead of making wishes when I blew my candle I decided to just say "Thank You!"

     I believe the one thing that can shift any situation in our lives is gratitude. Gratitude allows us to look at our lives with fulfillment. We see everything from an abundance consciousness versus lack. It allows us to focus on what we have as opposed to what we don't have. When we feel gratitude we open our hearts to receive. Gratitude creates feelings of joy. When we feel joy everyone and every aspect of our lives benefits even those we don't know. A lady came up to our table and said she had been quite touched as she watched my mom and I celebrate my birthday. She wished me happy birthday and said she was so moved she had to come over and say hello to us. Joy is contagious. When you feel it others do too!

         And finally I am grateful for my guardian angel. I know with certainty that in my life I have been carried lifted and supported through every moment. I do believe that my guardian angel has two very big wings. One is named 'trust' and the other is named 'faith.' 

What are you grateful today in this moment? Can you carry that feeling throughout your day every day? Imagine what your life would be like if you always felt gratitude. 

Gratitude made my birthday special. It gave me gifts as moment's I'll always treasure.
To everyone who's path I've crossed, to all my friends and family and to anyone reading the pages of this blog I say to you "Thank you."

Angel Blessings to ALL




Thursday, January 1, 2015

My Prayer for You for this Year: 2015

My prayer for you all is that you are in the best of health, filled with the love of God, feel connected to the spirit of joy, your life is overflowing with abundance, you wake up each day feeling gratitude and peace, dream bigger then you ever have, that each of your desires are fulfilled and that you are surrounded by people who support and lift you up higher and that you deserve this and so much more then you can ever imagine. Sending love love and more love to you all. Angel Blessings to ALL

New Year's Day Messages from the Angels:January 1, 2015

Dear Loved ones: Today begin a new leaf on your lives and the way in which you direct yourselves here on your earthly plane. We support your every intention. For in your heart lies your souls desires and the path it longs to be directed. On this new day on this new year know that all dreams are possible. Set time to be in silence and heart centred. Focus on your intentions. Those that are led by the spirit force are most promising. Make note or write your intentions, pray on them and then release and surrender them over to the hands of the Angels. We the messengers are here to assist in delivering to you all your dreams. But be open that God's plan is greater then yours. Allow your minds to be flexible as to how your dreams will be delivered. Have your heart open and receptive to all that which your creator has to offer. Be not limited in your desires but offer a welcoming heart and space for all the potential in the universe has for you. For your creator is more than eager and ready to give you more then you could ever imagine for yourselves. Release all over to us including your worries, doubts, frustrations and fears. Leave unto us the task at hand with only your trust and faith. Begin each day, feel throughout each day and end each day in only Gratitude.
Angel Blessings to ALL