Monday, August 3, 2009

Miracles in Melbourne: A Promise from Life Time's Ago Completed

Miracles in Melbourne: A Promise from Life Time’s Ago Completed

July 23, 2009 Melbourne Australia The night of the solar Eclipse

Dear friends I recently returned from Melbourne where I taught a series of fitness related workshops and master classes. Although that was the original intention for traveling to Australia I had deep feelings that this trip would serve a much greater purpose. The magnitude of which is so great that when I look back I realize there was just no way of predicting what was to come. I caught up with my friend Andrew one night for Chinese food at a popular restaurant recommended by his friend Hayden who joined us as well. It was my first time meeting Hayden. He was a man who’s frame and size could appear intimidating to most with a structure having won body building contests but pleasantly he surprised me with his mild and welcoming nature. We got along instantly. Within a few minutes of talking to him Hayden mentioned that he didn’t like the energy in his apartment. He woke up every morning with negative thoughts and feeling drained. He couldn’t wait to get away from his apartment and when he did he felt much better. The building was brand new and he’d only been living there less then a year. Trusting my instinct and despite not having said much to Hayden about my gifts I told him that there were definitely three spirits that I could think of that were present in his place. He looked at me with open mindedness yet with this look of bewilderment. Hayden didn’t have a lot of knowledge with the afterlife but he nonetheless didn’t resist what I was presenting. I felt a strong sense of urgency to go over to his place after dinner to investigate. I suggested I have a look around but that I felt we needed to do it that night. Without any hesitation Hayden completely supported the idea.

As we approached the area called “the Docklands” I realized that I had taught a workshop around the corner from his apartment. I remember feeling uneasy after my session but chalked it up to jet lag. I felt a lot of fatigue but there was an uneasy feeling that I can’t describe. The Docklands is a brand new suburb that’s only 2 years old built complete with many new apartments, offices, shops, and amenities all along a water front harbor. There was even an amusement park with a Ferris wheel replicated after the one in London England however, it had never worked. There was structural damage that prevented it from operating and it was in need of major repair. Then as we walked toward the entrance of the building I felt resistance as though there were forces or someone trying to keep us out of the building. Once we got to his apartment I tuned in and to my surprise I discovered that there were in fact 44 spirits in the building. At first I thought we were over a burial site but what I saw were images of a battle and in that battle there was a group of aboriginals who were defending their land. I immediately realized that these 44 spirits had died in that battle. Still defending their land they were trying to get the tenets of the new building to leave. I tuned in to ask the Angels for what I was to do. At first with the help of Arch Angel Michael I was able to clear all the negative fear based energy that was still present on the land. Then I was guided to ask Arch Angel Azriel to help the earth bound souls cross over and that if there were any souls resisting to go into the light to put them in a waiting room where other Angels could come and educate and support these souls toward the light. I was then guided to raise the vibration of the land, building and all the people with heart resonance energy HRT.

At first I was a bit taken back by what had just happened. But then I also knew that my work wasn’t complete. What I also knew was that I was going to be returning back in two days to the very same area to teach another workshop at the YMCA on Core Training. I looked at Hayden and Andrew and I said to them “I feel like I have more work to do here.”

The next day I went on the internet and researched the Docklands. What I learned was that in the 1700’s there were many battles that took place over the land. I immediately had flash backs of being in one of the battles and that I had died in one of them.

My guides informed me that I had to return as there was more for me to do. The next day my friend Marietta drove me over. I was guided to divide Docklands into three sections and to repeat what I did in Hayden’s apartment. In the first section I crossed over 300 souls. In the second there were 450 and in the third there were 600. The third section took me to where the Ferris wheel was. As before, I cleared all the fear energy that remained from the battle and raised the vibration of the land to that of God’s unconditional Love with the help of Angels. Once all the clearings were complete I had a past life memory in which I had made a promise to one day return and help all my people that died in that battle. I had one of the most wondrous moments I have ever had in this life time. Right in front of me I had completed and kept a promise that I had made since the 1700’s. The words I write on this page can in no way ever come close to how I felt in that moment.

To All my Light Workers I wanted to share this experience with you. We are all here in this lifetime to fulfill our promises and complete our karma's. We all have a Divine mission and which may not always be clear to us. I originally thought I was going to Australia to teach courses. I knew my intuition told me that there was a bigger reason for my travel. I didn’t need to know all the details in the moment I planned my trip. I just needed to follow my guidance.

I wish for you ALL Light where there may be doubts and the need to just TRUST. In any journey we don’t need to know the destination. We just have to take each step with faith and the knowing that we are all being lead in the perfect way to the perfect place.

Angel Miracles and LOVE to you ALL.