Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Journey with RyanDan October 7,2009.

Well here I am with so much to offer
Nothing to do but be here today
Giving myself it's the best I can do if I'm needed
Use my strength in anyway

If we all work together
We would be stronger
If we all open our eyes
We could see further
If we all stand tall enough no one can beat us
If we all hold our hands up high we can carry the world

And all I ask is that we be honest
Do what we can if we're gonna stay
I want to make you a promise
Love and understanding
Is the game I want to play

These are the lyrics to the song "High" by RyanDan. This was the first song they sang and it clearly set the tone for what was to come the rest of the evening. The vibrations of their songs, their music, their intentions and their ever present honesty and authenticity created an energy in the room that every person felt. It's no wonder that intensity was so purely high as being twin brothers they were able to create twice the power.

To listen to RyanDan sing is to experience a journey. It was one I could only feel for days and then was finally able to put into words after the show. I chose to express what I felt so that others could experience it as well. Even if you weren't there I'm hoping that this review will allow you to journey with me much the same way.

I was blessed with the opportunity to meet Ryan and Dan prior to the show. Speaking with them personally only confirmed what always drew me to their music. That these two elevated souls have been given a special gift to use their voices to transcend incredible heart energy to all their listeners. I experience this vibration every time I listen to their CD self titled "RyanDan." What's interesting is that I originally bought their CD after reading an article about them in the Thornhill Post newspaper. My gut told me that Saturday morning I needed to get that CD. Without having listened to any of the tracks prior to reading the article I headed to the music store and purchased it that same day. I popped it into my CD player and immediately felt it's powerful vibration. I remember hoping that some day I'd be able to hear them live and that I'd also have the opportunity to meet them. And this night both of my wishes came true.

Now sitting in the audience the incredible journey began as I started to connect and be open to the energy that they were sending. This is the part that was so powerful. I noticed my body start to relax and become gentle. I felt my facial muscles let go of tension and I began to smile. My breathing was deep yet light. And then my awareness was ever so drawn toward my heart where it stayed for the duration of the concert. I realized that my heart was opening wide. And I felt my heart continuously expanding as they sang every lyric. Sitting next to me was Canadian Olympian Alexandria Orlando and my friend. I felt as though a connection was growing from my heart to hers but this connection continued to grow beyond the two of us. As I looked around I could see the looks on the faces of the others and I could see that they were consciously or unconsciously having the same experience. I looked up to the people sitting on the balcony and I knew they too were feeling the same way. I realized that what was happening was that the hearts of everyone in the room were not only expanding like mine but were connecting with all those in the room. A vibrational growth had taken place and in that moment created the feeling of expansion as well as oneness with everyone in the room. Suddenly their lyrics had taken on life. The words were now a reality. And as they sang coming from a place of positive intentions their authenticity not only grew with us but we became a part of an experience, one that we were having individually as well as with everyone in the room.

When they sang "Tears of an Angel," a song written about their three year old niece who had a brain tumor, their journey was our journey and we became part of their experience feeling everything they were feeling.

Now sitting here and reflecting on how we felt during the show it would be best described as a freeing of our spirit and feeling connected with our true self. There was a balance of energy flowing to and from our hearts. It was knowing what it is to feel joy and special because I was able to share it together with all these people. Whether you knew each other or not it didn't matter. Our oneness was expressed and experienced through their music.

When our spirit is free and open we have the power to attract all the things we desire. It keeps us in a flow that allows us to move through each day with grace and ease. It keeps our hearts light and open so that we are able to give and receive from our hearts. It breaks down all barriers so that we can see and feel our similarities and look past our differences. It connects our souls together so we can do great things for ourselves and for others. And most importantly "High" vibrations have the powerful effect of healing.

All these things are possible and I'm so great full to RyanDan as through their gifts and with music we were able to experience the magnificence of our spirits come alive and the unlimited potential we have when we are connected with ourselves and with others.

Thank You RyanDan

Every Day is a miracle.

Angel Miracles and Love to ALL.