Thursday, January 23, 2014

Messages from the Angels: Divine Help is Ever Present

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones the answers you seek truly lie within. In all your chaos and drama are the distractions that keep you from the truth. Note that this is the ego's way of deterring you. Sit still and listen. Spend time in nature. Ask us for a positive perspective and then listen. Our voice is much more reassuring than that of the ego. Our voice is far positive than that of the ego. Our voice will give you steps to move in a positive direction. It will uplift you. It will make you feel comforted and loved. This is all that you need to know. The miracles are here for you now. You're divine help is ever present and would never abandon you. Begin with a pure intention, one that is based in love. Leave the rest for us. Angel Blessings to ALL

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Messages from the Angels: Sadness is an Ilusion

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones we feel your heart heavy at this time. Know that all sadness is but an illusion. It's when you've closed the blinds of your windows so you cannot see what is outside. Rest assured all things do pass. We are here in support of your every step in your life path. In addition to your most trusted Guardian Angels are also your Archangels. Archangels are able to transmute all sadness and any fear to create a life journey based in love, harmony, peace and absolutely happiness. To activate this you must choose it. As within lies your choice and free will. Asking for our assistance is simply a thought away. We will disarm and remove the vary blocks that are freeing you to your happiest days right now. Angel Blessings to ALL

Monday, January 13, 2014

Messages from the Angels: Have a Clear Vision

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones do you have a clear vision of what it is that you want? A vision will pull you through and transcend this situation to a brighter one. A vision will give you clarity especially when it comes from your deepest hearts desire. Staying heart centered and knowing your desires will offer much to a path in your life that is free from confusion and free from chaos. Clear your cluttered thoughts that do not serve you and fill the space with yo...ur hearts desire. Offer us your clearest vision and we will be most happy to assist in all which is required in it's manifestation. Begin with the question "what do I really want?" Stay still in silence and allow the connection to your Source to deliver and help create the vision. This will allow your vision to come from an intention that is based in love. Let this Source be your guide now and always. Angel blessings to ALL

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Messages from the Angels: The Gateway to Prosperity

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones we hear your worries and fears about not having enough prosperity in your lives. Prosperity is all yours to have if it is what you desire. Know that as we guide you toward your goals and dreams we only have that which is for your highest good in mind. Each step is guided with the intention for your growth and the betterment of your soul. Your life path is designed to lead you toward the divine. And prosperity is only that which comes as a consequence to this journey. Seek to know yourself. You're truest self. Seek to learn what is in your heart and open the gateway to learning of this truth. Rest assured that prosperity is all yours to have. Be certain that you are worthy for all the good God has to offer you. But we advise you to set your intentions to learn the greatest truth and without a doubt prosperity shall flow towards you with grace and love. Angel Blessings to AlL

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Guided Clearing and Prayer for Our Planet

The Angels are guiding me to do a general clearing today. Dear Archangel Michael, I call upon you now to please cleanse our planet and home of all fear and toxicity from known and unknown sources. Please vacuum the effects of fear on the planet, the land, water, animals and all people. We ask that our home be infused with only love and that of God's pure light. Please allow us to move forward knowing we are protected on all levels and that our every thought, actions and intentions are based only in love. Please provide us with all the resources we need to awaken to our fullest potential and that we lead a path based in God's vision for us. We ask that our home be a sacred space of joy, harmony, peace and love for all. Please awaken those that continue to choose a life based in fear. Help all politicians and world leaders know that leadership can come from love. Give them the knowledge and understanding of what makes a heart change. Help them see that when you open someones heart you have the capacity to make changes in the world that are egoless and embody oneness. Dear God provide us with grace and ease. Give us the opportunity to leave behind a sacred legacy for the generations to come. And so it is Angel Blessings to ALL