Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Messages from the Angels: These May be Times of Choas

Dear loved ones. Though this seems like a period of chaos and instability recognize with faith that all is being orchestrated for your highest good. This is a time to not allow yourself to be carried away by the turbulence but to take charge of your life in positive ways. See that there is a lighter future but in the mean time turn toward prayers and affirmations. This is the time to seek deeper spiritual meaning and know that there are important lessons for your growth unfolding. Ask "What am I to learn from this situation?" "How will I become a better person?" You're spirit seeks to expand. This requires swimming into the deeper and unknown waters which you are not used to. Expansion and growth requires feeling uncomfortable. Allow this discomfort as reassurance and not fear that you are on your path. When in doubt turn over any fears and doubts over to us. Everything is how it needs to be right now. Look past the illusions and see that all is in perfect divine order. Angel Blessings to ALL