Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Messages from the Angels: Choose Happiness Now

Dear Loved Ones: Many of you at this time are going through significant life changes. During this transition do not the energy of conflict and obstacles distort you from the truth that happiness is in your future. In fact you are a co-creator to your life.  You have been given the free will choose how you feel at any given point of time in your earthly lives. Positive thoughts will create a positive outcome. Negative thoughts will create a false sense of separation between yourself and the Divine. You are continuously connected as child who's umbilical chord is connected to it's mother. This chord, that connects you to the Divine is eternal and supports you with all your supply. Chose to remember this and you will flow through your apparent obstacles. Fear will only weaken you. Your emphasis of where you place your thoughts and feelings will ground you and help you to steer your emotions away from all that keeps you off the path of happiness. Be happy now. Do not think that if and when you get what it is that you want that you will find happiness. It is at every moment of time in your earth lives to chose, feel, express and vibrate happiness. That is your divine right. Remember always you have us THE ANGELS Gods helpers and direct light extensions of God to service and help you. Simply ask for our assistance and then with absolute trust and faith know that we will cary you through all of your worldly problems. Now and always. Angel Blessings to ALL