Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Messages from the Angels: Guidance to Help with Anger and Anxiety

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones at this time in particular the energies on your planet are intensifying and as such we are hear to transmit guidance and give you tools to ease your way through the turbulence. Many of you may have been feeling strong and intense emotions including anger and anxiety. Some of you may have felt this emotion surface without warning even leaving you surprisedat your own behaviour and responses to simple circumstances. The energies on the planet are acting like a high lighter illuminating all that which you must take notice as lower energy that needs to be cleared to create peace. Simply call upon us to help clear all the lower energies gracefully to prevent any unnecessary stresses in your lives. We will immediately go to work by showering you with pure light and love and help to wash away all lower energies. Be still as we work or if you prefer while you sleep. With this heaviness cleared you will be in a better place physically and emotionally. At this time we suggest that you consider a life review and prioritize to take action in moving to that which serves your over all well being. Begin with self care and all the rest will fall harmoniously in place. Angel Blessings to ALL