Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Prayer for Assistance During Mercury Retrograde

Dear God, as the energies on our planet are intense at this time we ask you for extra support, comfort, love and to be wrapped and protected in your love and light. Give us grace to ease our way through time periods of undue suffering. Help to remind us that like all things this to shall pass. Lift away all our burdens and supply us with all the necessary resources we need for all our tasks at hand. Help keep our relationships strong, stable and filled with love. Show us an illuminated path to walk as we may be lost and confused at times. God we know there is no moment in this life time without your presence. We ask that you penetrate your divine light through us and let this light carry us forward through all our troublesome times. You are the golden thread that pulls us through everything no matter how hard we perceive our issues. We thank you for your continued love and for all your divine help including your divine messengers. We thank you for ease, peace, harmony and all our well being. And we thank you just because there is no other way to feel your presence then in just gratitude.
And so it is.
Angel Blessings to ALL.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Messages from the Angels: Miraculous Healings are Possible

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones. We are here in support of all your physical and emotional ailments. Arch Angel Raphael is readily available to all of you for any and all physical illness you may be going through. Call on him by name and ask for his help. Call on him with receptivity, open heartedness and gratitude. Know that his green light will be ever present at all times as soon as you ask for him. Pay attention to his suggestions through your thoughts and feelings as he guides you through your healing journey. All miracles are possible. The healing you desire is possible. Visualize your desire. Hold the vision of your greatest physical result and know that without doubt it will be your desired outcome or that which is aligned for your greatest good.
Angel Blessings to ALL

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Super Full Moon Prayer: Please read at 8PM in your Time Zone June 23, 2013

Dear God,
Today I declare that abundant blessings are here for me now. A new doorway of abundance is here, one that I couldn't even dream of. God you have created ways to shower my life with your light, love and glory. I am open and receptive to all that has been delivered to me. I am thankful and will find ways to continue to be of service to you.
I am thankful that I am blessed with the miracle of life and given another day to experience your greatness. I am also blessed with peace. I flow in life with peace. I attract situations and people that reflect my inner state of peace. It is evident in my life that my existence is all from a place of peace.
I ask you God to bring peace to everyone on the planet. Please bring them all protection, guidance and liberate us  from any and all fears in every aspect of our lives.
This full moon we surrender, release and let go of all our fears. We agree to walk our lives with trust, courage and faith knowing that our path is illuminated in your light.
And so it is.
Angel Blessings to ALL

Monday, June 17, 2013

Messages from the Angels: You're Children Need YOU at this Time

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones we ask at this time that you pay special and close attention to your children and the children around you. This is a period of high sensitivities on the planet and your children are in need of your extra attention and support. This is an opportunity to be of service to children by being role models, leaders and to show them they have your support and love. Even if you just take a moment to hug them. They'll feel your presence and support. Find ways to lift them when they are down and spend time with them in play. The children on your planet are in need of this special attention at this time. Steer them from all lower frequency images on your television and music on your radio's. Allow their attention to be drawn toward positive images and words. Use your words around them to only let them feel love. Take a moment to detox their environment so that they do not absorb heavy energies. Every child is vulnerable and deserving of your love. Angel Blessings to ALL

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Messages from the Angels: This is the Time for Action

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones we wish to reinforce to you at this time that this is the time for action. There is no need for further validation or questioning. Your inner guidance, that which is connected to the Divine is the highest form of assurance that is already endowed to you. Trust your feelings and emotions for that which serves your highest and greatest good is encouraging you to act accordingly. When you feel a sense of expansion, lightness and all feelings positive know that your truest power is speaking to you. Ask us to transmute your fears, doubts and worries. When you act from your truest place, the place of divine connection know that only that outcome which is in your favour is the only possibility.
Angel Blessings to ALL

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Prayer: Dear God Please Give US Grace

Dear God,
I am pouring my heart out to you today and asking for Grace for us all. Please let your light flow through us and penetrate our every being so that our every thought, words and actions are all led and moved by you. Please let everyone receive the benefit of your light and love. Let us live our lives knowing that your light and love is our only truth. It is who we really are. Let us realize that we are all really a part of you. We are one and the same and that everything else is just an illusion. God grant us this Grace and let it liberate us all to feel only love, peace, harmony and joy. And so it is.
Thank YOU.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Messages from the Angels: Play Time is Essential

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones. It's time to put your troubles, worries and busy schedules aside and introduce time for play. Playful times are necessary for leading you to a more balanced life. It creates renewed energy, joy and time to connect with your lighter self. Play time can also create opportunities that are beyond your imagination including developing new relationships and improving existing ones. Don't rely on your hard hours of work alone to create progress and sense of accomplishment alone. Play time is a necessary component to making all your dreams come true. In your playful state you are more relaxed, present and in a state of receptivity of our divine messages. We encourage you to find fun things to do every day. Angel Blessings to ALL

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Messages from the Angels: Trust and Take Action Now

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones we can't stress enough when we say that the feelings you are getting are real. We ask that you pay close attention to thoughts that require you to take necessary action. You have seeked and prayed for solutions to your crisis and life circumstances. The answers do lie within and are within reach. That inner feeling and inner voice is coming from God. We urge you to be well with those feelings and take action now. There is no need to have others validate or confirm your feeling. This is the time to trust. This is the time to know with certainty that you have and are the solution. Angel Blessings to ALL