Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Messages from the Angels: The Time is Now

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones, yes the time is now. The time has come for you to charge forward and not to take no for an answer. The time is now for you to turn on the light. That is the light in you. It's time for you to take your responsibilities to raise the vibration of your home called Earth. The inner urge for you to step into your life purpose is now. That inner purpose is your first and primary purpose. It is by no chance that you are feeling that you want to take action and be of assistance to your brothers, sisters and the planet at large. For as you begin to turn on your light you will see that there are others awakening and ready to do the same. Ask for our assistance and we will provide you with courage, faith and trust. Step forward. We support you. God is grateful for your loving efforts. Angel Blessings to ALL.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Messages from the Angels: Guidance for Peace

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones. We hear you suffer and your desire for peace. I want peace you say? We ask that you begin by choosing kinder words when referring to yourself. Peace begins when you feel peace within, by choosing kinder words you will draw forth kinder people, kinder situations and ultimately the peace you look outside for. Lesson your search efforts for this peace you keep looking for. For there is no where to look but to begin within. Change your thoughts. Change your inner well being and the result can only be the peace your hearts desires.
Angel Blessings to ALL

Monday, March 11, 2013

Messages from the Angels: There's Nothing to Worry About

Dear Loved Ones: Many of you spend timeless effort and energy in worry. We assure you that when you turn to our assistance there is nothing to worry about. We offer assistance to any situation and concern. We ask that you turn over your anger, guilt, fears in every situation to us as it is our pleasure to help. Spend time day dreaming as in this state you are relaxed and we can easily offer our guidance to you. Pay attention to loving thoughts, feelings and visions as though you were watching a movie. Rest assured we will be there to help you. Angel Blessings to ALL

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Prayer to Help us at this time: Dear God and the Angels

Dear God and the Angels, we ask you tonight to take away the heaviness, anger, guilt and all fear. We realize that as we go through our process we forget who we really are and that these toxic thoughts and emotions cloud us from the truth. We ask for your support to carry us through our difficult times. Help us stay heart centered and in alignment with the truth of our being. Remind us of who we are so that we see that we are not our thoughts. Let us only know that love is our truth. That love is where we came from and that love is ALL that we are. Walk with us knowing that in God we BE. And so it is. Angel Blessings to ALL

Monday, March 4, 2013

Messages from the Angels: Spend Time in Nature

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones, yes we understand the intensities and emotions are high during this time period. Rest assured we do hear your prayers and we offer our assistance at this time by suggesting you spend time in nature. Nature allows for the purification's of toxic thoughts and emotions that weigh you so heavily. Even if you can spend five minutes in nature the results will be a clearer mind set, clearer body and assist to balance you. Spending time in nature will ground you and remind you that your support is here for you now and always. When you are in a clearer state you will best be able to know of our guidance. Angel Blessings to ALL