Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Soul Lesson

Recently I had a reading with Sonia Choquette, a vibrational healer and psychic. Sonia is one of my greatest spiritual teachers and I've learned so much from her and her books. She told me that in many of my past lives, the love that I received came from a place of projection. People loved me for the role that I played in their lives but that love was not real. I had positioned myself as an entertainer or in various ways to feel special in the eyes of my beholders. This was how I got people to love me. And so people thought they loved me but no one really knew me. None of that love was real.The main reason for this was that I just didn't let people in. She said that in this life one of my soul lessons was to learn what real love was. In this life I've positioned myself much the same way. My lesson is to learn what real intimacy is, but in order for me to do that I have to let people get to know "me."

It started to become clear to me as the universe always supported this lesson by providing me with all the signs. And recently it was quite evident. I've become real good friends with a couple named Tony and Cathy. Although we haven't known each other for too long, we have been able to make, what I call, a soul connection rather quickly. It's like we've known each other for years. In fact I'd say many life times. The familiarity of our relationship was quite strong and meeting them was more like a reunion then an introduction. I must add that this is not unusual for me.

Tony really wanted me to hear this song as he was sure I'd like it. It's called "Need to Feel Loved" by Reflkt. Tony was quite persistent that I hear the song and so I did not knowing that it was about to have an incredible impact on me. When the song played I was captured by the sound and drawn to the lyrics. Something struck me but at the time I didn't say much to Tony as I needed to digest what was going on inside of me. It was as if something took over me and the feeling was of magnetism. But as to what or why I was unclear.

A few days latter I couldn't stop thinking about the song so I looked up the lyrics. It turns out that the song was about a relationship where love came from place of projection. Suddenly I began to see why I was drawn to it. There was obviously a deep message in the lyrics for me. Much like my previous lives, as described by Sonia, the woman in the song is positioning herself to feel love from her lover. But not the deep real love that she really wants.

As I sat and read the lyrics multiple times I had visions of my previous lives. In my meditations I saw that Tony and I had shared five previous lives as lovers and the lyrics of the song described our past life relationships. In some of those lives I was the man and in others I was the woman. Regardless, the soul lesson then was still the same as it is now. I realized that in this lifetime Tony had returned to me as a friend/messenger and reminded me of my soul lesson through this song.

I believe that lessons we don't learn are brought to us in the best possible circumstances for us to learn them. The universe is so reliable. It makes it easy for us. We just have to pay attention. Only when we listen and feel we begin to make the connection. It deepens our awareness of why we're here and what we have to learn.

When we're drawn to certain people, places, songs etc. we are opening ourselves to learn the meaning and the purpose they serve in our lives.

I'm really great full to all my teachers and my messengers.

Every day is a miracle.

Angel Hugs and Blessings

Need to Feel Loved

Come catch me babe,
I’m falling

Come and catch a fire baby,
Don't let me fade away,
Don't let me fade away

Come and catch a feeling, it's electrifying me
Free falling baby, awake before I’m down
Awake before I’m down

Come and touch me baby, I need to feel loved
Come hold me babe, I need to feel loved
I need to feel loved

Come catch a fire, don’t let me fade away
Come catch a fire baby, don’t let me fade away
Come catch a feeling, it’s electrifying me
Eyes wide open, I'm dreaming

Breathe for me baby, awake before I'm down
Come hold me baby, I need to feel loved
I’m in love…in love... (2x)

I'm in love...

I'm in love... in love... in love (2x)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

January 4th 2009 My Birthday A New Beginning

January 4, 2009 marks my 38th birthday as well as the birth of a whole new me. It gives me great pleasure to publish my first new blog! This is an opportunity to finally express all that I am as every aspect of my life mind, body and spirit are now coming together and I feel like I've just began.

Up until now most people have known me as Farhan the physiotherapist, International presenter and writer. A select few who I felt safe enough to share with knew of a deeper soul who was sharing, learning and studying everything to do with spirit. For the one's who never saw this side of me it was because I feared your judgments. I feared your skepticism. I feared your rejection. I feared the unknown. To all those fears I now send light and love. Since last year I've deepened my relationship with my soul and much of who I really am started to surface. Most of my life I've felt a disconnection with people or a sense that I was different and none of it made any sense to me. But once I embraced who I was all thoughts of separation began to fade. I just didn't know who I was so how could I identify with others?

Today I embrace my purpose and that is to help people feel special. My job on this planet is make people feel good about themselves and to help them see their own worthiness. In order for me to do this I had to let my natural given gifts shine through. I opened the gateway of communication to my Angels and Spirit Guides and this has provided me with a portal of guidance beyond my wildest dreams. Today I fully step into my role and I'm letting the world know who I really am.
I've fully embraced my Angelic nature and as an Earth Angel I will shine my wings feeling whole, complete and with a greater sense of purpose.

What does this all mean? I've beautifully merged in the most natural way my physiotherapy, presenting and writing career with my spiritual development into the job title of "SPIRITUAL PERSONAL TRAINER"

It is my commitment to myself and my purpose that I fully step into and embrace my path with the intention of being of service. I now feel I have better power in being of the best help I can be to anyone who requires my services.

I will shortly be launching a new website that will in more detail outline my new path. I'm very excited about this. The whole process has been a miracle and the development of the site has much universal assistance through the support of my Guides and Angels.

My future plans are to continue as an International Presenter only now my topics will expand to reflect every aspect of my growth. I feel the fitness industry is only scratching the surface of spirit. Traditionally mind and body have been covered quite well. Please refer to my new site with a list of all my new and exciting topics. I have so much to teach about spirit and without which we could never really live a life of harmony and balance.

I also plan on writing more including this blog. I am setting the intention to use my writing to inspire, motivate and heal. I invite you to journey with me by subscribing to my blog. This is an opportunity for us to share our knowledge and so I offer your feedback at all times. I am always both teacher and student.

I am also committing to support charities that help our most vulnerable. It is my hope to have every child in the world feel safe, have food, clothing, health and education. I am personally asking you to make the same commitment. I need your help. Here's where we all can make a difference. I encourage to find a way to help the children.

I will continue to keep you posted as to the further developments of my future. As I said I've only just began and there is so much more still to come. It feels a relief to be able to share all this with you. I feel like I've allowed you all to know me. The veils are now lifted. I look forward to what lies ahead. In the path that got me here is in the same path in which lies my faith and trust. I surrender to my journey and allow guidance to steer me.

I thank my Angels and Spirit Guides for their unconditional love and support. I am thankful for all the known and the unknown. Every day is a miracle

Angel Hugs and Blessings