Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Review of the Ricky Martin Concert "MAS" Tour"

The first images are of a Ricky Martin bound with chains as though he's completely imprisoned. As I sat and watched I was caught in the awe of anticipation and symbolism of what I was seeing. There was a Ricky Martin just wanting so badly to break free. Perhaps the chains represented his internal struggles and a man wanting to unleash himself to show the world who he really is. The chains finally broke free and Ricky Martin was free to be himself and for us this night in Toronto he was ours!

Ricky Martin steps on the stage and for the next two hours he opened the door and let you in to his world. He invited you in with welcome arms and allowed us to become a part of it. He gathered us all and like a wonderful host he entertained us with music, dancing and inspiration. He revealed to us that he's not just an entertainer. He is a humanitarian who's here to use his music to move our spirits and to remind the world that we are all part of this experience together. "You and I are one." Ricky took the stage and created a platform for a powerful movement designed to change the world through simple yet profound messages.

I have to admit I have felt the anticipation for this concert for a long time. I've attended many concerts with Ricky Martin and I've experienced incredible vibrations at his shows before. However, I wasn't expecting to be taken to such another level. Ricky proved to us all that he could do it better then ever. He took us to a place that was beyond my imagination. I'll try my best to put in words. Like the other times, I wish I could keep the vibration alive. And as always I felt as though I didn't get enough. This is the power of Ricky Martin. What was different about this concert? Ricky gave us more of himself then he ever has before. And he did this without fear.

The first message of the night Ricky shares with us is " I am Love, Truth, Light, and Music. " And he stayed true to these words throughout the entire night. His authenticity was real and felt by all. He captivated us with his pureness and genuineness. It didn't matter what your background or age was. Ricky has the power to take a song and make it reach a multitude of generations, cultures and sexes. And his audience last night was reflective of this. Not many artists can create a fan base this vast. Ricky Martin gave us more performance and less special effects then he has in the past. The dancers and the singing took the stage and chose to engage us with their talents and their hearts. The audience felt their commitment to us. I was lucky enough to meet them after the show. Their commitment extended past the stage as they eagerly met all the fans taking pictures and videos of us showing their appreciation.

Ricky as always takes you on a journey in his show. Whats consistent, and all Ricky Martin fans will agree, his pure heart and humble soul over take and transcends you beyond his hip shaking seductive moves. You can't help but feel as though your soul has been touched. He somehow manages to make your spirit get up and dance. Your body is doing the dancing but its your spirit leading every move. And that is a very powerful feeling. The vibration in that room was so high that no one could explain what had happened. Somethings you just can't put into words. All I know as that when I looked around Ricky had us right where he wanted us. And who wouldn't trust him to let him have his way with us? After all his only method of seduction was his pure authenticity. And that was clearly evident. I wouldn't say Ricky Martin where's his heart on his sleeve. I'd say it's everything he is.

The Ricky Martin tour is titled "Musica+ Alma+ Sexo" which translates to Music+ Soul+Sex. However the title was far from what you walked away with. This concert delivered a lot more then it promised. And in typical Ricky Martin fashion, no one was let down. We walked away wanting more. It's clear that Ricky Martin has evolved in his journey. Hes discovered more of who he is and that is having a positive effect on his career as an artist. His music is a far more symbolic expression of his growth. What's wonderful to see is that he's not afraid to reveal this side of himself. In fact his fearless about expressing himself and I find that confidence very sexy.

Ricky Martin has always been about uniting the world with his music. And he proved that again in this show. But now his purpose has moved to a deeper level. His passions originate for music, dance and art. However, it's evolved to his passion for equality. It's not just about using music to unite people. Ricky IS a voice for equality. And this is a purpose that suits him well. Ricky's message was quite clear and he was there to take s stand about his feelings. Music is the right platform for him and he delivers the message well.

Ricky Martin's message of sexuality is another aspect to his personal growth that he shared with us and again with no fear. Here's where I see his confidence in himself really surface. He's on a sofa with his dancers simulating sexual acts with various forms of partnering. Guys with guys, girls with girls and guys with girls. I remember in that famous interview with Barbara Walters in 2000 where Martin said "sexuality should not be an issue for anyone." And he proves that he meant those words. Martin does walk his talk and he does it well. I see this part of the show as not necessarily a reflection of his bedroom but certainly of his belief system in how he views the world. He exemplified that everyone should feel free to love who they want.

And then came the most important message of all. As one of his dancers artistically told the tale of a young man who wanted to be himself but felt the pressure of pleasing his parents. He told the story of a young child who didn't want to be a failure to his parents because he was gay. His journey was about the discovery of his authentic self. Even though his parents didn't approve of him that it was the love of self that is the love that set him free. Free to be himself. Free to be me. The message Ricky sends is love your self. There's no failure in that. Only freedom.

Ricky Martin has a beautiful way of using his music to bring people together and to share universal messages of love. His CD and tour may be called "Musica +Alma+ Sexo" but what it all boils down to is that final message "YOU = ME" "Tu=Yo"I saw written on his shirt as he sang "The Best Thing About Me Is You". And with that Ricky ended his show by saying "you and me we are all the same" as he walked off the stage to the sounds of screaming fans.

Ricky Martin has integrated his personal growth with music beautifully. Without sounding political he has proven that his mission in life is beyond his music. His success is not about selling out to sold out concert theaters but to raise the vibration of the planet by unifying people from all over. I believe Martin is continuing to evoke an incredible soul journey and life purpose. One that I feel he's just discovering. I am certain that the Ricky I saw last night was completely free of the chains that once imprisoned him.

How did his concert impact me? I see him as such an inspiration. Not just that he' s accomplished artist but he has used his platform to be a voice for humanity. That inspires me to do great things with my life too. I only hope that someday I'm able to have the type of impact that he has on so many people. I hope to do great things too. On my wall in my room are the words "God please use me as a vehicle to serve you in the grandest way that is higher then my purpose"

Angel Healing Miracles to ALL

Photograph by: Nalina Sacoor