Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Messages from the Angels

Dear loved ones we remind you today that you are most capable of being powerful when you are heart centered. Knowing the power of the divine within is knowing who you are and your purpose. We ask that you be aware that when you use your power from a place of love all Miracles are possible. Give the gift of thought, give the gift of LOVE to everyone everyday. For when you are aligned with this Divine Power you see that there is NO other form of power. Recognize that you are most worthy of receiving all the love that you are willing to give. It is your right to receive. Angel Christmas Blessings to ALL

Friday, December 14, 2012

Prayer for Healing and Peace

I want to think it's all a dream. When I wake there's no guns weapons or killings. Only peace within each of us and for each other. Calling all Angels. Please assist us to heal from all grief and wounds. Help us to see feel and send only love for ourselves and each other. Help our hearts feel light and wash away all the heaviness. Please Take the hands of all lost souls and carry them on your wings back home to their origin. Please let them rest in peace eternally. Angel Healing Blessings

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Angel Prayer: 12/12/12 for Abundance

 Dear Angels please help us release all thoughts, negative beliefs, karma and blue prints of poverty from all levels of our consciousness. Help us to regain our truth and live life knowing that we are entitled and deserving abundance in every aspect of our lives so that we may live each moment with the freedoms of our desires. Please grant us the knowledge, wisdom and guidance to live only at our fullest potential with faith and trust that we receive all that we ask for under grace and in perfect ways. Angel Abundant Blessings to ALL

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Messages from the Angels: December 5, 2012

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones many at this time are experiencing troubled times as a result of various conflicts in your lives. We ask you at this time to shift your perspective of the situation as an opportunity to learn from this situation. These are not 'blocks' but opportunities of learning. Look at each person in the situation as a teacher/messenger. Ask us to guide you through and carry you on our wings to higher vibrational thinking and provide resolution with ease. It is our opportunity to extend our relationship to you for you so that you may see that there are lighter times ahead. Angel Blessings to ALL