Saturday, August 12, 2017

Prayer for Peace

Dear God and the Angels we surrender to you all our fears, worries and and ask you to help us feel secure, safe, united, harmonious, peaceful and loved. Help us to detox all illusions that create separation and every thing that is dividing us from each other and from you. Please send us light wherever there is darkness and raise our vibrations to a place where all we know, experience and believe in is love and only love. Let the light you shine elevate us so we see our world that you have gifted us as beautiful, peaceful and a place where everyone may live as one. Let your light clear away all judgements so that we see only that which unites us in each other and in ourselves. We ask that all forms of hatred be transmuted. Dear God we know that every prayer is heard and every prayer is answered. We need your divine light and all your messengers to support us at this time. We, your light workers are leaning on you to aid us. Give us fortitude and amplify our abilities to be of service at this time. We surrender to you with faith and in knowing now more then ever that your love is the most powerful force in the universe. It is the universe. Let all else including false belief systems be lifted with grace and ease. Peace be with us. Peace be us. And so it is. Thank You. Angel Blessings to ALL.