Sunday, April 28, 2013

Messages from the Angels: Help is Here Now

Dear loved ones. You are not alone. This period of conflict is due to end soon. We ask at this time that you take a moment and begin with breath. By taking conscious breathes you are giving yourself an opportunity to invite divines help. Once in state of peace we will be able to best guide your next steps. We hear your prayer as no prayer is unheard. We assure you that seeking our counsel is the first the step toward your resolution. We also suggest that you ask your earthly friends for help. This is an opportunity to receive the help you deserve. We recognize that there are times when you feel isolation and carrying the weight of the world on your own shoulder. Come into ease, breathe and be assured that help is here now. Each moment is an opportunity for you to strengthen your relationship with the divine. Every moment is a miracle. Angel Blessings to ALL


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Messages from the Angels: The time is now to Take Back Your Power

 Dear loved ones. Many of you are experiencing high feelings of sensitivity. We realize that you are perhaps tired, emotional and feeling withdrawn. Please recognize that this is the time to preserve and gather up your spiritual energy and power to push forward. Your manifestation of your greatest dreams and desires is here and now completely possible. We ask you to take back your God Given power from all sources of leakage and ask us for signs to guide you one step at a time toward your goals. The moment is now. Let go of doubts, let go of fatigue and let go of all talk of the ego as all this will only hinder you from achieving your goals. We remind you that you are fully surrounded and equipped with all the divine support you need. There is an endless source of energy for you to tap into. Ask for it and it is yours. Angel Blessings to ALL

Prayer: "This is the End"

Dear God,
Today I declare that this is the end of all self sabatoge thoughts, actions and beliefs in all areas of my life and in all directions of my life times. Past, present and future.
I declare that I am free of fear and allowing only the light, that is YOUR light to flow through me. I release all resistance in my life and chose to be carried by and be in the flow of your grace. I flow with ease in life knowing fully that *I am the whisper on your breath. I surrender to you and let go of the need to control my life. I surrender all my fears to you. I give gratitude knowing that *I may be uncertain of my future but I do know that you are the one that holds my future in your hands.
And so it is.
*Some exerpts taken from Oprah Winfrey

Monday, April 15, 2013

Prayers for Peace and a Time to Reclaim Our Power

Dear God and the Angels, we ask you in this time to help us feel peace. Please help us to feel peace again within ourselves so that our every thought, action and deed is based in peace. We realize that today our world has become chaotic. We are lost, confused and in need of your support. We pray that you carry us through these times so that we are once again reminded of who we really are. Let us open our hearts with love and allow that love to pour out to all our family, friends, neighbors and to the people of our world at large. Please let the concentration of this love be felt by all those effected by any form of hardship. Let this love carry them and make all their burdens light. Dear God let everyone be healed and feel only your divine light shine through them. Let us all be united, guided and feel your unconditional pure love. Let our power be reclaimed as we stand together knowing the truth of who we are.  Let there be no doubt that real power comes from the Power of Love Always. And so it is. Angel Blessings to ALL.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Messages from the Angels: It's Time for Self Care

Dear loved ones its time for some retreat, rest and personal care. You've neglected yourselves and we assure you that when you take care of yourselves everyone benefits. There is no need for guilt as you are deserving of time for you. When are in that space of making yourself a priority you are emphasizing your own importance. There also lies the discovery of your self. You're God self. As you ascend in your spiritual practice you fill find the need to take care of your personal body. Honor the home of your soul as it is the expression of your being; your form. There is no need to worry about any sort of harm to you. As you have taken steps toward your God Self God will also continue to take care of you. Angel Blessings to ALL

Thursday, April 11, 2013

What is My Purpose? Finally the Answer to your question!

What is my purpose? I'm sure many of you have asked this question at some point in your life time. We all have wondered or questioned the meaning of life and how we fit in? Perhaps at this time you are lost? Confused? Unsure about what it all means? Why are you on this earth? Sound familiar?

Some of you can relate to this when I say that my purpose means I have to do great things that people will admire and I'll win a huge award for. Are you here to cure cancer? Get a Nobel prize? Or give up your life and serve humanity like Mother Theresa did. This all sounds great and perhaps may be true for a small percentage of you. But your purpose actually begins first with an internal realization. A realization that is foremost required before you go out and try and save the world.

Let me break this down to you simply. First of all wake up! Yes wake up! This isn't all about you. This isn't about serving you and only you. That old age egocentric way of living is so old school and it's not going to fly any more. Not in this new world. And for the sake of the future of our home, planet earth.
You're purpose is to wake up and realize firstly that you are part of a whole picture. That your every being, from your thoughts, actions and or lack there of are always contributing or taking away from the collective whole. We are one. And so if you chose to awaken you have chosen to know this consciously. That is you are aware that your every thought is having an impact on the collective, including your family, friends and the people of the world at large. Now think about this for a second. That means that experience everyone is going through is being experienced by everyone. Everyone's illness, success, disease, happiness, laughter, anger, joy etc. is truly everyone's experience. So now let me ask you this. How are YOU contributing?

The basis of your life purpose is to consciously be aware that you are in fact a part of the bigger picture. And subsequently your main purpose in life is to be of service. When we are of service we are contributing to consciousness as a whole including ourselves. Service comes in all forms. And at the most basic level it starts with our very own thoughts. Our thoughts are either adding or taking away from everybody's experience. Thoughts have power and cumulatively have an overall effect on us all. Thoughts that are based in love will ultimately lead to actions that are loving and therefore only create positive circumstances. Thoughts based in fear create fear based outcomes that lead to destruction, confusion and all things negative. Love and fear can never co-exist. It's one or the other. No exceptions.
So be conscious of your thoughts as what you think is YOUR choice.

Once your awakened you'll naturally want to fall into a job that fulfills you. There are many careers that have the potential to be of service. But you don't have to be doctor or a physiotherapist like myself. When you do something with passion and find ways to be of service to the people around you you are living your life purpose. How are you being of service in your current job? How are you able to help others? What else can you do now?

However,  if you're still looking for ways to serve and find your purpose try writing, reciting this prayer "Dar God how may I serve you? Please use me as a vehicle to serve you in many different ways in my life. Thank you" I have this phrase posted on my wall so I can see it every day.

Where you are now is your purpose. The people around you at present are there for a reason. Always begin with gratitude. There are many reasons to be thankful for where you are at now. When we are grateful we operate from a higher frequency. Try starting your day with a gratitude journal. I have one at work I keep at my desk. I start by writing at least five things that I'm grateful for.

Finding your purpose isn't all that complicated. Ask not what is the right career for you? But ask to be guided how you can turn your passions into ways in which can best help others. The door to a more meaningful life and purpose driven life starts with knowing that we are all one. When you come from this place you are already there!

Angel Blessings to ALL

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Prayer for the Children

Prayer for the Children: Dear God and the Angels We thank you for protecting our children. We thank you for providing them with support, love, compassion, strength, courage and healing on all levels. We ask you to reach into the hearts of every child that is feeling pain, isolation, loneliness and fear and vacuum these heavy emotions. Please let each and every child know that they are loved, cherished, treasured and deserving of all their dreams. Wrap your wings around every child tonight hugging them with your warmth and let parents know that they too are supported in all ways. Please let us all sleep tonight rest assured that as the sun rises and we awaken that we are reminded again of the miracle of life. Let us look forward to only experiencing joy, laughter and imagination with our children. Let each moment with them be honored, respected and appreciated. They are a gift to us all. Angel Blessings to the Children. Angel Blessings to ALL

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Messages from the Angels: You Are Not Alone

 Dear loved ones this is the moment of drastic changes in your lives and we hear your concerns and prayers. We ask that you turn and surrender your anger, confusion and worry to us as we guide you through the perceived turmoil. Know that heaven has plans for you beyond your imagination and the faster you let go and LET GOD the faster you will reap the benefits of the outcome which we assure you is positive. Begin with the awareness that this is all part of the plan and all is in divine order. No one has left you alone and no one but God and the Angels will walk you through. We send our unconditional love. You are not alone. Angel Blessings to ALL

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Messages from the Angels: Guidance for Success

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones your desire to achieve success is being withheld much like when you apply your foot on the gas pedal and the break at the same time. Begin by seeing and visualizing the success you so desire. Sit with this feeling to see if it holds true to your heart. Then ask the angels to cut all negative chords, old patterns and beliefs that hold you back. You must be willing to let go of all that which is holding wasted space. For this only creates stuck energy. Clear out all the old and unnecessary items that you cling so dearly. For only when you create space can you allow newness to enter your lives. Liberate your selves and be willing to receive. All that you wish for is in your hands. Angel Blessings to ALL