Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Journey with RyanDan October 7,2009.

Well here I am with so much to offer
Nothing to do but be here today
Giving myself it's the best I can do if I'm needed
Use my strength in anyway

If we all work together
We would be stronger
If we all open our eyes
We could see further
If we all stand tall enough no one can beat us
If we all hold our hands up high we can carry the world

And all I ask is that we be honest
Do what we can if we're gonna stay
I want to make you a promise
Love and understanding
Is the game I want to play

These are the lyrics to the song "High" by RyanDan. This was the first song they sang and it clearly set the tone for what was to come the rest of the evening. The vibrations of their songs, their music, their intentions and their ever present honesty and authenticity created an energy in the room that every person felt. It's no wonder that intensity was so purely high as being twin brothers they were able to create twice the power.

To listen to RyanDan sing is to experience a journey. It was one I could only feel for days and then was finally able to put into words after the show. I chose to express what I felt so that others could experience it as well. Even if you weren't there I'm hoping that this review will allow you to journey with me much the same way.

I was blessed with the opportunity to meet Ryan and Dan prior to the show. Speaking with them personally only confirmed what always drew me to their music. That these two elevated souls have been given a special gift to use their voices to transcend incredible heart energy to all their listeners. I experience this vibration every time I listen to their CD self titled "RyanDan." What's interesting is that I originally bought their CD after reading an article about them in the Thornhill Post newspaper. My gut told me that Saturday morning I needed to get that CD. Without having listened to any of the tracks prior to reading the article I headed to the music store and purchased it that same day. I popped it into my CD player and immediately felt it's powerful vibration. I remember hoping that some day I'd be able to hear them live and that I'd also have the opportunity to meet them. And this night both of my wishes came true.

Now sitting in the audience the incredible journey began as I started to connect and be open to the energy that they were sending. This is the part that was so powerful. I noticed my body start to relax and become gentle. I felt my facial muscles let go of tension and I began to smile. My breathing was deep yet light. And then my awareness was ever so drawn toward my heart where it stayed for the duration of the concert. I realized that my heart was opening wide. And I felt my heart continuously expanding as they sang every lyric. Sitting next to me was Canadian Olympian Alexandria Orlando and my friend. I felt as though a connection was growing from my heart to hers but this connection continued to grow beyond the two of us. As I looked around I could see the looks on the faces of the others and I could see that they were consciously or unconsciously having the same experience. I looked up to the people sitting on the balcony and I knew they too were feeling the same way. I realized that what was happening was that the hearts of everyone in the room were not only expanding like mine but were connecting with all those in the room. A vibrational growth had taken place and in that moment created the feeling of expansion as well as oneness with everyone in the room. Suddenly their lyrics had taken on life. The words were now a reality. And as they sang coming from a place of positive intentions their authenticity not only grew with us but we became a part of an experience, one that we were having individually as well as with everyone in the room.

When they sang "Tears of an Angel," a song written about their three year old niece who had a brain tumor, their journey was our journey and we became part of their experience feeling everything they were feeling.

Now sitting here and reflecting on how we felt during the show it would be best described as a freeing of our spirit and feeling connected with our true self. There was a balance of energy flowing to and from our hearts. It was knowing what it is to feel joy and special because I was able to share it together with all these people. Whether you knew each other or not it didn't matter. Our oneness was expressed and experienced through their music.

When our spirit is free and open we have the power to attract all the things we desire. It keeps us in a flow that allows us to move through each day with grace and ease. It keeps our hearts light and open so that we are able to give and receive from our hearts. It breaks down all barriers so that we can see and feel our similarities and look past our differences. It connects our souls together so we can do great things for ourselves and for others. And most importantly "High" vibrations have the powerful effect of healing.

All these things are possible and I'm so great full to RyanDan as through their gifts and with music we were able to experience the magnificence of our spirits come alive and the unlimited potential we have when we are connected with ourselves and with others.

Thank You RyanDan

Every Day is a miracle.

Angel Miracles and Love to ALL.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Miracles in Melbourne: A Promise from Life Time's Ago Completed

Miracles in Melbourne: A Promise from Life Time’s Ago Completed

July 23, 2009 Melbourne Australia The night of the solar Eclipse

Dear friends I recently returned from Melbourne where I taught a series of fitness related workshops and master classes. Although that was the original intention for traveling to Australia I had deep feelings that this trip would serve a much greater purpose. The magnitude of which is so great that when I look back I realize there was just no way of predicting what was to come. I caught up with my friend Andrew one night for Chinese food at a popular restaurant recommended by his friend Hayden who joined us as well. It was my first time meeting Hayden. He was a man who’s frame and size could appear intimidating to most with a structure having won body building contests but pleasantly he surprised me with his mild and welcoming nature. We got along instantly. Within a few minutes of talking to him Hayden mentioned that he didn’t like the energy in his apartment. He woke up every morning with negative thoughts and feeling drained. He couldn’t wait to get away from his apartment and when he did he felt much better. The building was brand new and he’d only been living there less then a year. Trusting my instinct and despite not having said much to Hayden about my gifts I told him that there were definitely three spirits that I could think of that were present in his place. He looked at me with open mindedness yet with this look of bewilderment. Hayden didn’t have a lot of knowledge with the afterlife but he nonetheless didn’t resist what I was presenting. I felt a strong sense of urgency to go over to his place after dinner to investigate. I suggested I have a look around but that I felt we needed to do it that night. Without any hesitation Hayden completely supported the idea.

As we approached the area called “the Docklands” I realized that I had taught a workshop around the corner from his apartment. I remember feeling uneasy after my session but chalked it up to jet lag. I felt a lot of fatigue but there was an uneasy feeling that I can’t describe. The Docklands is a brand new suburb that’s only 2 years old built complete with many new apartments, offices, shops, and amenities all along a water front harbor. There was even an amusement park with a Ferris wheel replicated after the one in London England however, it had never worked. There was structural damage that prevented it from operating and it was in need of major repair. Then as we walked toward the entrance of the building I felt resistance as though there were forces or someone trying to keep us out of the building. Once we got to his apartment I tuned in and to my surprise I discovered that there were in fact 44 spirits in the building. At first I thought we were over a burial site but what I saw were images of a battle and in that battle there was a group of aboriginals who were defending their land. I immediately realized that these 44 spirits had died in that battle. Still defending their land they were trying to get the tenets of the new building to leave. I tuned in to ask the Angels for what I was to do. At first with the help of Arch Angel Michael I was able to clear all the negative fear based energy that was still present on the land. Then I was guided to ask Arch Angel Azriel to help the earth bound souls cross over and that if there were any souls resisting to go into the light to put them in a waiting room where other Angels could come and educate and support these souls toward the light. I was then guided to raise the vibration of the land, building and all the people with heart resonance energy HRT.

At first I was a bit taken back by what had just happened. But then I also knew that my work wasn’t complete. What I also knew was that I was going to be returning back in two days to the very same area to teach another workshop at the YMCA on Core Training. I looked at Hayden and Andrew and I said to them “I feel like I have more work to do here.”

The next day I went on the internet and researched the Docklands. What I learned was that in the 1700’s there were many battles that took place over the land. I immediately had flash backs of being in one of the battles and that I had died in one of them.

My guides informed me that I had to return as there was more for me to do. The next day my friend Marietta drove me over. I was guided to divide Docklands into three sections and to repeat what I did in Hayden’s apartment. In the first section I crossed over 300 souls. In the second there were 450 and in the third there were 600. The third section took me to where the Ferris wheel was. As before, I cleared all the fear energy that remained from the battle and raised the vibration of the land to that of God’s unconditional Love with the help of Angels. Once all the clearings were complete I had a past life memory in which I had made a promise to one day return and help all my people that died in that battle. I had one of the most wondrous moments I have ever had in this life time. Right in front of me I had completed and kept a promise that I had made since the 1700’s. The words I write on this page can in no way ever come close to how I felt in that moment.

To All my Light Workers I wanted to share this experience with you. We are all here in this lifetime to fulfill our promises and complete our karma's. We all have a Divine mission and which may not always be clear to us. I originally thought I was going to Australia to teach courses. I knew my intuition told me that there was a bigger reason for my travel. I didn’t need to know all the details in the moment I planned my trip. I just needed to follow my guidance.

I wish for you ALL Light where there may be doubts and the need to just TRUST. In any journey we don’t need to know the destination. We just have to take each step with faith and the knowing that we are all being lead in the perfect way to the perfect place.

Angel Miracles and LOVE to you ALL.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Look at the Moon

A full moon usually means sleepless nights for me. I can always tell there's one coming up. Like clockwork, two days before every full moon I'm charged with restless energy and unable to sleep. There's a magnitude of energy and mystery when it comes to the moon. It gives me this power and yet I have no idea what it's for. I suspect the lunar cycle and all it's properties will have a multitude of meaning in my life. Part of my lunar journey has shown me how our thoughts, like energy, are able to be sent and received. This was one of life's greatest lessons and miracles and it took a trip to Arkansas, USA to learn all about it.

I was on business in Fayetteville, Arkansas a few years back teaching workshops. After completing my first day of work I found myself alone in my hotel room and hungry. Not wanting to eat alone I did something I've never done before. I found someone online and invited him to join me. I figured the city was new to discover for me so I'd find someone who lived there who could show me around. Clay was the first person I met on a local chat line and within minutes of meeting him our comfort level grew.We weren't strangers after all, we chatted for five minutes before our meeting! Truthfully, we both have strong intuitive skills about people and I could see why there were no issues about us getting together. What was interesting was that Clay had never chatted with someone online either. This was new to both of us. I never felt there were any risks with meeting him. In contrary I felt comfort and looked forward to the adventure ahead of me.

Clay was in the rodeo at 16 and a special man in many ways. He was homeless and hungry on the streets, a victim of child abuse and left to fend for himself for much of his childhood. He ended up in foster homes were he was abused even more and then finally adopted by a well to do family. They had 3 girls and the father wanted a son. Only his adopted mother hated him and treated him as such. She felt like she failed by not giving her husband a son so she resented Clay. In his latter teens he started suffering from post traumatic stress from his childhood and his parents feared that his history was surfacing so they sent him to an orphanage to be left alone. He then made his way to the army and eventually married a girl who was pregnant with another man's baby. But he loved her and wanted to give the child a home. He provided her with a car and a house. She had a miscarriage but they latter had a son of their own. His name is Beau. Today Clay is a well known hair stylist and works on Rodeo drive in Los Angeles. He has clients that have him flown in from Arkansas that include celebrities. Back in Arkansas, Clay also works and volunteers with disabled children. He teaches sign language to deaf children. He's committed himself to helping children hoping never to see them abused or go hungry. He described what life was like being a dirty and hungry kid. It made my heart ache.

The only way to describe our time together was inspirational.He showed me how blissful a rainfall could be and would describe how it made him feel as it fell on his body. He would look at the simplest forms of nature, the sun, the clouds, the rainbows and describe the beauty in a such a way that I felt like I had let a life time of rainfalls slip me by. I feel like I've missed so much. I thanked him for making me feel and experience the beauty around me and for introducing me to it's existence. It was like learning to use my senses at a greater capacity. Clay pointed to a rainbow with excitement. Like a child seeing it for the first time, his eyes lit up. He would point to creeks and ponds and describe what type of animals lived there. He pointed to a lake and said watching the dew rise off the lake in the morning was a beautiful scene. I realized that while Clay was homeless these were the things that kept him going. He found life and beauty around him. It was his way of surviving and bringing meaning to his life. It wasn't about his home or car as he had no material possessions. And he's never forgotten any of it. He pointed out old barns with admiration. Things that were old held a lot of sentimental value for him. Even if he wasn't a part of it's history he would appreciate it as though it was a part of him. Looking at something old was like reading a story. It had a beginning and was full of life's experiences.

We had only a few short hours together and yet in that little time I brought home so much with me. I had to work the next morning and from there I was off to catch a plane back home. We said our goodbyes over the phone and from then onwards I couldn't stop thinking and processing all that I learned in that short period of priceless time.

A few days latter with more open and awareness I saw a beautiful full moon. I had discovered what it was like to have those child like eyes Clay had. For the first time I really noticed the moon's radiance. I had new eyes for sure. I decided to write Clay a text saying "Look at the Moon." I was about to hit send but realized that due to the time difference it was still day light in Arkansas and like everything Clay had shown me I wanted to share the same moon with him. So I saved the message in my drafts folder thinking I'd send it latter. A few hours had passed and I was having dinner with a friend. We were busy catching up as it had been some time that we had seen each other and not wanting to be rude I didn't want to pick up my phone to send Clay my text. During dinner my message indicator went off. To my surprise there was a message from Clay. There was a sense of urgency of wanting to read his message so I excused myself and read what he sent me. My eyes nearly popped out of my head and I stood up in utter amazement. Speechless and stunned I read it over and over again. There on my cell phone was a message from Clay and it read "Look at the Moon."

I realized that we don't have to know people for a life time to know who they are. I realized that time is no measure of a connection between people. I realized that our thoughts are always received by the people we are sending them to. I realized that if we only take the time to listen we can be fully aware of who is thinking about us and what it is they want us to know. I realized that when we are in spirit we are able to give and receive in so many ways, both to ourselves and to others. I realized that the moon is full of potential and mysterious energy.

I realized that every day is a miracle.

Angel Blessings to All.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Saying Good Bye to Pedro

Recently I had to say good bye to a friend named Pedro. Pedro's life in this world came to an end and sadly to many his loss is being felt. Pedro was quite young and so losing him felt like being robbed of many years that could have been shared with him. I thought of the word loss and what it used to mean to me. Feeling like you've lost someone can come with feelings of sadness and grief. Knowing that you'll never see or be with someone can be quite devastating. However, recently I experienced a miracle that made me re-think if we ever lose anything or anyone.

Last March I was with a group of friends playing board games. We were sitting around a coffee table and at some point a crystal that I had been carrying in my pocket must have fallen out. When I got home I realized it was gone. This particular crystal was a smokey quartz crystal and I carried it with me whenever I traveled for work or vacation. I'm not sure why I had it with me on this particular night but I felt I needed it and following my intuition I placed it in my pocket. Smoky quartz is protective and grounding and it aids in the reduction of the effects of stress and can transmute fear, anger and other negative emotions into positive energies. It also has healing properties. Sadly it was gone and no where to be found.

Then last October I was traveling to Finland on business. I finished my packing three days before my trip and had my suitcase in the hallway all ready to go. On the day I was departing I came home from work to collect my bag. I threw in some last minute things for my trip and headed to shower. When it was time to leave for the airport I went to close my suitcase and to my total surprise there lay my smokey quartz crystal on top of my packed clothes as though it was perfectly placed! I stood stunned for some time. It certainly wasn't there up until I went to close my suit case. I could not believe my eyes. How did it get there? I didn't have much time to think as I had to catch a plane. I put the crystal in my pocket and told my parents on the way to the airport what had happened.

What I learned from this miracle is that nothing is ever lost. Everything is always a part of us even if it may not be physically with us. And if there is a purpose it will return. There was a reason for my crystal to leave me which I may never know. But when the timing was right it returned to me.

Like my crystal the people we've lost are also still a part of us and perhaps one day we will be reunited with them. All we need to do is continue to believe that they are and always will be with us. Nothing or no one is ever lost from our lives.

Every day is a miracle.

Angel Blessings to all.

In Memory Of Pedro

Thursday, February 5, 2009

An Introspective Review of the Madonna Concert

Tic Toc Tic Toc is the sounds and much of the theme throughout Sticky and Sweet show and as one would expect from Madonna the messages are far from subliminal. The time is now and she is ever present as she steps onto the stage where she takes, like much of her life total control. The second Madonna appears and for the next two hours the stage is hers and she owns it. But that power was used in a positive way as a full house at the Air Canada Centre willingly goes anywhere she wants us to. And who wouldn’t? The vibration in the room soared from the first song and continued to climb as every participant contributed to an energy I’ve never felt. It was so strong that as I expanded with the crowd my connection to everyone and myself in that moment deepened. That type of energy has tremendous healing power. If there was a way to bottle it and take it home I would’ve. But for that moment in time I’m eternally grateful.

Tic Toc Tic Toc and so Madonna took us inside a candy shop and every emotion that a child feels in that space was experienced by everyone regardless of your age. It’s excitement, joy, thrill and the anticipation of which candy you longed to try. In this case we got to try it all. Every child’s dream come true. You couldn’t help but allow your inner child to come out and what’s worse you didn’t realize just how bad you needed it to. And so there we were embellishing the moment as Madonna, the mother nurtured us with all the candy we could ever desire. She brought our energies to the complete present and kept us in a place of bliss. No Self help book ever got me there like she did.

Tic Toc Tic Toc…What’s consistent about Madonna is that she continues to share through her music where she is in her life. She may take you back to an old favourite track but she’ll sing it to show the way her musicality and life has grown. My favourite example of this was when she sang Vogue. It was re-mixed to the back beat of 4 minutes and the dancing was a modern hip hop style choreography which proved you can show the world where you came from but more importantly where you are now. She’s still a lady with an attitude but perhaps a more mature one. It was brilliant to watch. It made me reflect where I was when Vogue was released. The type of person I was then and how I’ve grown to be the person that I am now. The past is wonderful place to visit but not to get stuck in.

Tic Toc Tic Toc No Madonna concert would be complete without reference to religion. There she stood in the centre of the Air Canada Centre and stage was rising into the ceiling and around her are written scriptures saying “From the light you came to the light you shall return.” And a Madonna with open arms looking into the ceiling welcomes this faith with trust and open heart. As she rose higher flames start to burn all around her as though cremating her. There’s a lot of symbolism here. I could go for hours on this part however one thing is quite clear, Madonna is in a place where she’s perhaps thinking of her own death and realizes the shortness of life. I see this as a reflection of a material girl grown up beyond the material world. I stood there watching her high above the crowd and couldn’t help but wonder what she was feeling in that moment? I thought to myself I wonder what it would be like to be there just for a minute. I wondered how it would feel.

Tic Toc Tic Toc “Be Good to Everyone” are the messages on the video screen. There are images of children hungry and dying. There are images of war and destruction. There are images of poverty and suffering. There are images of a planet that’s dying. And Madonna turns to us and says “and so what are you doing about it?” Tic Toc Tic Toc time is running out. Tic Toc Tic Toc the world is in a crises and Madonna says “the Time is Now.” And so there was probably the most important message of the night. Madonna made it clear that we were all responsible for change. She also made it clear that Obama was her choice in leading us there and with reference to the way in which Ghandi did. We are in place where the world needs a philanthropic leader.

Tic Toc Tic Toc The Time is NOW. So what are you going to do about it?

By: Farhan Dhalla

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Soul Lesson

Recently I had a reading with Sonia Choquette, a vibrational healer and psychic. Sonia is one of my greatest spiritual teachers and I've learned so much from her and her books. She told me that in many of my past lives, the love that I received came from a place of projection. People loved me for the role that I played in their lives but that love was not real. I had positioned myself as an entertainer or in various ways to feel special in the eyes of my beholders. This was how I got people to love me. And so people thought they loved me but no one really knew me. None of that love was real.The main reason for this was that I just didn't let people in. She said that in this life one of my soul lessons was to learn what real love was. In this life I've positioned myself much the same way. My lesson is to learn what real intimacy is, but in order for me to do that I have to let people get to know "me."

It started to become clear to me as the universe always supported this lesson by providing me with all the signs. And recently it was quite evident. I've become real good friends with a couple named Tony and Cathy. Although we haven't known each other for too long, we have been able to make, what I call, a soul connection rather quickly. It's like we've known each other for years. In fact I'd say many life times. The familiarity of our relationship was quite strong and meeting them was more like a reunion then an introduction. I must add that this is not unusual for me.

Tony really wanted me to hear this song as he was sure I'd like it. It's called "Need to Feel Loved" by Reflkt. Tony was quite persistent that I hear the song and so I did not knowing that it was about to have an incredible impact on me. When the song played I was captured by the sound and drawn to the lyrics. Something struck me but at the time I didn't say much to Tony as I needed to digest what was going on inside of me. It was as if something took over me and the feeling was of magnetism. But as to what or why I was unclear.

A few days latter I couldn't stop thinking about the song so I looked up the lyrics. It turns out that the song was about a relationship where love came from place of projection. Suddenly I began to see why I was drawn to it. There was obviously a deep message in the lyrics for me. Much like my previous lives, as described by Sonia, the woman in the song is positioning herself to feel love from her lover. But not the deep real love that she really wants.

As I sat and read the lyrics multiple times I had visions of my previous lives. In my meditations I saw that Tony and I had shared five previous lives as lovers and the lyrics of the song described our past life relationships. In some of those lives I was the man and in others I was the woman. Regardless, the soul lesson then was still the same as it is now. I realized that in this lifetime Tony had returned to me as a friend/messenger and reminded me of my soul lesson through this song.

I believe that lessons we don't learn are brought to us in the best possible circumstances for us to learn them. The universe is so reliable. It makes it easy for us. We just have to pay attention. Only when we listen and feel we begin to make the connection. It deepens our awareness of why we're here and what we have to learn.

When we're drawn to certain people, places, songs etc. we are opening ourselves to learn the meaning and the purpose they serve in our lives.

I'm really great full to all my teachers and my messengers.

Every day is a miracle.

Angel Hugs and Blessings

Need to Feel Loved

Come catch me babe,
I’m falling

Come and catch a fire baby,
Don't let me fade away,
Don't let me fade away

Come and catch a feeling, it's electrifying me
Free falling baby, awake before I’m down
Awake before I’m down

Come and touch me baby, I need to feel loved
Come hold me babe, I need to feel loved
I need to feel loved

Come catch a fire, don’t let me fade away
Come catch a fire baby, don’t let me fade away
Come catch a feeling, it’s electrifying me
Eyes wide open, I'm dreaming

Breathe for me baby, awake before I'm down
Come hold me baby, I need to feel loved
I’m in love…in love... (2x)

I'm in love...

I'm in love... in love... in love (2x)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

January 4th 2009 My Birthday A New Beginning

January 4, 2009 marks my 38th birthday as well as the birth of a whole new me. It gives me great pleasure to publish my first new blog! This is an opportunity to finally express all that I am as every aspect of my life mind, body and spirit are now coming together and I feel like I've just began.

Up until now most people have known me as Farhan the physiotherapist, International presenter and writer. A select few who I felt safe enough to share with knew of a deeper soul who was sharing, learning and studying everything to do with spirit. For the one's who never saw this side of me it was because I feared your judgments. I feared your skepticism. I feared your rejection. I feared the unknown. To all those fears I now send light and love. Since last year I've deepened my relationship with my soul and much of who I really am started to surface. Most of my life I've felt a disconnection with people or a sense that I was different and none of it made any sense to me. But once I embraced who I was all thoughts of separation began to fade. I just didn't know who I was so how could I identify with others?

Today I embrace my purpose and that is to help people feel special. My job on this planet is make people feel good about themselves and to help them see their own worthiness. In order for me to do this I had to let my natural given gifts shine through. I opened the gateway of communication to my Angels and Spirit Guides and this has provided me with a portal of guidance beyond my wildest dreams. Today I fully step into my role and I'm letting the world know who I really am.
I've fully embraced my Angelic nature and as an Earth Angel I will shine my wings feeling whole, complete and with a greater sense of purpose.

What does this all mean? I've beautifully merged in the most natural way my physiotherapy, presenting and writing career with my spiritual development into the job title of "SPIRITUAL PERSONAL TRAINER"

It is my commitment to myself and my purpose that I fully step into and embrace my path with the intention of being of service. I now feel I have better power in being of the best help I can be to anyone who requires my services.

I will shortly be launching a new website that will in more detail outline my new path. I'm very excited about this. The whole process has been a miracle and the development of the site has much universal assistance through the support of my Guides and Angels.

My future plans are to continue as an International Presenter only now my topics will expand to reflect every aspect of my growth. I feel the fitness industry is only scratching the surface of spirit. Traditionally mind and body have been covered quite well. Please refer to my new site with a list of all my new and exciting topics. I have so much to teach about spirit and without which we could never really live a life of harmony and balance.

I also plan on writing more including this blog. I am setting the intention to use my writing to inspire, motivate and heal. I invite you to journey with me by subscribing to my blog. This is an opportunity for us to share our knowledge and so I offer your feedback at all times. I am always both teacher and student.

I am also committing to support charities that help our most vulnerable. It is my hope to have every child in the world feel safe, have food, clothing, health and education. I am personally asking you to make the same commitment. I need your help. Here's where we all can make a difference. I encourage to find a way to help the children.

I will continue to keep you posted as to the further developments of my future. As I said I've only just began and there is so much more still to come. It feels a relief to be able to share all this with you. I feel like I've allowed you all to know me. The veils are now lifted. I look forward to what lies ahead. In the path that got me here is in the same path in which lies my faith and trust. I surrender to my journey and allow guidance to steer me.

I thank my Angels and Spirit Guides for their unconditional love and support. I am thankful for all the known and the unknown. Every day is a miracle

Angel Hugs and Blessings