Monday, October 28, 2013

Messages from the Angels: Pay Extra Attention to Your Children

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones. At this time we ask that you pay extra attention to your children. They are in need of your love, support and guidance. Even if you don't have children of your own place your energy, attention and intention to the needs of all children. Every child in the world is deserving of your love and while the planet is shifting at this time there may be children who are awakening at a more rapid rate. Be prepared to support their journey and the questions that they may have. These questions will enhance your own learning about life here on earth as well as the after life. These little children are at a maturity that will allow their intelligence to be at a capacity to comprehend and understand the truth. And therefore the deserve to know the truth. We ask that you be open to dialogue and allow the discussions to continue. Turn to us to help you find the right words and to explain deep truths in a gentle manner. Angel Blessings to ALL

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Messages from the Angels: Forgive Yourself

Messages from the Angels. Dear loved ones we urge you that the timing to free yourself from imprisonment is now. Forgive yourself. Let go of all that weighs you in your self imprisonment as the world awaits you to live your life with complete freedom. It's time to soar to new heights and the rocks that weigh your wings may be released by simply forgiving yourself. We the angels offer our assistance. Simply ask for our help to let go of the illusions of guilt, resentment and anger. Your flight to newer beginnings starts in this moment. Angel Blessings to ALL

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Prayer for #SpiritDay

Dear God and the Angels,
We ask that you provide extra protection and support to all the children today. Please help them with feeling courage, faith, trust and most importantly to know without a doubt that they are loved unconditionally. God each child has a divine right to feel safe, protected,  the rights and liberties to completely be themselves. Every child has been created in your greatness, in your vision and as such deserves to be treated the same regardless of their orientation and preferences. This earth should be a safe haven to explore, learn and allow every soul to grow as they desire. We know that you have provided us with all the tools to walk our lives with the ultimate knowing that we are not alone. There is no isolation. There is no fear. Those are just illusions. We ask that you send love and light to the one's who are so inflicted with fear, who feel so powerless that they feel that they need to take away the power from those who are considered different or weaker in any way. Reassure them that the only power is the power of God. There are no outcomes that has promising results from fear based actions. This only causes suffering for all. Only acts of love toward each other are acts that are in alignment with truth, with love and with the path to you. We ask for special angels to help all children who are being bullied. God lift and cradle them in your arms. Hold them close to you. If their hour becomes dark shine your brightest light so that they know you are watching them, guiding them and showing them that they are safe from all harm. Lessen their load and lighten their obstacles. God we thank you for providing all these children with grace. We thank you for the gift of life. We honour and recognize that each day, each moment, every breath is a miracle.
And So It IS
Angel Blessings to ALL

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Messages from the Angels: Always By Your Side

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones. Yes the guidance that you have asked for you have most certainly received. All guidance will leave you feeling uplifted, light and positive. It's our way of nudging you in the proper direction. Know that your prayers and wishes are all heard. We will always guide you one step at a time. For when your driving on a long journey you can only see as far as your head lights shine. Each step is a small as the view from your car. But rest assured you are being guided the entire way. Pray and ask for your ability to trust and know that we are by your side always. Surround yourself wisely with people who support your own frequency and let the ego of doubters fall to the way side. Let our subtle voices be your loudest guiding force. Angel Blessings to ALL

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Prayer to Help Heal Addictions: In Memory of Cory Monteith

In your darkest hour there is light. When there is no solution there is light. When you are alone there is light. When you feel the rope has tied you in a knot you can't undo there is light.
Dear God and the Angels. We ask in prayer to help all those who are suffering from addictions to be healed on all levels and in all directions of life times. We know that there is no power greater then the your power  and we ask that you illuminate your brightest light to show a pathway to health, wholeness and healing. Please help lift and carry all the burdens of all those suffering. Make them see that the way to you is the way to healing. Give them all extra angels and guides to support them on their journey. As every soul is a part of us we all feel their suffering. We unite and come together to save any and all lost souls. We are all one. God only you know the greater plan and in your hands we entrust with faith our lives. But we ask tonight that you make our lessons more lighter. Help us to know the truth of who we are. Help us to remember where we came from. Help us to remember that with your grace all miracles are possible. All Miracles are possible.
Thank You God for clearing away the pain of all those suffering. Show them that your love is greater than anything that they can imagine. And that in that love lies the solution to everything. In that love, that is your light, is the way to heal any and every wound.
And So it Is
Angel Blessings to ALL

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Prayer for ALL Children

Calling All Angels and light workers. We are asking for your help at this time for little three year old Daniel. We are praying to God and the Angels that he return to complete wholeness in mind body and spirit. Please heal him on all levels and functioning. God he is being missed by his younger brother and family. Please assist by lightening all their burdens. Surround them with extra Angels and Support on all levels. Dear God we are trusting that the bigger picture of his journey is in your hands and only you know the reason for his path but we are asking for grace at this time for this child and his entire family. We are also offering prayers for all children in the world at this time. May every child be healthy, whole, safe, free, have food and in the care of someone who loves them dearly. May every child in the world know the love of the divine and may that love shine for each and everyone of us. And so it is.
Angel Healing Miracles to ALL

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Messages from the Angels: It is Safe to be Powerful

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones we ask that you pay close attention to the region of your solar plexus at this time. Place your hands over this region and sit in silence. It is this area, your power centre that is in need of balancing. The focus of your feeling powerless is only an illusion and weakness in this area is easily correctable. Ask that we support you in this process and we will assist to create the energetic shifts which will transpire you to move forward fearlessly in aspects of your life where you claim to be stuck, lost, and powerless. Having a strong power centre and knowing that you are divinely supported will be key in attaining your greatest dreams and wishes. All is attainable. Affirm and know that it is safe to be powerful. Having power is a positive energy that can be used for your greater good. Angel Blessings to ALL