Monday, December 30, 2013

Messages from the Angels: This is the Moment of Truth

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones this is the moment of truth. The truth speaks to you at all times in your life. The truth is that there is nothing you aren't capable of overcoming in your life. Every experience in your past has made you stronger. It has presented you with an opportunity to discover your power. It has also been designed to steer you to the path of the divine. Through prayer and asking us for help we are here to service your every needs. And this circumstance you call a predicament in this moment is no different. Seek to know that there is value and opportunity for growth. Negative chatter and self punishment will only impede you from knowing your truth. Choose words that nurture you during your so called crisis. In your discovery of the truth you will be reminded again that there is no crisis. Only a path to the divine. Seek at this time the intention to learn your lessons in life through joy rather then pain. All will be and is always well. Angel Blessings to ALL

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Christmas Message from the Angels

Christmas Message from the Angels: Dear loved ones today in honour of the celebratory occasion of Christmas day we the Angels remind you that we are here to be of service to you each and every day and moment of your lives. We do hear your prayers and we are aware when you think of us in your thoughts. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings as we are also answering your prayers. Our voice is subtle and at times loud. Note that your thoughts are the gateway to us and this leads to a two way street. We are free and able to communicate with you this way. We also leave signs for you in your physical world. Pay attention as our love would never fail you. On this day we celebrate with you. Rejoice this time as our presence fills your home and hearts with all our love today and every day. Angel Blessings to ALL

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Mother's Earrings: A Lesson in Compassion

     "Farhan can you please help me with my earrings?" I rushed over to my mother to help her out. We were running late for an event and pressed for time. This was becoming the norm in our household as my mother is elderly and slowing down a lot these days. In the past  I'd be in a huff asking her to hurry. I"d be looking at the watch as I quickly assist with her jewellery. She can't hold small things like the backing of an earring and finds it difficult to clasp her necklace or watch. I've just gotten into the habit now of helping her with these things. But this particular day something changed in a way I'll never forget. I've consciously been working on seeing people with compassionate eyes and being present. I set the intention a few weeks ago to be more compassionate after watching an episode of Super Soul Sunday with Oprah Winfrey. On this episode, author Karen Armstrong stated that the world needed more compassion. That message really resonated with me. So I started a daily ritual of seeing at least one person, usually a stranger with compassion. I'd focus on them  and wonder "what is their story?" What have they gone through in life?" Only on this particular day  it was with my mother.
      I helped her first with her right earring and as my hand touched her ear lobe I had flash back to when my grandmother passed away. I was very close to my mom's mom and when she passed I was fortunate to be by her side. She kept the gaze of her eyes strictly on me holding my hand taking her last breathes as though still trying to hold on in that last moment. I gave her permission to let go and have her soul depart from her physical body. I felt the wave of peace as she took her last breath and closed her eyes ever so gently just like the gentle soul that she was. I was asked to remove her earrings as the ambulance was coming to take her. I remember how it felt to feel her earlobes as I removed them. They were cold, soft but lifeless. All of sudden it was like a polarizing moment in my life. My sense of time suddenly seemed more important but not becuase of the clock but because of this moment and the treasure that came with it. One that I would never forget.
     I payed closer attention to how my moms ears felt as I helped her with each earring. I came to be  totally present and in the moment. My senses made note of each ear. The colour, the temperature and softness.  I put on her watch and as I saw her hands I wondered all the things she had touched in her lifetime? What did it all mean to her? How was she really affected by everything she went through? . I thought about all the things she did in her life time with her hands such as holding me as a baby, the many meal preparations, and the way she touched so many people over the years. These were just some of thoughts that  were crossing my mind. I made note of the scent of her perfume. She was wearing Angel as she always did but this time I tried to take that scent and place it my memory bank.

             "Can you please tie up the back of my dress?" Her dress had a two strings that tied at the back of her neck that helped keep the dress together.  I wanted to remember every detail. The colour, embroidery and the fabric. After I tied it together I put my hands on her shoulder and in my mind I said "thank you God."

              The simple task of helping my mother get dressed became one of my biggest lessons for compassion and living in the present. To this day she is my greatest teacher. What I took away from this experience will always stay with me. She may not even realize it but she offered me the chance to know and appreciate her in a way I had never before. I felt like we shared a breathe together and was grateful for the time when she was breathing for me.

           What I can say with certainty is that compassion is a door way to experience the divine. It is the pathway to live each moment to it's fullest with gratitude. It allows us to feel peace and forgiveness for others and especially ourselves.  It brings people closer together. It heals anger, jealousy and hatred. It is proof that every moment in time, every experience and every breath is a miracle.

Angel Blessings to ALL

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

11-12-13 Today's Date: The Onset of a New World

An Important day in Angel Numbers for today's date 11-12-13. When added together ='s 9. This signifies a time to focus on Spiritual Growth. A period of awakening and realizing it's time to stand up as one. The Angels say it is a time to be more compassionate as the world we live in cannot survive on competition and the 'it's me against you' mentality. Recognizing that the way to the divine is through the human spirit this date brings forth a lot of light to our world to create a world that is awakened, aware and more conscious. 9 further symbolizes the transition period as we close behind us the door to the old ways of the world making way to the new one. This phase is now ending and a new one emphasizing oneness consciousness is growing. Angel Blessings to ALL

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Messages from the Angels: Isolation is an Illusion

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones. It is not at all possible for God to have put you on this planet only to abandon you. This feeling of isolation and perhaps loneliness is all but an illusion. You choose to see yourself as separate from God and the Angels. Nothing could be further from the truth. You are divinely guided, supported and safe at all times. Seek to feel your deepest and truest connection. Simply be still and focus on your heart centre. Allow these channels to flow by intending that they be open and receptive to the love of God. This connection is far greater then the umbilical chord that ties you to your mother during gestation. It is a love that is far greater that you can conceive with your physical minds. Let Gods light and love in. Seek his glory and all will come to you as you desire. Angel Blessings to ALL

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Messages from the Angels: We Can Help Clear Toxicitiy

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones. To keep your vibrations high and clear of all toxicity that clogs your life call on us to clear away all lower energy in your homes, in your workplace, in your self and any lower energy people in your lives. By doing so you will have a clear and healthy life full of joy. We are hear to service your needs and are eager to go to work for you. But you must call on us for assistance as we will not interfere with your free will. Setting the intention for our help is easy. Simply say "Angels please help." And we will immediately go to work on your behalf. Pay close attention to our guidance as we work with your thoughts and feelings on what actions may be required on your part. Lighter brighter days are here for you now. Angel Blessings to ALL

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Messages from the Angels: Focus on Being of Service

Messages from the Angels: Dear loved ones. At this time your home on planet earth is in need of extra support. There are changes occurring that may seem turbulent. As though the ground underneath you is literally shifting. Take this time over the next few weeks to focus on how you can be of help to others. Keep your focus on being of service. As you do so you will be able to support not just yourselves but mankind at large. Every little act of kindness is an act of energy that will help shape your planet for the better. You don't need to consider doing great things. Just start with your neighbours, friends and loved ones. This time of change is necessary for the growth of the planet. In the bigger scheme God knows what is for the highest good of all. Keep your faith and ask for divine help. You're angels are here to support this transitory period. Angel Blessings to ALL