Sunday, June 12, 2016

Prayer for Orlando

My sister called me today in a frantic tone. She was worried and frightened for my safety and for my life. I assured her I was ok though I was no where near Orlando. I can only imagine for the many family members who will never have the chance to hear or see their loved ones again. We ended the call with "I Love You" and today I am grateful for that call and for that moment. I cannot even imagine how the lives of the 50 family members has drastically changed. And though it's hard to express my feelings for this horrific incident I can only turn to what I know and that is prayer. I do believe in Love and I do believe that Love will always win. I also believe that prayer can elevate all fear. Please join me in this prayer. Thank you. Angel Blessings.
Dear God and the Angels,
I am calling on you all as at this moment I feel there is heaviness in the world and in my life. We need your support to lighten our load, take away the pain, create peace and harmony in our lives. All our lives. God only you know the greater plan. I trust that this process is here for us for our learning, growth and to also bring us closer to you. Help us to open our hearts and see everyone and everything with only love. Help us to make healthy choices that affect mankind in a positive way. We turn over all our problems, worries, grief and sorrow over to you. Please hold closely these 50 souls in your arms. Bathe them in comfort, harmony and eternal rest. Give their families extra angels to support them during this time of grief and heart ache. God we turn to your to elevate all fear in our world and we accept in our hearts and lives your Divine Love. We turn to you at this dark hour with hope that your light will shine so bright that all we can see, feel and know is your guidance, and your love.
And so it is.
Angel Blessings to ALL

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Laundry With Mom

Of all the chores I do on a weekly basis the laundry is most certainly my least favourite. It's the first of my list of chores I like to start with so I can simply get it out of the way on my weekends. Now that mom is getting older and slowing down I've been taking care of her washing as well as my own. Mom made me learn how to do the laundry from a very young age. It was part of my responsibilities growing up in a family of eight. When I went off to university I had to only worry about my own set of clothes. But now being at home and helping mom out I've once again resumed my household chores to include her clothes. After helping with the laundry for eight people doing it for two is a definitely a breeze.

Today as I started to fold her sheets mom looked from over the kitchen window and asked if she could help me? My response these days is "Don't worry mom I can do it" because I know folding clothes is challenging for her given her various ailments. Only today after pondering about it briefly I decided to say 'yes.' . So I waited patiently as she made her way over to me with her walker. As we started to fold the sheets together I realized I was saying 'yes' to more then just her help.

Mom is really slowing down these days. It seems like everything is an effort for her and I can see how frustrated she gets at times. Though I try and help her out I do wrestle with how much to help as I want her to feel she still has independence. I knew that I could easily have folded the sheets on my own. But by allowing her to help me I realize how much more I was doing for her. I saw this from her perspective. Perhaps she wanted to help me? Perhaps she wanted to feel like she can still contribute? Perhaps she wanted to feel needed? Perhaps this was a way in which she could still be a mom towards me?

But more so then that by doing this task together it created a space to feel connected to her. I was able to share a breath with her. It was an opportunity for us to share a moment. Though it was just folding laundry it was nonetheless a special moment. I embraced the whole experience and decided to be present for her and myself. What was once a mundane task turned into something far greater then I could have ever imagined. I felt gratitude for being given this chance to spend with mom. I realized I was saying 'yes' to the gift of the joy that mom was bringing into my life. Mom's 85 now and so every moment we have, each day, each breath is special to me. Even folding laundry with her is not something to be taken for granted but an opportunity to deepen our connection.

I'll never look at doing the laundry the same way again. In fact I'm already looking forward to next weekend for another chance to fold sheets again with mom.

Angel Blessings to ALL

Monday, February 8, 2016

How to Stay on the Path Towards Your Transformation During Difficult times

Photograph date: February 8, 2016

       The journey of any transformation is never an easy one. No matter what life throws at me I've managed to turn it all into the fuel I need to stay on the path towards my goals physically mentally and spiritually. Every wound, hurt, success and  victory drives me. I've learned to take everything and and use it as fuel towards my workouts. The good and the bad. It feeds me to be better, strive consciously and invest it all into my well being so that I can be my best self. And what I know to be true is that when we are at our best selves all our relationships benefit and or improve.

         Mom was recently hospitalized for eight days. I spent anywhere from six to ten hours by her side. This impacted my energy stores. Hospitals can be heavy and draining. Worrying about moms health placed a toll on me. My access to healthy meals were inconsistent but I still worked out. I did what every successful transformation requires and that is to "show up." You give what you can that day that moment but you "show up." There were days when I didn't want to workout but I did anyway. And I balanced this with taking the rest that I also needed. If I needed a nap I took it without feeling guilty. As rest and sleep are just as important for physical recovery. It also meant I honoured my body. There's a fine line between how hard you can push yourself and burning out. There is a price to pay one which I also know as I've been there.

     Whilst spending many hours at the hospital I needed to manage my energy. As any empath knows hospitals can contain a lot of heavy energy that is quite draining. To stay balanced I used colouring and art therapy, journaling as well as meditation to help connect with my inner being and mind.
 I went to the gym and stayed grounded in my body. Balancing my inner wellness allowed me to have enough energy to do my workouts and all of which helped to nourish my body.
There are many mandala colouring books for a mindful mediation experience

      I know with absolute certainty today that your sense of connection with your inner being will always reflect how you look and feel on the outside. Always. This is why I created my path as a Spiritual Personal Trainer. My own journey, my testimonial, my life authentically reflects this. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and the more we align with our inner being or the more we  lead a spirit centred life the easier we are guided to make healthy positive choices for ourselves. That force within will always help guide us. We just have to tap into it. Then taking care of our physical bodies will follow from the right intentions.

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Angel Blessings to ALL

Monday, January 25, 2016

2016 "The Year of My Voice"

I've declared 2016 as the year of "My Voice." My intention is to create a field of energy potential that is empowering by using my voice to express myself in healthy ways. For so many years I felt like I couldn't express myself. My voice was shut off from abuse and being told to 'be quiet." I grew up feeling like what I said didn't matter. But now I've chosen to speak up! To say what matters to me because I matter. Little did I know the universe was orchestrating on my behalf to give me the platform to serve my intention.

Last summer I had reoccurring dreams that I was back on stage travelling and speaking at various fitness conventions. I had taken time away to regroup what I wanted to teach but also because of various family matters that required a lot of my energy and attention. I knew that I missed being on stage and longed to get back on the circuit of presenting. I missed the energy, instant validation and connection with a live audience. Something which social media lacks for me. Well one day after yet another dream I ran into the vice president of CanFitPro (The Canadian Fitness Professionals Association). Now I don't believe in coincidences and so I knew that literally a collision of a chance meeting at a local shopping mall was part of a greater plan. He asked what I had been up to? After briefing him on what has kept me away from presenting I said I was considering returning. He asked me to send him my session descriptions of what I'd like to present and well long story short I just got an email today that I'm on the schedule to speak at CanFitPro 2016 in Toronto!

So you might be thinking "well that's great but you have been presenting prior to that already so how why is this year about you're voice?" The answer is simple.

with Marla Ericksen

I'm finally in a place in my life where I am comfortable with talking about the things that matter to me in a way in which doesn't involve shame and fear of judgement. All the stages I've presented on in my past have prepared me for the ones I'm going to be on this year. And the universe is making it all happen. CanFitPro is only one of the many platforms I'll be using to express my truth and taking about what matters to me. And my new list of topics reflects this. So now I'm gearing up to speak and present topics that are closer to me. I'm very excited and looking forward to all that lies before me! How does it get better then this?

Angel Blessings

Friday, January 22, 2016

The Transformation of My Anger And Rage

Growing up I was never allowed to express myself. I was shut down. Told to be quiet. I was bullied and abused and when I tried to express my feelings I was told to be a better person and not say anything. I was hurt frustrated, angry and then over the years it cultivated like I was over stalk piled with all these negative emotions. I became a volcano waiting to explode. Whenever the anger surfaced or wanted to be expressed I continued to suppress it. It was the only pattern of behaviour in which I knew how to deal with it. I called that being "non confrontational." Inside I knew I was walking time bomb. Only now it got to the point where there was no more space in body to store and keep the anger. I needed an outlet. A safe outlet. I need to let out how I was feeling. The hurt, the anger from all the abuse and bullying. I couldn't contain it anymore. 

I was ashamed about how I felt. On the outside I was "Farhan who always keeps it together, so calm so centred." which is true. I am that person. But I'm also human and in need of expressing that part of me that weighs me so heavily.  I was afraid of judgement. On the inside I was beginning to crumble. Not feeling like I had permission to express all the good, the bad and the ugly. But I'm just like everyone else. No better, no different.

I reached out to my dear friend Noreia Sacoor, a gifted healer, a soul sister and someone I knew could help me heal my wound. I also knew that this wound was not just mine, Collectively I was carrying it for everyone in the lineage of my family past, present and future. I needed to break that pattern, release the anger and heal it in all directions of time. A tough pre-birth contract I had agreed to. Noreia said my anger needed to be heard, it had a voice that was longing to be expressed. Without any coincidence I had already declared that 2016 is to be the year of my voice. To declare my personal power by using my voice to express and speak. 

"I have the right to speak." 

is my affirmation for this year. For everyone that took my voice away, that told me to be quiet and made me think that what I had to say didn't matter I reclaim my voice. I choose to own what is mine and use it as tool to speak my truth with transparency.

And so to ceremoniously release my rage, to unleash my anger to be free from the toxicity that has plagued me for so long I went to the "The Rage Cage" in Toronto and I broke, smashed and destroyed objects into dust leaving no trail behind and wanting every cell in my body to feel only the peace I long for. The peace I was born with and the peace that is my truest self.

To all my bullies, abusers and to the witness that saw and did nothing to defend me I simply say "thank you." I took every wound and turned them all into my treasures. I chose to see it as fuel to move ahead in life, strike after my dreams and manifest everything I chose for in my life and continue to do so. It never broke me.  I know that the strength of my alignment with my true source and that is my only Source allows me to succeed at everything. In God I be today and in God I be always. I choose peace for myself. I pray there be peace for all.