Sunday, June 12, 2016

Prayer for Orlando

My sister called me today in a frantic tone. She was worried and frightened for my safety and for my life. I assured her I was ok though I was no where near Orlando. I can only imagine for the many family members who will never have the chance to hear or see their loved ones again. We ended the call with "I Love You" and today I am grateful for that call and for that moment. I cannot even imagine how the lives of the 50 family members has drastically changed. And though it's hard to express my feelings for this horrific incident I can only turn to what I know and that is prayer. I do believe in Love and I do believe that Love will always win. I also believe that prayer can elevate all fear. Please join me in this prayer. Thank you. Angel Blessings.
Dear God and the Angels,
I am calling on you all as at this moment I feel there is heaviness in the world and in my life. We need your support to lighten our load, take away the pain, create peace and harmony in our lives. All our lives. God only you know the greater plan. I trust that this process is here for us for our learning, growth and to also bring us closer to you. Help us to open our hearts and see everyone and everything with only love. Help us to make healthy choices that affect mankind in a positive way. We turn over all our problems, worries, grief and sorrow over to you. Please hold closely these 50 souls in your arms. Bathe them in comfort, harmony and eternal rest. Give their families extra angels to support them during this time of grief and heart ache. God we turn to your to elevate all fear in our world and we accept in our hearts and lives your Divine Love. We turn to you at this dark hour with hope that your light will shine so bright that all we can see, feel and know is your guidance, and your love.
And so it is.
Angel Blessings to ALL

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